24 September, 2012

Furycast 41 - Homeland Downton Emmy

In this episode, Jess and Magnus discuss the Emmys, DOWNTON ABBEY, COPPER, and a bunch of shit. Outtake at the end (so wait for it!).

Consider EVERY discussion a potential SPOILER discussion.

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  1. The Emmy's were... whatever for me. I thought it was kinda cool though, when Michael J. Fox got a standing ovation when he came out. I thought the same thing when i heard Kevin Costner speak. Like WTF is he talking about?!

    You didn't mention Dexter when you were talking about your fall picks. But i dont know if you have Shotime. And honestly, i am gonna watch this season. But more then likely im just gonna fast-forward to Yvonne's scenes, you know.

    I'll participate in the "Who's better podcasting poll. Vlad or Jess." I'll just go for the cop out and say that i like both equally. ;)

    Btw, the mic you have does sound a bit better. Your voice echo's more i think.

    1. I've said before that I will watch DEXTER this season... for Yvonne. :)

      And the mic is the same, it is just at a different distance from me and pointed differently. So it is receiving my voice differently.

      I don't like it! If only I had a $200 mic that I really want!

    2. Okay. Just making sure. :)Anything for Yvonne!

      If i had a couple hundred dollars to spare id give it to you. Or maybe more like $50.... or $5 whatever. :)

  2. I don't have much of a problem with the Emmys.

    They can be quite helpful in helping you decide what shows are worth watching if you need something new to watch.

    There is no doubt that on the comedy side they pick more mainstream shows to nominate and to win.
    But i don't think there is anything wrong with that for the most part.

    Modern Family will probably win the comedy category again next year unless a brand new show really catches on with the public this year.

    For a long time sitcoms use to be all i watched but in the last few years i've enjoyed dramas a lot more.

    My only beef with the drama side is that Mad Men is a decent show that i like but it's not so great that it should have won four years in a row.

    If season 2 of Homeland is as good or better than the first it will probably win again next year.

    1. They may give dramas some deserved awards but Emmy voters seem to have no understanding of quality comedy.

    2. One thing that makes me laugh in this day in age is the assumption that being a low rated show where basically the larger audience do not give a fuck about it means that it is automatically higher in quality than a ratings jugganaut. Now I do not think in any way or form that Modern Familly is a good show or one that is or is not worthy of critical awards like the Emmys but just the indignation critics and show runners who have low rated shows or love low rated show makes me laugh...it is like they think the Emmys are only for the few that are "intelligent, decerning, classy, like minded, etc" and that shows like Modern Familly which "Joe Six Pack" like do not belong there, lol, what a fucking joke.

      Aaron Paul said it best...that is a room where every actor or actress is chasing their dream. Why should anyone....especially snobbish wankers like Matt Wiener who goes and tells his audience to go fuck themselves think that his dreams are more important than anybody elses? or that someone like Jon Cryer who took a lot of shit from Sheen and does a good job in keeping hundreds of people employed does not deserve the award being given to him by his peers? Did you see the derision he got? If I were him I would not even have been so self depricating and just accepted the award and said I deserved it because I had to work with a nut job for 8 years!

      Go Modern Family! Go Two and a Half Men! Go Big Bang Theory! You go guyts and keep sticking it to those who look down on you because you can actually make a show that entertains the "everyday" viewer who maybe cannot afford cable subscription and likes your show.


    3. Matt Wiener is more right in this instance.

      The wanker is the person who thinks shitty shows deserve Emmys.

    4. I enjoyed reading your post Shawn.

      A couple of counter points.

      I've never heard anyone publicly make the statement that low rated shows are better than shows watched by the masses.

      Right now i would say two of the three best shows on television are low rated but it hasn't always been that way.

      I think the problem people have with Jon Cryer winning was that he had won before and Two and half men is a tired show that is long in the tooth.

      I think people thought that there were more deserving nominees this time around.

      I concur with that feeling about Jon Cryer winning.

      That being said award shows are subjective and people aren't going to agree on who gave the best performance or the best show etc.

      The emmys don't really mean anything.

      Comedy is still very much a network thing as cable hasn't come out with as many great comedies as they have dramas.

      So of course most of the comedies are on the networks and have much bigger mainstream followings.

  3. You are just sore because the emmys have never nominated Community.

  4. Question for Magnus.

    My apologies if you already covered this in your podcast.

    I was wondering if you were going to do reviews for Revolution?

    1. I don't think I will be writing any reviews of REVOLUTION but we will be discussing it on tomorrow's podcast (that will be out Wednesday morning).