17 October, 2013

Twitter Tips: When to Reply, Retweet, and Favorite

The world is full of adventures and wonderment and journeys on which to go, and loot and experience along the way to collect. Those things are complicated enough without having to figure out the proper time to utilize social networking options.

That’s why I’m here!

To teach the proper etiquette for the appropriate times to use reply, retweet, and favorite on Twitter!


This option is often overused by Twittererers for such things as communicating with friends or praising someone for doing a good job.

Reply should only be used in these circumstances:
  • Telling the executive producer of the thing you claim is your favorite TV program how much you hate their show, their writing on the show, the way they run the writer’s room, their hiring skillset in the writing team’s selection process, and just their general disposition/ability to breathe.
  • Telling the band/person you claim is your favorite musician how much you hate their newest material.
  • To say something nice to someone.
  • Threatening to kill individuals on what you claim is your favorite sporty team for only scoring 3 sporty times in the sporty thing you claim to love.
  • Freaking out at your favorite actor for personal choices in their life that have no actual impact on your life.
  • Attacking the life-choices of people who are different from you, who are living lives you have never and likely will never experience.


There are only a few times when you should retweet anything because retweeting costs personal effort and can potentially reflect badly on you when sharing something more interesting than you. Do not help people realize how lame you are.

The appropriate time to retweet:
  • When you think your followers would really enjoy something.
  • When it’s the most pedestrian thing one of your friends has ever said.
  • It’s a picture of a puppy or kitten you’ve retweeted before.
  • It’s a video that already has 10,000,000 views. Because. It needs to be noticed. Again.


This is a robust social networking tool that is underutilized. It has a vast amount of potential to affect people on an emotional level.

Use this when:
  • Something someone says is brilliant! Or their video is actually amazing and hasn’t gone viral (obviously it hasn’t since only about 3% of all viral videos exhibit any real talent). Or it’s a news story that should be shared with the world because it’s super important. Favorite it so NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT IT!
  • Just to mess with someone you've accepted is funnier, smarter, and more interesting than you. Don’t retweet them. Don’t reply to them. They are a threat to you. Favorite what they said. Not because you want to acknowledge their genius. Not because you want to validate them in some way. Not because you want to keep it around to reflect upon and bask in the glory of its sparkly genius. Do it because it’s super annoying! They see in the feed that you pressed “Favorite” but not “Retweet” and it will drive them absolutely nuts. They'll scream at the screen "I DON'T UNDERSTAND! JUST RETWEET IT! RETWEET IT! WHY???? WHY????" Keep doing it until they delete their account or block you.
  • When you plan on reading something later but don’t have time.
  • When someone says something nice to you. [edit: invalidated by Reply rule]


  1. I wish I could retweet this, but it's against the rules laid out.

    May I suggest another proper use of the reply function:

    "Demanding what the celebrity should do and tweet about, particularly what kind of pictures they should be adding to their tweets."

    1. I'm clearly not clued-in enough to the intricacies of Twitter insanity.

    2. You didn't participate in telling Yvonne Strahovski that she wasn't posting the right pictures?

    3. I truly have no idea what you are talking about.

    4. That's probably a good thing.

      FWIW, fans found out she was in NYC last week and started pestering her with tweets to go see Zac's show and make sure she posted a picture of them together.

      She didn't go, but responded with what she called a "rant".

      But, this week she did go to the show, but the picture she posted was just of Zac from the rear and she wasn't in the photo. So, fans complained.

      (I think she posted THAT picture as a personal joke myself.)

    5. People are so self absorbed. I'm glad she isn't kowtowing to "fan" pressure.

    6. Eventually, Zac and his co-star Krysta posted the pix fans wanted. There were lot of "it's about time" comments from the "fans".

      Now, of course, because Zac and Yvonne are in a few new pictures together, they must be dating.

    7. I wonder if her boyfriend minds her dating a guy she thinks of as her brother.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Glad you deleted that. No one but insiders is supposed to know about that!

  3. I thought the reply feature was to beg celebs to follow you.

    1. Covered under the final two "Reply" points.

      You will find that all of these points can be combined to cover anything.

    2. Some may get tripped up in the "no actual impact on their life" part. According to their tweets, their lives are not worth living if a celebrity doesn't follow them or wish them a happy birthday.

    3. True. But (spoiler) this wasn't actually meant for them. :)

  4. i guess I was doing twitter wrong
    education is THE KEY..