18 July, 2012

Review - COVERT AFFAIRS 3.02: 'Sound and Vision'

When Auggie and Annie are sent on a mission together, things get all kinds of dramatic and, not surprisingly, pretty great.

I don't know why the writers of the show haven't just done it already. You know, the thing they should have done a while ago.

Put Auggie and Annie together for good.

I don't mean as a romantic couple. I mean as partners. Because the episodes where they are working closely together tend to be the best ones.

Sure, the will-they-won't-they element of their relationship amps things up, since we know she has deep feelings for him, but that stuff can easily be left to another season. The show doesn't really need them to be together as a couple anyway when it is probably more fun to see them working together.

And it works because we know they love each other as friends. We believe that Annie runs to help Auggie, even though he is a capable spy, because she can't stand the thought of losing him. He thinks it is about her not having confidence in his abilities due to his blindness but the audience knows the truth.

The episode as a whole works even apart from the Auggie and Annie relationship because it is very well structured and paced, plus the story feels like it could very well be part of a real world covert operations mission. Also, these characters are dealing with a death from the previous episode that shapes their decisions, and the audience believes in these decisions because THEY MAKE SENSE (hello TV writers in general!).

Auggie is rushing into a proposal because life is short for a spy? Check. We get it. Annie lets a mission essential element be taken because she doesn't want to lose her best friend? Of course. That's what we would do too. The two operations bosses have competing interests, one more conservative, the other more liberal, and those interests conflict with some mission goals? I believe it because the show sticks with character development instead of conveniently moving the pieces on the chessboard to fit some wacky agenda of the writer-of-the-week. Even the bit with Annie's sister and her need to piece things together works because one would expect her to wonder about such things.

It is as if the writers didn't miss anything that needed to be covered. There's even an excellent, if short, fight in an elevator that isn't made any more dramatic or action packed than it needs to be since the stakes are already high enough due to Auggie's blindness and the need for Annie to be his eyes.

Not to mention the fact that Annie shoots a gun! And not in the air. That was pretty badass.

If I had to rate this episode, and a half-naked girl testing my blindness demands I do, then I'd give it:

93 out of 100

Excellent episode. Currently the best show on USA and arguably the best written spy show on TV.


  1. So you really like this show.

    I'm somewhat surprised that you like it as well as you do.

    Maybe i should start watching it.

    1. I really like it when it is good. It is not always good. But it isn't like the pile of shit that is BURN NOTICE!!!!

  2. I would have to say that Homeland is the best spy show right now.

    1. I should have clarified... ON RIGHT NOW. :)

  3. Thanks for randomly doing one review of this show haha, because I never paid any attention to it at all before you wrote this, and now I've watched 3 eps this season and they were all pretty good. Now I'm thinking I'll fill in the blanks on the other eps from this season (the ones I've seen are 1, 2, and 8, not in that order). ;-)

    1. I think this season has been their best. The earlier stuff is good too but this season has had more weight to it.

    2. Cool yeah I haven't seen anything from the first couple seasons, but I've seen a lot of peeps on the internet saying that this has been kind of a breakout season for them.

      I always assumed the show was kind of an Alias ripoff when it first started, and the fact that the main character's last name is Walker turned me off too, since we already have a badass Agent Walker out there haha. But now I'm realizing that was maybe a dumb assumption, since the only real similarities to Alias are the chick spy and the will-they-won't-they vibe with a dude she works with. Other than that it's waay more down to earth and less wacky/fantastical than either Alias or Chuck haha.

      Anyway good for them, it's kinda nice to see a series that improves as it goes, rather than bursting out of the starting gate and then sputtering out after like season 2 haha.

    3. I think that is what attracts me most to the show, especially this season. The down-to-earth nature of it. They aren't going for flash. They're not trying to blow you away with how dumb-cool the missions are or the personal relationships are etc. They mostly play things pretty straight. People do what they would do. Things play out realistically (for the most part). And the writers and actors take shit seriously.