16 November, 2013

Review - WHITE COLLAR 5.5: 'Master Plan'

With my new massive Weekly Spew column taking up the majority of my time, expect shorter and shorter 'White Collar' reviews.

This one will be the shortest.

While not every episode can involve the ongoing story-arcs, it was a bit of a bummer that this week was absent of both Mark Sheppard and the Speigel murder investigation.

But I'm all for any episode that involves Neal infiltrating something and showing off his countless skills/trades he's picked up during his life of crime. So it was a pretty good installment. More Mozzie and more arc-related stuff next week will be much appreciated. As would the return of Alex (played by the incomparably sexy and criminally underrated Gloria Votsis). I probably complain about that at least five to 10 times per season, don't I?


--NEAL: "This is like you becoming a Red Sox fan."

--NEAL: "Suspected, never caught. But the evidence was overwhelming."

--ELIZABETH: "You have a gental touch."
--PETER: "That's enough."

--MOZZIE: "For once, I'm not the only one in the room with a buzz."


--Peter and Elizabeth with those disgusting baseball-sex analogies ... gross.

--New weekly segment: 'The OF COURSE Moment of the Week' ... OF COURSE when Neal thinks of a bee hive he thinks of a good hiding place for contraband.



  1. Ratings update on the 10/31 episode

    Live + SD: 0.61
    Live + 7 Days: 1.08 (+76%)

    Other stats (Live + 7)
    Total Viewers: 3.85 million
    Median Age: 57
    Viewing group with highest rating: Women 65+

  2. Just to let you know there are rumours going around that White Collar might only have 1 more season after the 1 that is coming out this year and then thats it.