13 May, 2012

NBC Fall Schedule and Predictions

NBC announced its fall schedule today and here it is, along with my predictions for how well the shows will do.

8 p.m. The Voice - It will be fine.
10 p.m. Revolution - Show about what happens after THE EVENT? 1 season and done.

8 p.m. The Voice - I told you already! It will be fine! Stop asking!
9 p.m. Go On - NBC will give it every chance to survive. 1 season and done.
9:30 p.m. The New Normal - 13 and done... if it is lucky.
10 p.m. Parenthood - Will probably continue doing what it is doing. Bubble show at worst.

8 p.m. Animal Practice - 13 and done.
8:30 p.m. Guys With Kids - 13 and done.
9 p.m. Law & Order: SVU - It will keep going until it costs more than it makes.
10 p.m. Chicago Fire - It's about firemen and stuff. In Chicago. Also, the name of a soccer team. First week may get an extra hundred thousand viewers as fans tune in for the game. 13 and done.

8 p.m. 30 Rock - Final season.
8:30 p.m. Up All Night - Depends on how many Emmy nominations it gets.
9 p.m. The Office - As long as it gets ratings, NBC will throw money at the cast.
9:30 p.m. Parks and Recreation - Full season order. One of the best written shows in television history.
10 p.m. Rock Center with Brian Williams - Will go on for as long as NBC struggles.

8 p.m. Whitney - 13 and done.
8:30 p.m. Community - My favorite show right now. Sadly, 13 and done.
9 p.m. Grimm - On to season 3.
10 p.m. Dateline NBC - Will live on forever.


7 p.m. Football Night in America - Makes NBC tons of money.
8:15 p.m. NBC Sunday Night Football - Makes NBC planet loads of money.

So, what do you think? Comment below.


  1. Not sure why NBC cancelled Fear Factor and Who Do You Think You Are? With a lineup this bad, they need filler programming.

  2. Up All Night should have been canceled. So much talent but so little funny.
    Community will get a 0.7 demo if lucky, and it will be canceled.
    I predict Go On and New Normal will get Season 2.
    I had hope for Animal Practice - kind of a neat setting + Justin Kirk, but the previews were so dumb - I mean they had turtles racing with taped lanes on the floor!
    Everything else, I am with you on.

  3. Revolution (so annoyed because I have a pilot with the same title that's actually about a revolution) fails on its premise because once we as humans learn technology, such as electricity and how to use it, we can't unlearn it. The only way the world would still be without electricity after 15 years is if everyone with an ounce of electrical know-how was killed.

    The New Normal and Guys with Kids look utterly stupid.

    Go On *might* be good, but I'm not banking on it.

    I'm intrigued by Animal Practice because if NBC lets Justin Kirk be Justin Kirk, it has the potential to be hilarious.

    Chicago Fire should rename itself. Yesterday.

    As for the returning shows, I agree with your projections. How Whitney got renewed, though, I will never know.

    1. WHITNEY got renewed because they needed a half hour at 8pm.

    2. And people repeatedly beating themselves over the head with croquette mallets wasn't available?

    3. Maybe with Revolution they will give an explaination as to why people can't make electricity anymore.

      I was watching all the trailers today and Revolution looked like it would be the most interesting.

  4. I asked this on the community review thread , but what do you think NBC's expectation is for community on Friday nights ?


    1. I will look to CHUCK for a good estimate. Figure it will get a premiere rating of around 1.3, then tumble down to a 0.9 average.

      NBC likely expects it to do no better than that. If it does better than that, then I'd expect a back 9 pickup.

    2. Thanks Magnus :)

      Since Community has a large online contingent , do you think it could possibibly go to Netflix kinda like how Cougar Town went to TBS if NBC wanted to cut ties with it . I don't know the logistics how/ if it could work . Bu I would think that could be a really good PR move on Netflix's part if that scenario arose .

      A deranged fan ,


    3. Usually I'd say no, but in this case I wouldn't be shocked if COMMUNITY lives on somewhere else. Sony seems to have a lot of confidence in its ability to make them money. They may be willing to shop it for cheap somewhere else. And it could always get that back 9 from NBC... especially if it does better than I expect it to and GRIMM appears to improve its ratings with it as a lead-in.

      But it will be easier to predict all this stuff in November.

  5. I don't really know on NBC if it just gets 4 or 5 million with a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo it has a chance of staying on.

    I'll go with Go On and Animal Practice squeaking by to get a full first season and maybe a second.

    On the drama side i say Revolution will get a full season and then maybe a second.

  6. I like what NBC is trying to do.

    When NBC was the #1 network they had comedies that really carried them.

    I thought they had some really great comedies back then but the problem is the comedies they have ordered may not have the same mass appeal.

    Still television is a gamble and at least they are trying to get out their rut.

    You never know what will catch on with the masses and NBC can't be in last place forever.

    I didn't think the comedies NBC debuted last year were very good so i'm hoping that a couple of these will be better.

  7. "Whitney" as a lead in to "Comunnity" seems weird considering the target audiences, but I'll take however much more of the latter I can get.

  8. The odds are that something that is new will succeed enough to get a 2nd season. I can't see every single new show failing.

    In any given season, there's a "Grimm" that surprises everyone.

    The question is, "which one is this season's 'Grimm'?"

  9. cant ppl leave community alone ?
    what is the matter with these ppl and good shows ?

    1. Well... they renewed it. I mean, at least that happened.