12 June, 2017

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 is D&D's YouPorn 30 Second Video [2 HOUR PODCAST]

PunkaTess & GeekFurious discuss GAME OF THRONES Season 6 in its entirety and many other GOT and A Song of Ice and Fire topics. This episode was recorded June 28th, 2016. Due to problems in the edit, it was abandoned and never released... until now! Consider some opinions may have changed in a year but most of the opinions in this episode have not changed. Included below are notations of almost every major discussion and time of the discussion. Please share this podcast with your gramma because she doesn't understand how the Internet works.

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Note the times of the discussion are noted below for your convenience:

Position Name
00:00:00;00 June 2017 Intro to a June 2016 Recording
00:00:15;26 Introductions (28 June, 2016)
00:01:40;06 We talk about the books & specifically A Feast for Crows
00:03:55;22 The Winds of Winter story show vs book
00:05:09;07 What will the book do the show did?
00:07:17;27 What sucks about Season 6? A book reader perspective.
00:08:36;00 Hardcore loyalists in the book, traitors on the show
00:08:58;02 Lyanna Mormont
00:09:59;28 Lazy writing + viewer intellect = Best season ever
00:11:51;21 GRRM cares to not write the story dumb as fuck
00:12:27;27 Angry morons love bad writing
00:16:32;20 Battle of the Bastards works because it's not complicated
00:18:12;21 Show vs books vs story telling
00:19:44;08 Slaughter everyone
00:20:13;18 Season 6 finale music
00:21:49;11 Godfatheresque
00:22:34;07 CGI
00:30:44;05 Season 6 is D&D's YouPorn 30 second video
00:37:02;01 D&D once intended to stick to the books
00:38:02;15 Arya's Karate Kid training
00:38:39;24 Frey Pies
00:40:05;27 Yaddi Yadda the whole fuckin' thing
00:40:20;04 Best finale
00:40:26;04 Sansa plays Littlefinger
00:40:35;04 Male nudity & telling people how to create
00:46:44;24 Female directors?
00:48:56;10 The problem with GOT and D&D now
00:49:36;11 George RR Martin no longer writes for the show
00:50:31;00 George CUT THEM OFF
00:52:46;24 Meereenese Knot Yaddi Yadda
00:53:25;13 Take Your Time George
00:54:02;01 George loves the fans
00:54:28;26 Don't go to GRRM's house
00:55:24;10 Everyone wants a selfie
00:56:23;02 Anybody can take a screenshot of it
00:56:35;29 What happens when one of those friends doesn't like you anymore?
00:56:49;16 GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Episode by Episode Opinions
00:57:07;01 6.01 - The Red Woman
00:59:35;08 6.02 Home
01:02:46;22 6.01 and 6.02 Correction
01:04:17;23 We jump back to 6.02 Home
01:05:10;09 We don't need Arya's Luke training
01:05:39;21 Drunken Blind Master Shit
01:06:25;28 6.03 Oathbreaker
01:08:09;17 Fuck IMDB
01:08:20;08 6.04 Book of the Stranger
01:09:36;16 GRMM won't do this...
01:11:05;07 D&D try to create their own phrases
01:12:39;29 6.05 The Door
01:13:27;12 Euron's only good scene
01:13:44;16 Another mistake corrected
01:14:14;13 Show Kingsmoot makes no sense
01:15:12;13 Action sequence is cheesy
01:16:02;04 Terrible writing
01:16:12;18 D&D have to go on vacation so...
01:16:29;07 Sinister breathing
01:17:23;22 First Five Episodes
01:18:01;22 None of this will happen in the books... because George is not a cheesy little bitch
01:18:49;25 6.06 Blood of My Blood
01:19:02;15 Coldhands is not Benjen
01:20:12;22 Jon = Stannis and Young Griff
01:21:48;19 Sam's family
01:24:09;29 Queen of Thorns giving orders
01:25:40;10 Terrible extras vs good extras
01:27:42;01 6.07 The Broken Man
01:29:24;27 D&D have to go on vacation
01:29:48;06 6.08 No One (worst episode of the season)
01:30:34;10 Half great, half terrible
01:32:52;23 YouTube action scene
01:33:40;20 6.09 Battle of the Bastards
01:36:34;20 Stupid people think Jon is stupid
01:37:06;18 That's my brother!
01:37:19;11 There's no fuckin' logic in watching your brother die, you fucknuts
01:37:45;27 This is exactly within Jon's character in book & show
01:37:58;19 Blame Davos you dopes
01:38:35;03 PunkaTess goes nuts
01:41:26;21 Sansa's smile is dumb as shit
01:42:46;17 Season is fan service in between great acting
01:42:51;16 6.10 The Winds of Winter
01:43:13;05 OK, we're gonna make an effort on this one!
01:47:07;00 Book Jon would do the right thing
01:47:39;27 A very GRRM moment
01:48:43;24 R+L=J
01:52:27;19 Dragon riders
01:53:00;24 Dragon imprint
01:54:54;11 King in the North
01:56:26;00 Fan Service 101
01:57:29;02 Frey Pies
01:58:53;14 Hand of the Queen
02:00:03;03 D&D are brilliant and everything they do is amazing
02:00:53;28 Long may she reign... fuck
02:01:43;24 Arya and the Mad Queen
02:02:06;20 Jaime prediction
02:07:05;10 No rape, no pillage
02:09:24;27 Season rankings
02:10:32;11 GOODBYE!
02:10:38;14 "It's gonna come out in 2017" - Best Prediction
02:10:55;10 OUTTAKES

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