02 January, 2014

Review - COMMUNITY 5.01 & 5.02: 'Repilot' & 'Introduction to Teaching'

COMMUNITY is back after a 2-year layoff! And so is Dan Harmon, baby! But was the return of the great God of this world a triumphant one? Or can nothing pull this show out of its massive nose-dive brought on by the let-us-forget-it-ever-happened season 4? Keep reading to find out in this two-parter review (or whatever).

This is not a recap. Fuck recaps. Go watch the episode.

5.01 Repilot
There is an immediate and potent familiarity with this version of COMMUNITY. It makes season 4 episodes seem like someone raped Dan Harmon's family on a beach.

The beats work. The characters feel like the same ones we were following in seasons 1-3. There is a truth in the dialogue, something only someone born with taste could possibly appreciate. Unlike the clownshoehorn crap of season 4 that drove Sony and NBC to tuck their assholes back inside their poopholes and rehire a guy who openly and repeatedly defecated in their mouths, this is a genuine work of art!
Jeff: I asked you to put the phone number on the screen.
Abed: I didn't like the number. 555? It's derivative. 
Jeff: It's the number of my business!
Abed: It sounds fake. How can every number start with 555? Are there only 10,000 numbers?
Troy: If we sue Greendale, can I be a surprise witness? Wait. Don't tell me.

The blue-ghost-hologram of Pierce was a killer touch. Spoiler. Since. Chase left the show.

If I had to rate this episode, and nothing in the universe says I do, I'd give it:

90 out of 100

When you factor in the +50 Dan Harmon points, it is 140 out of 100!

A triumphant return, indeed!

If you didn't love this return, or think season 4 was good, then I'm not saying you're a bad person. I'm just saying you're not a good person.

You're not a good person, Bob. Someone had to say it.

5.02 Introduction to Teaching

Jeff has to deal with what it means to become a teacher as Abed explores life's eternal question: is Nicholas Cage good or bad? Also, Mike from BREAKING BAD is a bully teacher.

No one is paying me to do these reviews. Plus, after this, I quit. Peace!
Jeff: I can't just pretend I'm teaching. I'm not 'Mythbusters'.

Shirley: Hmm, there's a course on Nicholas Cage but if you mention Jesus to your science teacher you get a written warning.

Troy: Nicholas Cage is so weird. I mean, he seems scared to smell that flower but happy to get shot?

Shirley: Maybe he's just good in good movies and acts crazy in crap to make drug money.

Prof. Hickey: It's one duck, his name is Jim, and publishers are interested!

Everyone: Slightly higher grades! Slightly higher grades!

If I had rate this episode, and I do, I'd give it:

97 out of 100

When you factor in the +50 Dan Harmon points, it is 147 out of 100!

Loved Annie vs Jeff. Loved Abed as Nicholas Cage. Loved Shirley. And Troy. And Britta. Dialogue. Plot. Dean. Mike. Old dude. Anarchy! ENOUGH!

Right now I feel like I imagine I could feel if Star Wars Episode VII rocks. Thank you, Dan Harmon. I had forgotten what it was like to love.


  1. I woke up one day during season 4 and looked in the eyes and could not find the soul of my beloved Community. She did not make me laugh, cry, smile, feel....I could not be because I had lost that loving feeling and I wanted it back so badly.

    Today you came back, I see you again, I hear you again, I feel you again. For my own sanctity please never leave again, I cannot take the heartbreak, I cannot take your absence, you make my day. I close my eyes and all I need you to do is smile....I think of you all the time that it may take me a thousand years to have one thought and that thought is that I love you (thank you Louis C K for giving me a way to express myself). A toast! To you Community! to you Dan Harmon! Welcome back!

    1. It is a wonderful feeling... rediscovering love when you thought it was gone forever.

  2. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but reading that review is like reading someone having sex with a TV show.

  3. Some of this has been published already by others, but I'd like to recap:

    The A18-49 rating for the hour was a 1.31. It was pretty much the same for both halves (1.33, 1.28). But, the median age dropped a lot from first half to second half (48.5, 41.0).

    That was because of an exodus of older viewers. The A50+ rating went from 1.77 to 1.11 in the first half hour to 2nd. Women 55+ went from 2.18 to 1.24. Men 55+ went from 1.46 to .94. Maybe they switched to The Millers. :-)

    Meanwhile Men 18-34 ratings actually rose from first half to 2nd half: 1.33 to 1.51 for an average of 1.42.

    1. One more statistic. Of the people who watched, 76% watched live. Lowest percentage for a show that week.

    2. I love seeing ratings like that. Because it seems to make no sense and yet you know it does.