27 February, 2013

Review - WHITE COLLAR 4.15: 'The Original'

Coupled with last week's absolute clunker, this has quite possibly been the worst two-episode stretch in four years of 'White Collar'. This week's installment wasn't horrifically bad or anything, but for a few moments there I was in danger of falling asleep out of pure boredom.

At least it gave me 40 minutes to catch up on Twitter, so that was a plus.

Wow, a case involving Neal producing a forgery to catch the bad guy!? We've never seen that before! Except for the other five or six times that we have, that is.

Wow, Neal lying and being deceptive to Peter about something on the side!? Who could've seen that coming?

 Wow, Neal being caught by his mark, but still figuring out a way to get the evidence they needed to close the case!? Shocking!

Instead of writing all this, I should have just saved some time and picked a random review I wrote a few months back and copied and pasted it. I hardly doubt anyone would have noticed.

As for the new boss, Amanda Calloway, it was abundantly clear from the beginning she was going to be in Senator Pratt's pocket. It was Pratt who got Hughes fired in the first place, OF COURSE he had a hand in who replaced him. How Neal and Peter didn't assume this is beyond me.

Even though it's never been this show's strong-suit, I've somehow always cared about the season-long arcs. I'd get excited when we'd get little bits and pieces of new info each week, but at this point I don't give a crap about his dad or what's in that damn evidence box. Whatever.

The only thing that saved this episode from being another disaster was Mozzie's always delightful presence and the good scenes between Neal and Sam.

Somehow I had NO IDEA that this was the season's penultimate episode until I saw next week's preview. That makes this week's episode even worse.

Please don't suck, season finale.


--NEAL: "Mozzie has a permit."
--PETER: "I'm sure."

--PETER: "I guess that answers the age-old question of nature vs. nurture."

--NEAL: "Little pinky-swear action?"

--SAM: "Mozzie calls it mint chocolate tracking chip."

--NEAL: "He's been more of a father to me than you ever were."

--NEAL: "You asked me why I don't have original art. I've had three different names and a dozen different aliases because of you. And to be an artist, you have to know who you are."
--SAM: "You're my son, and I'm very proud of that."


--When nude models are around, Neal causes them to smile and Peter trips over furniture. Appropriate.

--If you want to learn more about Chicken-Sexing (and I don't know how you WOULDN'T), check it out on Wikipedia.



  1. I have just realised that Matt Bomer is not a very talented actor. That scene where he told his dad that it was his fault that everything in his life is shit, needed more gravitas then what Bomer gave.

    Also that line about Peter being more of a father then Dr Brown came out of nowhere, considering that Peter is only a few years older that was an awful lazy comparison.

    Maybe the actors are just as tired as us with the terrible plots, awful serialisation and inept character work. Or maybe they really are just limited in their range as actors.

  2. This show is starting to become what BURN NOTICE turned into for me. A show I have no idea why I'm still watching.

    Though, in this case, at least I know I'm watching for some of the actors I like.

    1. I stopped watching Burn Notice when the totally wasted Jere Burns. Anyone who has seen Breaking Bad or specifically Justified knows what I am talking about.

      Plus the fact that they are still trying to get Michael back to the CIA is bullshit, lol.

  3. Hahaha for some reason I like to come over here and read your bad reviews of shows I don't watch, like White Collar and Suits. I skip the good ones of course; the bad ones are always more interesting. Anyway it's never good when the two eps leading into the season finale are both turds. Sucky.