31 May, 2011

Playstation Store Officially Announced to return "this week"

1 June, 2011 UPDATE: Sony has announced that PSN will be brought down today and will return tomorrow. Expect Playstation Store to return at that point.

The Official Playstation Blog has put out this press release from Sony that promises the entire network will be up "this week." That includes:
  • Full functionality on PlayStation®Store
  • In-game commerce
  • Ability to redeem vouchers and codes
  • Full functionality on Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3, PSP, VAIO and other PCs
  • Full functionality on Media Go
Earlier reports were that the network could be up as early as today. No comment from Sony as to exactly when the network will be up but based on the press release, it could be anytime. So just keep refreshing!


  1. Tomorrow?

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    "Sony it does everything...WRONG".

    Just venting.

    Well, not everything. They did make the mini disc.

  2. I have a mini disc player sitting around somewhere.

  3. Just uncovered mine the other day. Fond memories.

  4. I almost got thrown off a NJ Transit bus back in 1999 while working in Manhattan because I was blasting my mini while sitting right behind the driver. I had no idea Fear Factory was that loud.

  5. LOL!

    I worked right across the Sony Store on Madison Ave back around 99 as well. There used to be a Tower Records in the Trump Building on the other corner.

    So between those two crack dens, I was a goner.

    Especially, when the MDLP long play discs came out. It's a wonder I can even hear today.

  6. I was working on Park above GCS for a lawfirm. Every tech had a mini disc so I had to join the cult.

  7. Law firm huh? Hopefully you got out.

    It has been the bane of my professional existence for the last 25 years.

  8. Yeah, I got out and went to work for an online broker. Both the best and worst decision of my life.

  9. Open for business baby !!!!!!