03 May, 2015

GAME OF THRONES 5.04: 'Sons of the Harpy' Discussion Podcast

HORRIBLE AUDIO WARNING - we should have tested this recording... it's not worth listening to but if you ignore this warning then... Jess & Magnus return for the first time in three years to discuss GAME OF THRONES... episode 5.04... Sons of the Harpy... and, at the end, talk possible, theoretical, major spoilers (but you will be warned).

 Click below to play or RIGHT CLICK HERE to save as an mp3.


  1. The podcast was great as usual. of course the audio was terrible, really terrible, Magnus come on buddy what was this ? :D .. It was even worse when the background music started to become very loud.
    But , and as we know Anything said before the word "but" is usually meaningless. :D
    It was an amazing great podcast.
    I had a little nostalgic Chuck feeling, hearing you and Jess together after so long was really good, You and her always have a good entertaining conversations, so thank you both of you :)

    I'm not a robot ;)

    1. I was too lazy to get her to download TeamSpeak and then talk her through getting it set up. The sound is that terrible because we are using Skype and I'm using a free recorder that sucks ass... and understand the sound was MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE before I put some filters on it. I also tossed music in the edit and was going to listen to see if it was too loud but it was already late & I had to go to sleep. So, if it drowns out our talking, maybe that's for the best... since the audio is TERRIBLE!

      If we do another podcast, we will do it differently, promise. :) THANKS FOR LISTENING, THOUGH.

  2. Thanks for doing this. I didn't listen until I watched the episode myself, but much of what you said is very thought-provoking

    1. Thanks for listening... you and that one other person. :)

      Jess says she is getting a proper mic so maybe we'll keep doing this... again.