05 July, 2014

GeekFurious the Podcast 205 - For Jimmy

VladyGG & GeekFurious discuss various topics. Times listed below:

You can either view it through the embedded YouTube video (which has awesome graphics omg) or you can right click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and download the MP3 audio file.

You can also stream the audio-only version from this page by clicking the player below:

00:00 Introduction – VladyGG & GeekFurious discuss various small item things.
06:30 COMMUNITY returns for a 6th season on YahooScreen.
08:21 CHUCK alumni discussion (Yvonne, Adam, & Zac)
14:38 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY & James Gunn discussion.
20:31 GAME OF THRONES Season 4 discussion
29:20 GeekFurious goes on an all-out attack on everyone who recaps/reviews GOT
38:19 George RR Martin is not your bitch
39:42 ORPHAN BLACK season 2 discussion
43:17 Mo’ Fee in Season Three!
43:42 X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST discussion
45:21 Quicksilver rules!
50:15 PACIFIC RIM 2 announced
51:32 Metallica play Glastonbury
54:44 Star Wars Episode 7 & beyond discussion
1:06:58 GAME OF THRONES season 5 and beyond MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS
1:21:26 Some Star Wars Episode 7 spoilers.
1:28:12 Goodbyes.


  1. Wow thanks guys! For Jimmy The Podcast. haha. Awesome.

    I was also happy to hear about Yahoo saving Community. SixSeasonsAndAMovie! Yvonne is killing it on 24. Haven't seen Last Ship but I'm sure Baldwin is good. And i too wanna see Zac in more stuff. But a big congratulations to him and his new bride.

    Can't wait for Dawn of the apes too. Quicksilver WAS THE S*%T! Had to skip the GoT and Orphan Black stuff. I still haven't seen either of them. I'll get to it eventually.... i hope.

    It was great listing to you two again. See ya in another seven months! :)

    1. Jimmy listened! Woohoo! Thanks, buddy!

    2. It's all for you Jimmy! Thanks for listening!

    3. Thanks Guys. By the way. Is this the last podcast, Magnus? I remember you saying you were gonna 'retire' during the summer.

    4. That is my intent. So, we finish the series with a dedication to you, my man. :)

    5. haha, I appreciate that, dude. Anytime you guys decide to do a special return podcast or something, i'll be there. :)

    6. If we ever do another, it will be either to review the next Metallica or TOOL, or to talk Star Wars.

      Now, it is possible that we both think something down the line is SOOOOOOOO important that we HAVE TO share it with the world of 12 people... but I'm not holding my breath. :)

    7. *Cough* Guardians *Cough* ;)

    8. IF "Guardians" is the magic movie some people are saying it is... we may end up doing a review JUST for it. But we'll see how we feel next week.

  2. Or maybe a post Comic-con/NerdHQ podcast? *hint hint*

    1. Vlad & I have set aside time for Monday the 4th of August, 2014. Provided we are inspired to review GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If we do it, then we will also cover SDCC and NerdHQ, but briefly. After that, you can pretty much consider us temporarily retired. Until some big Star Wars news comes out, or Metallica or TOOL release a new album.