22 January, 2013

Review - CASTLE 5.12: 'Death Gone Crazy'

I'm not going to waste your time, nor mine. This episode wasn't very good, all that funny, or one that we'll remember anything about two weeks from now.

When 'Castle' strays from its quirky/fun type of episodes, it's usually a miss in my opinion. This was one of those times. I can't emphasize those last two sentences enough. The case-of-the-week, while interesting-ish, was so insanely obvious from the get-go.

We knew minutes into 'Death Gone Crazy' that Beau was trying to get serious and "legitimate" with his life and was about to get rid of the company. This immediately guaranteed that the murderer was his business partner. It's ALWAYS the business associate in a case like this. So it was completely obvious that Beau was not trying to blackmail anyone, because he was not happy with the guy that he was and looking to make a change.

Shame on you if that red herring fooled you even for a second.

Last thing: I know figuring out what to do with characters once they are in college is a common TV problem, but I was hoping for some better material for Molly C. Quinn. She's never been a hugely integral part of the show per-se, but it would be nice to see her included more and given other things to do than yet another iteration of: "I'm in college now, I need to be more on my own."

She's a nice part of the show and I just want to see her utilized more and in better ways.


--ESPOSITO: "Dude, how's the in-breast-igation going?"
--RYAN: "And that's why you're still single."

--ESPOSITO: "Someone that sexy going to prison? That in itself is a crime."

--CASTLE: "Rampant speculation is my specialty."

--ESPOSITO: "She broke a guy's nose, you know she's gotta be freaky."

--RYAN: "I never thought I'd say this after graduating from the sixth grade, but our bra research is in."

--RYAN: "Sorry we had to cock-block you."


--Beau is such a sleazy name. Don't name your kid that.

--'College Guys Gone Nuts'? I wish I could un-see that.

--Do college freshmen talk so calmly and eloquently with their parent(s) when they have an argument/disagreement? I think not.

--Don't make a sex tape unless your last name ends in 'ardashian'.

--Ah, how cute. Beckett smiled at the end, realizing how great of a father Castle is. Sorry, 'Castle' writers, that's not gonna make up for the ridiculousness in episode 5.10 that Beckett will "never really know" Castle.


I don't like giving numerical scores. I should have switched to letter grades a long time ago. Of course, this is probably gonna be a mute moot point, because I have a weird feeling HGF is going to quell this rebellion.

The only thing saving this from being an 'F' is Esposito's infatuation/creepiness with the corporate spy.



  1. Whatcha talkin about Eli.

    This episode was the best that they've ever done.

    It was beyond epic.

    1. I hope you are kidding because that episode sucked.

  2. Also, Eli, I couldn't give a shit less what grading system you use.

    I do mind when you type out "mute" when you mean "moot" though. ;)

    1. Damn. Hate when I make pathetic errors like that. Thanks for editing it, HGF.


    2. Bro, I would edit such things if I read it before I posted it. :)

  3. Uggh too many freaking filler episodes in a row. O.k. maybe it's only been a couple, but I think the ep from three Mondays ago was not the greatest either. Did they use up all their material in the first 6 eps of this season?? Those ones were almost all great, but everything since then has been fairly snooze-worthy IMO.

    "Shame on you if that red herring fooled you even for a second."

    Reading this made me realize how rarely I ever put any brainpower at all into trying to figure out who the killer is. I just never care at all hahah. It drives me NUTS that it almost *always* seems to be one of the first couple people they talk to though. Then they forget about the person, and then at the end of the ep, "GASP!! OMG how could we have missed it!!"

    --RYAN: "Sorry we had to cock-block you."

    It shocked me that they'd be able to say "cock-block" on non-cable network TV, so I rewound that part to watch it again last night. I THINK he actually said "CoP-block" ... like a play on words. I think. I'll have to re-watch it again to triple check haha.

    1. The formula seems to be "first person they dismiss as a suspect or don't consider as a suspect" is the killer.

    2. Exactly. I feel like that is seriously 90% of the episodes, but I'm too lazy to start keeping tabs of it so that I can prove myself right or wrong hahah.

    3. I only watched it once, so you're probably correct. He likely said cop-blocked, which would actually be much more funny than cock-blocked.

    4. From now on, I will keep track of this. Great idea.

  4. I've noticed Castle is good when they have good guest stars and they have a good conflict for the B story.

    Without those two things it usually turns out not so good.