09 January, 2013

Review - CASTLE 5.10: 'Significant Others'

It's great to have new episodes of our favorite TV shows back ... these past three weeks have been rough.

On the bright side, it kept me from having to write reviews of 'Castle' when I have absolutely nothing to say that I haven't talked about previously.

Today is one of those instances. I'm glad 'Castle' is back, and I will continue to watch and enjoy it, but I'm looking forward to more substantial episodes -- the ones involving the identity of Castle's father or the conspiracy surrounding Beckett's mother's murder and Senator Bracken.

I'm absolutely on board with Castle and Beckett being together, but their little quarrels really don't interest me all that much at this point.

Overall, I'd say that this show does a pretty good job with its cases-of-the-week, but if you watch as much TV as I do, you have seen every variation of everything. So (quite often) every twist and turn I either see coming or have already seen before. And this isn't because I'm particularly intelligent, it's just because I'm a loser and watch more television than any person ever should.

A solid episode of a show that we like: nothing special, nothing to complain about.


--BECKETT: "Troublesome ex-wife? Imagine that."

--CASTLE: "It's the bachelor meets Homeland."


--Nice to see someone playing a dead person at the beginning of the episode get to do some real acting. Sure, it was only a video text message, but that's more than 99% of dead bodies get to do on TV.

--I'm not saying this just because of the hair color, but damn, Meredith looks a lot like Alexis. So spot-on, in fact, that they simply must be mother-daughter in real life. (Even though I know they aren't)

--The two biggest free-loaders on TV: 2. Castle's Mom. 1. Alan Harper on 'Two and a Half Men'.

THE SCORE: 73 out of 100


  1. I enjoyed the episode but that bit at the end where Beckett has that "OMG I WILL NEVER KNOW HIM!" look is so fuckin' stupid. Like any woman would ever actually start to have doubts because of that. I know women in the real world. They don't leave men, or have doubts, because of that. That kind of shit is what they say when they are trying to get out of relationships for a bigger, better deal and have no better excuse.

    1. "That kind of shit is what they say when they are trying to get out of relationships for a bigger, better deal and have no better excuse."

      HAHAH wow. Well, as a woman myself (as far as YOU know) ... I would say ... I didn't think it was dumb, just overdramatic, but they do that all the time on Castle with the Kate & Rick stuff. So I didn't think much of it. If I were in her position, I would be weirded out that I didn't know much about him, BUT it wouldn't be something I would just suddenly notice only after being close with the guy for 4 plus YEARS. So I would say, would I have doubts or concerns, yes, but leaving the guy for it? No. Not unless it manifested itself into problematic behavior on his part.

      In a sense I actually liked that part only because we really DON'T know shit about Castle's past and I as a viewer have always been annoyed by that. So if it opens up some new and interesting character stuff with Rick then I'm happy about it.

    2. Just a clarification: We do know about Castle's past with women, but not stuff like, did his dad ditching the family cause any mental/emotional problems for him, why did he become a murder mystery writer, etc. There was even a scene once in an early season where he gave Beckett this really dramatic story about when he was a little kid, he and his friend found a dead body on the beach, and that was what sparked his interest in the whole murder mystery writing thing. Then at the end of the story, he's basically like, "PSYCH I'm just fucking with you!!" And then we never get to hear the real story! Stuff like that is what I'm referring to.

    3. Yes, women are always breaking up with their men because there may be a sad or dangerous story in their past. ;)

  2. That part bothered me too, forgot to complain about it in my review.