29 August, 2013

Review - SUITS 3.7: 'She's Mine'

I could be negative. I could complain about how obvious any of the following occurrences were in this week's episode...

1. Stephen betraying Donna. No way!
2. Rachel getting into a law school nearby, negating the need to go to California. No Way!
3. Another twist in the Ava Hessington case. No way!

But if you're a regular reader of my reviews, you know that's just not how I roll. I'm always so very positive. So while it wasn't surprising there was yet another twist in the case, the twist itself was surprising. And it helped save what appeared to be another slog of an episode on the Ava Hessington case.

I think most of us knew Stephen was going to hurt Donna. That was obvious from the beginning. But I just didn't think it would happen this way. I knew he was using her and just being a dirtbag, but I didn't think it was to help cover up a mass murder that he helped orchestrate. Good stuff.

But thank goodness we had the ridiculous mock trial shenanigans to lighten the mood and have some fun this week. That was just brilliance. I thought the last few weeks the show under-utilized Louis, but it was all just a brilliant set-up to the mock trial involving the cat. If you didn't enjoy that insanity, than I don't know why you watch this show in the first place.

Not only was it funny, but it resulted in Louis getting the associates back (which I think we all wanted) and it let Rachel have an episode to shine in a story NOT involving Mike. I appreciated that, because I wish she was given more to do other than stories centered around her relationship with Mike.

I've been complaining about the Ava Hessington case for weeks now, but for the first time I'm somewhat interested in what happens next om that front. But I do what it all to end sometime this millennium. This is getting more dragged out than who killed Rosie Larsen on 'The Killing' or the origin of the Smoke Monster on 'Lost'.


--HARVEY: "But you're never going to convince a jury that the number one didn't know what the number two was up to."

--JESSICA: "Believe me, I can convince anyone of the fact that a number two can betray a number one behind her back."

--LOUIS: "Rachel, you know how tough it's been for me this year. I lost the associates, Mike made a fool out of me, I saw Harvey's name go up on the wall and I went home."

--NIGEL: "This is not a criminal trial!"
--LOUIS: "Well it should be. Where were we?"

--LOUIS: "Holy shit, we're in trouble."

--HAROLD: "He said: 'He might as well of left his cat with Michael Vick.'"


--Top Secret Shredding Day! I think that would make me WANT to come in the door even more.

--A Radio Frequency Identifier-Integrated Circuit ... really? If my mom knew about those, she would probably get one.

--Poor Mike, at the wrong place at the wrong time -- incurring the wrath of Donna.

--I had forgotten about Harold. Rachel's take-down of him was top-notch. He's a fun character, although he was so completely inept that there's no way he would have gotten a job anywhere.

--Why do men have to be so macho and fight other dudes when they are mad? I could be saying this because I'm a scrawny bitch who can't defend himself. But who knows?



  1. They have basically just reset everything back to the beginning of the season or the end of last season or whatever. Darby will be out by 3.10 and thus Pearson Spektor lives! Pointless! It is like all the times Chuck walked back all the shit it did in the season finales and had to rebuild the buymore or have Chuck return to the CIA or whatever. Fucking Network TV.

    Harold is not inept, he helped Mike in episode 3.03 in stopping the witnesses in from coming to the US. Harold just could not work whilst being constantly being berated by Louis, which is fair enough I suppose. In his new job he has his own office where he can work in peace.

    It is interesting that Stephen ordered all those murders, pity they will use that to get rid of Darby instead of actually bringing him to justice.... ala Newsroom and Jane Fonda's son hacking phones. As long as the 1%'ers get what they want screw everyone else!

    Louis is awesome so I enjoyed whatever he does.

    A good episode that skirts the really interesting issues and just keeps on ticking!

  2. I didn't pay attention to the cat trial. I was too busy focusing on the mock juror in the gray suit with the Harvard tie. Zowie! He should be a regular!

  3. Where is the next review of Suits?

    1. Eli sometimes just doesn't write one. It's his prerogative.

    2. oh I see I well I hope he writes the next one