30 July, 2011

Red Tails: Blood in My Stool

Write: Head Geek Furious

Lucasfilm has release the trailer for their big World War 2 movie, RED TAILS, about the first African American fighter squadron. The true story behind the men who were involved is great and very inspirational and George Lucas and his company seek to rape their memory with this venture by making it into Star Wars over Germany circa 1944.

Since it wasn't bad enough that Michael Bay made the worst prison sex movie ever, called PEARL HARBOR, George Lucas has decided to take his childhood raping skills to the only war it is still cool to talk about, and about a group of men who were inspirational and paved the way for changes within the military and eventually the whole nation.

But why do that and make it realistic? I mean, how could it possibly be fun to watch a movie where the air war over Nazi Germany is depicted in the way it happened? Obviously, P-51 Mustangs knife fighting it out with FW-190s and BF-109s at 400 knots is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring that it has to be made cartoony and stupid! And thankfully, that is what George Lucas has delivered with his little movie that he has been working on for 200 years.

And I know that most of you will have no clue why I am saying the movie is unrealistic, but my greatest passion is flight and my biggest sub-passion within that one is World War 2 combat fighters. And no ME-262 would do a split-S in the middle of a B and Z run on B-17s while being pursued by slower P-51s!!!! Only an idiot would toss out the advantage they had in an air battle (in the case of the 262, tons of speed) to even the playing field for the P-51 for any amount of time. Sure, a split-S would logically increase energy for the 262 but the process of turning into the maneuver would make the aircraft an easy target for a pursuing P-51. And those 262s were not good about taking damage. One little bullet in the engine and they sparked up like a rocket.

Crap... I sound like a nerd now.


  1. Agreed on all points. I love reading about WWII aerial tactics and weaponry and what they've shown so far is kinda illogical, from a tactical point of view.

    What's so difficult about making a realistic film depicting WWII aerial combat anyway? D: Would have been more fun (IMO) if it was.

  2. For whatever reason, these Hollywood tools (or independent billionaires, in Lucas' case) think you have to make one of the coolest things in the history of mankind "cooler" by making it look ridiculous. I bet if they went for realism over video game madness, that it would draw MORE people, not less.