14 June, 2011

Indiana Jones & the 30th Anniversary

Over this past weekend, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" celebrated it's 30th anniversary. It was on June 12th, 1981 that George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg first introduced Indiana Jones to the world and a franchise was born. Over 30 years, 3 sequels, a TV show, video games etc. there is still nothing like the original iconic film.

To put it simply, "Raiders" is the greatest adventure movie of all time. It stands alone.

As a proud member of the Star Wars generation (you know, the old farts that actually saw the Trilogy in the theaters during the original run '77 - '83), Raiders holds a special place in my heart. It was released smack right in the middle of the Lucas/Spielberg golden era. It wasn't just another movie, it was the spiritual cousin of Star Wars.

Raiders made a very impressionable 11 year old consider ever so briefly, to give up my lightsaber for a bullwhip as my weapon of choice. It made me ponder, who was hotter Marion Ravenwood or Princess Leia? (Disclaimer: had I known about Slave Leia a mere two years later, this would have never been a competition). It left me puzzled as to why the Nazis kept on reminding me of the Empire ;) It made me raise my feet in my chair out of fear that their were snakes slithering around the movie theater. But most importantly, it sparked debates over who was the more bad ass hero Han Solo or Indiana Jones. Didn't matter, cause they were both Harrison Ford!

So here's to you Indy...Happy 30th! To think that you were almost played by Tom Selleck. Woah!


  1. Amen brother. Amen to all of that.


  2. This is the only one of the Indiana Jones movies that I find to be total epic genius!

    While many say Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull were the weakest, I find the three follow-ups to be equally average when compared to Raiders.

  3. In honor of this anniversary, you should put out a podcast called "Raiders of the Lost Snark"

  4. HGF,

    Agreed. Last Crusade had the Sean Connery factor going for it and nothing more. You took two superb supporting characters from Raiders (Sallah and Marcus) and turned them into bumbling fools.

    Raiders is it.

  5. Raiders is the Empire to the Indy series. The other three are Jedi.

  6. Raiders has a fight scene and a chase scene that in my opinion are some of the best ever filmed

    The first scene is the fight scene between Indy and the big German on the plane. From the first slight jab that takes Indy a few seconds to fall on his ass to Indy finally letting loose and really taking the german to task (possibly a metaphor for the scrappy GI vs the Nazi war machine) and every punch sounding like they were landed with sledgehammers this scene has it all.

    The second type is the chase scene. "Truck. What Truck?" From the first few beats of the John Williams theme as he rides the horse down the hill to actually feeling Indy's pain as he is first shot in the arm and then continuously punched in the wound to the ride under the truck this scene still gets me going.

    Another thing about these two scenes is that they are edited so you can clearly follow the action (remember when Hollywood had chase/fight scenes that didn't look like they were edited by meth addicted gerbils?).

  7. @7thwheel

    Agreed! Also, applause for using the phrase "meth addicted gerbils"

  8. @OldPandaDays Gerbil Meth Addiction is nothing to applaud.

  9. Hello, my name is Michael Bay and I am a Gerbil Meth Addict.