26 February, 2013

Review - CASTLE 5.16: 'Hunt'

Props to 'Castle'.

It's not easy to deliver a great episode during "sweeps". The networks resort to "stunt-casting", spend a ton of money promoting the special episodes and shoot for the moon plot-wise with them -- resulting in unrealistic expectations for viewers. So it's easy to let them down, especially in a two-part episode like this.

Part 1 was good and left people excited for the conclusion and I don't think that anyone left disappointed with Installment #2.

While the majority of the episode left Beckett, Esposito, Ryan and Captain Gates on the sidelines (fairly surprisingly but understandably), we at least got some good dialogue from our friends at the precinct and yet another great scene from Beckett getting angry and physical in the interrogation room.

As sweet as that was, I'm sure the majority of you want to talk about the big reveal of who Castle's father really is and how Alexis was the target all along. The second James Brolin's character appeared on screen, I had already known that he was NOT "Jackson Hunt". (God damn interwebs always spoil the good stuff.) But for those of you who didn't know, that moment when he tells Castle that he's his father must have been pretty damn awesome..

Castle's dad provided some great moments: the reveal of his identity, the skeet-shooting of Castle's phone, the heart-felt conversations with Richard and the bad-ass plan he devised to get Alexis and Castle back to safety. Loved it all.

HOWEVER, as much as I enjoyed that plan and liked the execution of it, I can't help but think the episode would have been better and far more powerful if Mr. Castle had gone in there and taken a bullet to the head in exchange for Alexis as the kidnapper had asked. It would have been a noble sacrifice from a father who owed it to Richard, while also serving as a heartbreaking moment. It would have been great TV.

But they did the expected and cliche happy ending instead, which allows for James Brolin to return and re-visit his relationship to Richard. They clearly have more stories to tell there, so I understand why they did what they did.

"Hunt" had all the drama, all the emotion and all the "wow" moments you want from episodes like this. If you felt differently, let me know why in the comments.


--MARTHA: "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
--CASTLE: "Getting my daughter back."

--RYAN: "What, so he's Liam Neeson now?"
--ESPOSITO: "Neeson? The dude is barely Ashley Judd."

--BECKETT: "Look, he's acting like a father and I have to act like a cop."

--BECKETT: "My partner's daughter is missing and YOU ... are in my way."

--CASTLE: "My daughter, my money -- I'm coming."

--JACQUE HENRI: "I value my life more than my word. If I had known who was really holding your daughter, who your daughter REALLY is, I would have NEVER TAKEN THE JOB."

--JACKSON HUNT: "Given how you feel so bad about your 200-buck phone, you might want to pick up that $3 million dollar briefcase."

--CASTLE: "Sounds made up."
--JACKSON: "It is."

--PAPA CASTLE: "Because she's my granddaughter. Richard, I'm your father."

--PAPA CASTLE: "What do you say, kid? You've been playing cop for years, you ready to play spy?"


--"He's expensive." Why did that guy bother saying that to Castle? He's rich. Clearly he can afford any price and would clearly be willing to pay it.

--OF COURSE the one picture of the dead guy with a bullet in his head lands perfectly next to, and facing, his girlfriend in the interrogation room. How many throws of that folder would it take for that to actually happen?

--Is the same person in Hollywood used as the Police sketch-artist in all the shows? I need to know this.

--It drives me crazy when the main character of a TV show is one second away from dying and someone saves them. It's ALWAYS one second. It's more dramatic that way, you say? My counter to that: it's not dramatic when you know what's going to happen and the exact second that it's going to happen. Counter that, bitch!

--I know you were literally a second away from dying and all, but how could you forget about your briefcase with $3 million in it? Amateur.

--It was obvious that Jacque was going to back-stab Castle, but I still loved him. He was a bad-ass. 

--I came close to crying two different times. Now I'm a wuss, so that's not a surprise. But still means the episode did something right.

--Everyone's father is a spy except for mine.

--The on-location filming was solid. Always nice to see.

--VOLKOV! Really!? That villain name has been taken by a far superior show, dammit. I don't care that they spell it differently, still copying.



  1. I guess the episode was okay but that whole thing about Castle's fathers backstory seemed stupid to me.

    Spies can't have families or have any contact with their children.

    The best scene was definitely Beckett in the interoggation room.

    I loved that scene.

    1. Obviously he can have a family. Spies are encouraged to have them. Granted, if you are on a deep cover mission in a foreign land where you can't reveal your identity for years, then that COULD prevent you from seeing your family. However, I've never read any book that suggested American agents were ever subjected to that level of foreign deep cover ops. Leaving an agent in the field, under cover, for that long is considered extremely dangerous. They become easily corruptible.

      People need to see their loved ones. And if they don't, then their mark becomes their loved ones.

      Other than that, a very good episode.

  2. I don't know if you were following Molly C Quinn tweets last night or not but according to her the way they got James Brolin was his wife who is a fan of the show. She also said that she was in that cage for about a day and 16 hours and I have to say that would suck. Also that they filmed there for about 5 days in Paris.

  3. They didn't let her out between takes.

    1. don't know she didn't say

    2. I heard they just left her in there with no water or food.

  4. Oops sorry I'm a little late on this. Anyway all in all yes, this was a really good 2-parter, definitely as good as season 3's, which I also really liked. I LOVED the scene with Beckett kicking the chair in the interrogation room haha. It made me yell "HAHAHA YES!!" at the TV all by myself.

    Loved the intro of Castle's dad too. Cool, fun, funny lines/delivery from James Brolin.

    "--I know you were literally a second away from dying and all, but how could you forget about your briefcase with $3 million in it? Amateur."

    Hahaha that was the other time I yelled at my TV. Luckily Castle's dad yelled at him too.

    I've been seeing the actor Nestor Serrano popping up everywhere in the past few months and somehow I totally missed that his name on Castle was Volkov!! What the hell. Anyway he always plays the same character: "Evil super creepy guy." First it was Covert Affairs, then Dexter, now Castle. It was kinda nice to see him blown to bits on Castle because his characters are always super hate-able (although they do always die too) haha.

    Anywho, fun eps ... this might mean we're in for a couple boring filler eps after this hahah. Arrgh.