01 November, 2013

Review - WHITE COLLAR 5.3: 'One Last Stakeout'

As much as I absolutely love Neal and Mozzie working together on a con or to steal something, it's starting to get a bit old.

I don't say this because we're five seasons into the show and it's played out at this point, but rather because it would be nice if Neal didn't always succeed pulling off the job. Think about it, of all the things he's stolen or all the times he's pulled one on Peter without getting busted, when has be legitimately been caught or failed to complete his mission? I can only think of one such instance, when Peter found out that Neal and Mozzie stole the treasure in Season 2. And of course he got away with it when Matthew Keller confessed to being responsible.

I know he can't get caught in the act, because then he would go back to jail and the show would be over. It would be a nice change of pace if he failed. And in situations like this episode, when he's working for someone else, it could be interesting if he got into more trouble by not delivering what was promised.

This nitpick aside, I like where this story is going with Mark Sheppard's character. if you read me regularly, you'll know that I'm a sucker for season-long arcs. I want to know what's in that chapter of the book and I feel like Neal and Mozzie will be doing a lot of crazy stuff to find out.

Adding to the intrigue is the murder of Agent Segel, whom I kinda liked and am sad to see no longer on the show. Considering Segel could place Neal with Hagen, it's probably fortunate for Neal that he was killed. We have a lot going on, and that doesn't even consider how they plan to involve Peter more into these episodes. Time to get back to status-quo!


--"NEAL: "You're going power-hungry with the pointy fingers -- you know that, don't you? And please tell me you don't do that to Elizabeth."

--PETER: "He's home, probably painting something he shouldn't be."


--How great is Mark Sheppard's vice?

--If I could do life over, I would become a master pickpocket.

--OF COURSE Mozzie has a list. Even though I hate people, I don't have any on my list. Yet.



  1. I am kind of annoyed that David Seigel was killed but I guess it had to happen sooner then later but I wish it happen at least at episode 5. I barely knew the character which was annoying because I thought it would have been a great partner for Neal. Oh well I guess it will be Peter and Neal again.

  2. Also he knew Mozie was the bad guy from the premiere or second episode or whatever...so he sadly had to go.

    I hope they play this straight.....Siegals family are rich and powerful and will want answers and will have enough money and influence and clout to get what they want...Neil is going to have to be careful and have his ass covered.