01 January, 2014

TOP 10 TV SHOWS of 2013!!!

I am going to limit this list to shows that premiered in 2013, not shows that ran into 2013.

Game of Thrones (season 3) – Not since LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2004) has a show held my interest at every turn. Following season 2 I read the five books (have now read them multiple times) and so I know where everything is going, and yet season 3 still found ways to shock, surprise, and horrify me.

Orphan Black (season 1) – There comes a time in a TV generation when creators/writers and actors come together to make a surprising work of art that hits nearly every single beat perfectly. This show now sits alongside LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (how many times will I mention those shows in this article?) as the best first season sci-fi shows of all time.

Breaking Bad (season 6) – If you correct me and say “Hey, it was season 5.2”, then fuck you. It was season 6. Network executives used a douchie way out of having to pay the actors more money while also somehow being up for an Emmy nomination for a single season TWICE. Only an asshole calls this season 5.2 or 5.5. In any event, it was almost perfect. Except that ending. I don't know how some people used that as a platform to launch atop their soapboxes to shit on writers of other shows for their endings. I'm not saying you're bad people. I'm saying you're easily pleased by fluff.

Veep (season 2) – A foulmouthed vice president and her collection of hilarious leechers? Check. Awesome. It’s just the best comedy on TV.

Justified (season 4) – The hero of this story is so capable that he rarely ends up in a situation he can’t find his way out of, and you’d think that would make the show boring. However, this is a rare case of show writers not resorting to ridiculous situations where the hero may die. Instead, it is a show about the villains who are destined to fail. And it works superbly.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 1) – I’ve said this for years: casting is everything! This cast is so perfect together that if the show doesn’t get a second season I will burn this planet down!

The Goldbergs (season 1) – This time traveling show about the 80s where things that happened in 1981 also happened in 1983 and 1986 and 1988 and so on, is a wonderful little fantasy about a family of lovable nutties.

The Blacklist (first season in progress) – It has one character who chews up every scene he’s in and then spits it out so he can chew it again. There isn’t a single character or plot, apart from James Spader, worth watching. He’s just so damn good that you can’t stop.

Orange is the New Black – It could have been higher on the list if not for those last couple of episodes trying way too hard to be edgy. It’s already starting to feel tired. But there are some gems in there. Especially around the mid-point. Guaranteed to suck in season 2 and still be praised for its amazing blahblahblah. Bring on the Emmy parade!

Almost Human – Remember that time I said casting is everything? Well, this show at least got the leads down. Though, that female cop who used to date that NY Yankees player, she’s fuckin’ terrible. Kill her off. Replace her with a water cooler. Damn she’s bad. But the show looks great, has some interesting stories, and actors you just like to watch. Minus that one person who is pretending to be an actor…. that I already mentioned earlier. Minka Kelly. I’m talking about Minka Kelly, guys. She’s awful.

And the 'Worst Actor of All Time' award for 2013 goes to:
Minka Kelly

She's super bad. But in a bad way.

Finally, the 'Most Disappointing 2nd Season" award for 2013 goes to:

Way to go, writers. That sucked.


  1. I have a witty reply comment to this but it's 2am and I'm too tired to google the facts right now so I'll get to it tomorrow. But I have only seen GOT and half or orphan black from this list, have to wait till Justified comes out on DVD to watch it, loved the previous seasons so your positive review puts my mind at ease. At least Minka is hot, so she should go back to modelling where she just has to stand there and look pretty. Dam hot chicks get an easy life, if I was hot I wouldn't hesitate to be a model and get paid to stand around on a beach instead of crawling through 40degC roofs and under floors with itchy insulation. And I'm getting the Breaking Bad box set with my Christmas gift card soon so I can watch it all at once, so don't give away anything especially the ending or I will shoot you with mind bullets.

  2. If only Larry listened to your Chuck Versus the Final Exam Podcast he would know what most guys in his situation knows....a guy can tell the person you are going to lose your girl straight away!

    If he knew he would not have waited nearly a whole season to tell her....fucking idiot!

    Orphan Black got a little convoluted and stories outside of the clones interacting with each other dragged a little but great acting by the lead actress.

    Justified was good apart from the Drew storyline.

    Breaking bad also went by 5B, even Gilligan realised Ozymandius was the shows best episode and freely admitted it. So I can sort of understand that he blew the ending a little but at least he knew it so all is not lost. Damon Lindleoff needs to let go of the need to keep defending the ending of his show. You did good, who cares what anyone else thinks! You did the best you could and that should be all that matters man, you never sold ABC out for trying to make you go 8 seasons, you never sold out anyone who cut your budget and fucked with your show via constant notes....you warned people at the end of season 3 that the most important thing is character resolution and fuck them if 3 years later you chose to give your characters resolution and left other stuff by the way side.

    Veep was awesome, james spader is awesome and I would fuck Minka Kelly so whatever man.

    Peace out!

    1. It sounds like you listen to my podcasts because most of those are things I've said!

    2. I listened to your Chuck podcasts but not some of your recent ones. But if you have said the same things then......great minds think alike!