26 May, 2011

Summer TV Geek Schedule

TVByTheNumbers just posted a list of the summer releases for TV but I decided to break it down to only the shows important to GEEKS... or that I allow geeks in my house to watch!

Ice Road Truckers 6/5 History Channel
Covert Affairs 6/7 USA
White Collar 6/7 USA
Falling Skies 6/19 TNT
Futurama 6/23 Comedy Central
Louie 6/23 FX
Wilfred 6/23 FX
Burn Notice 6/23 USA
Torchwood: Miracle Day 7/8 Starz
Curb Your Enthusiasm 7/10 HBO
Alphas 7/11 Syfy
Eureka 7/11 Syfy
Warehouse 13 7/11 Syfy
Rescue Me 7/13 FX (final season)

Note to non-American readers: month first, date second.


  1. Cannot wait for Louie. Great show.

    Rescue Me used to be required viewing but ever since the Chief "left" the show, it started spiraling down for me. It got a little repetitive.

    No Breaking Bad? Wow. One of my favorites. Incredibly dark and funny. Cranston just owns the role.

  2. I have only seen one episode of BREAKING BAD. I keep meaning to check it out but other things get in the way.

  3. If you get the chance please do yourself a favor and check it out.

    I cheated by binging on three seasons earlier this year. Sorta like I did with the first 1 & 1/2 seasons of Chuck.

    Instantly fell in love with it. Easily one of the best shows on tv for me.

    Geek cred? Well, Cranston does play a chem teacher. Not to mention, Morgan did mention it to Casey in Last Details right? ;)

  4. I might make it a point to watch it this summer. I am always looking to find something new. And as you say, it was mentioned in one of my favorite episodes of CHUCK so...

  5. I figured Falling Skies might have to make it on here.

  6. Good point. I totally missed it on the list. ADDED!

  7. Any chance of doing a required Geek Summer Movie list? It's about to get pretty crowded.

  8. Thanks for the list. I saw the post on TVBTN but this is easier to read. I see you left out the Cartoon Network shows, any reason?

  9. I watched Breaking Bad at the start of the year because a friend told me too, so happy i did though. It's a great show !

  10. Hmmm... hey, if you want a writing job, you can do it! ;)

    The job doesn't pay anything and you will get little appreciation.

  11. Anonymous, if that even is your name, I left out the Cartoon Network stuff because I don't watch the network (outside of one or two shows every now and then). I know a lot of geeks do but the only animated stuff I watch are ARCHER and SOUTH PARK.

  12. I really like your Geek Furious graphic and the Chuck respect. Are you not doing Chuck news anymore on the other site? Is this going to be your new home? I hope not since chuckgasmic is the best Chuck site period. Thanks for all you do there man.

  13. I will still be doing CHUCK updates on the other site and will continue running it well beyond the series finale, I am sure. But this is going to be my main focus since I want to expand beyond the CHUCK realm (especially since next season is the last).

    I am also not going to do any more spoilers on that site. I want to enjoy the final season in the bliss of ignorance. I spent two seasons knowing everything, now I want to know nothing for the last one. :)

  14. A job that doesn't pay anything but let's me get my geek on? Where do I sign up???

    Seriously, would love to contribute.

    Let me know.

  15. Just email me or send me your email address via Skype (I am always on and always invisible) and I will send you an invite to have access. Then you can write articles and if they suck, I will delete them and BAN YOU FOR LIFE!

  16. And none of you noticed I forgot to include CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on the list? WHAT THE HELL?!

  17. I was afraid to ask. I might have been BANNED FOR LIFE.

    Luckily, you love the show, so YES please put it up.