27 May, 2011

Star Wars on Blu Ray: What the Suck?!

September 16, 2011 will be a day long remembered. Blu Ray technology will finally have a reason for existing...the Star Wars Saga will be released, and I am furious.

Before any of you molested victims of Lucas start chiming in, it has absolutely nothing to do with the prequels or the omission of the original versions. Nope, no problems with any of those things and I have no intention of entertaining conversation about them.

What really irks me is that Lucasfilm is about to unleash the Holy Grail and they decided to make the packaging* look like this????

WTF?! It's a freakin' cover of a Judy Blume book "Are You There Obi-Wan? It's Me Luke".

A five year old could have done better.

Look at this:

What's up with the fish?

Or this...

The kid captured the emotion of the scene. Luke doesn't look happy. Maybe it's the club foot?

It's so ridiculous that it makes you wonder, what went into the decision process. I can only imagine what the other choices were. How much worse could they have been??

At least the picture conveys Vader's badassness! Not to mention it ACTUALLY contains Vader. He looks like he's about to go so medieval on Capt. Antilles that the stormtrooper can't bear to watch.

If I had known that Lucasfilm was holding a fan made cover contest, I would have submitted a picture of a sock puppet.

Or I would have sent them a picture of my dog dressed as Vader. [Editor's Note: that really is his dog]

I guess Lucasfilm lost Drew Struzan's number.

Oh yeah, I pre-ordered my set the day it was announced.

*Yes, yes the packaging for the separate trilogies looks much better. But who are we kidding, purchasing the whole set is the way to go. Buying each of the trilogies separately means you'll lose some of the extras (I think). So if you are an obsessive compulsive collector like me then you're stuck with this crap.


  1. I admit it, I laughed outloud looking at the comparisons.

    As some people may know, my super secret fake insider group started within Lucasfilm, so I can tell you lots of things that go on in there that explain why these things happen.

    I could tell you, but I won't.

  2. LOL!!! WTF were they thinking indeed. Its as if only the worst idea people are left at lfl.

  3. your dog looks eviler than palpie.

  4. Rise.... Darth Butchie.

  5. Vader's My Little Pony PillowMay 27, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    That cover doesn't do the series justice. Kiddo Anakin is in one movie. Naturally he gets the cover because the Star Wars fan base is now no longer those born in the 70s but those born after 9/11.

  6. I think they are going for some sort of alagorical iconography. Its a story in the pic. Kinda like what they did with kid anakin vader shadow teaser poster.

    This blows.