04 August, 2011

Curb 8.04 I'm sorry your dad died :)

Writer: Babydoll

Last week's masterpiece was followed up by this week's "meh" episode- by that I mean that there were no true ROFLOLMAO moments, nor were there lines that will go down in the history of television. There was on the other hand, a slew of LDisms (annoyance with smiley faces, the sorry window) and Harry Hamlin starring in a role other than Mr. Lisa Rinna (aka duck lips).

So let's see what went down this week on Curb Your Enthusiasm, shall we?

1. Larry starts dating the head hostess of a restaurant he enjoys going to. Jeff warns him to not shit where he eats - which leads the men to engage in grammatical bantar based on the word "shit". The premise is a bit weak - considering the fact that Larry doesn't see his relationship with this woman going anywhere. If he had gone to Leon before mackin' and yappin' with this broad, he'd still be eating at "FraƮche". Although, who wants to eat at a restaurant that just takes the word fresh and translates it into French? You're better off at Al Abbas Chicken, LD. You're better off.

2. Harry Hamlin shows up as the new guy in the building - he goes by the name "Dog" (of course he does) and does a show about sharks (of course he does...isn't Shark Week starting this week?). Dog asks for a cabinet and ends up taking hold of the entire kitchen, leaving LD's Kashi homeless. Sad times.

3. LD spends the whole episode complaining about smiley faces and how pointless they are. He's not buying the whole emoticon fad - finding it absurd, just like having to say sorry 2 years after someone's loved one has passed away. As per usual Larry has his own take on what social customs are indispensable and which ones are just pointless. LD's lack of "tact" on the whole death issue comes back to bite him though, as he finds himself stuck with a smiley face sun burn on his forehead at his assistant's fathers' funeral. The whole scenario is comical due to the irony of it all, but in a greek comedy kind of way. In my opinion, LD's "WTF this is hilarious!" moment in this whole episode wasn't revealed through his words but his actions. His face at the funeral when he sees Richard and Dr. Sorkin talking and his "swift moves" to exit the church? Insert Benny Hill theme here, please.

4. LD is lost without his assistant and finds her father's lack of responsiveness to a quick and efficient death to be quite annoying. Of course he does.

Babydoll's by the ways...

-Hamlin's appearance is douchie yet charming - the salt and pepper hair makes him look less soap-opera-y and more Entourage-y. On another note, his name is Dog and he handles Shark docu-shows. Were the writers going on an A&E and Discovery binge? A "reality show" binge?
-Speaking of Dog : never trust someone who laminates everything. Those people who spend hours at Staples looking at laminators? Psycho-anal retentives. Get the f**k away from those people as quick as possible because they will go through your shit in the fridge and laminate your milk with your name on it while you sleep.
-Susie's entrance at the end of the episode? Did she just come from a Whitesnake concert?
-That married couple that want LD and Jeff to come to dinner? The dude is from Mad Men and the chick plays a witch on True Blood. Didn't even need to IMDB the episode for that. Yes, I'm that good.
-LD eats Kashi? I don't know how I feel about that. It is a sad excuse for cereal but at that age it is important to stay healthy, so I guess it's a wash.

Curb your political correctness...

-"I have to masturbate before I come, it's a whole to-do"
-"NYT headlines : Unemployment drops :)"


  1. Sorry for the delay for this post guys!

  2. All good things come to those who wait ;)

  3. This is the first episode in a while where I didn't agree with Larry. I was on the hostess' side about the $60 bucks.


    -Multipass is too lazy to log in

  4. A man pays for sex one way or another?

  5. Fun episode, but as a follow up to last week's epic Palestinian Chicken, it paled in comparison.

    LD's reaction to man on man cheek touching was priceless. Not to mention his subsequent action when he sees Mad Men dude at the office later on.

  6. Nowhere close to Palestinian Chicken in quality but I liked it.