29 May, 2012

Chuck 91 - 1.06: Chuck Versus The Sandworm

In the show’s sixth episode Halloween comes to the Buy More for the first time, and Chuck learns a hard lesson about the spy world.

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Now, for episode 6 of 91:


Scene 1
A young, nerdy looking guy, carrying a laptop is seen breaking out of what appears to be a secure, underground bunker. He takes out a federal agent along the way and after bursting through the door he realizes he’s on a deserted coastal highway.

Scene 2
An irate female customer approaches Chuck at the Nerd Herd Desk
Customer: Excuse me! Is there a trick to getting some help around here?
Chuck: (smiling politely) Other than being charming and beautiful; no mam.
Customer: (holding up two digital camera boxes) I need to know which of these to buy: the 3000Z or the 3000ZX.
Chuck: Excellent question; uhh you need to talk to one of our green shirts about that. I can actually call one to assist you; I’m not a salesman, I’m actually part of the Nerd Herd.
Customer: You must be soooo proud of yourself.
The customer walks away angrily
Chuck: I wouldn’t go so far as to say proud....
After the customer walks away Chuck notices there are no green shirts working the sales floor and the other customers are all looking for help.

Scene 3
Hearing noise in the hallway Chuck walks back toward the break room where all of the Buy More employees have gathered
Buy More Employees Chanting: Mys-tery Cris-per! Mys-tery Cris-per! Mys-tery Cris-per!
Chuck: Guys, guys, sorry to break up this..
Lester: You want in it’s gonna cost you five bucks.
Chuck: What’s going on?
Morgan is standing in the middle of the break room shirtless and wearing a Samurai bandanna.
Morgan: The final round. Mystery Crisper.
We see a shot of Jeff opening the dingy looking break room fridge.
Jeff: The Great Crisper: where employee food goes to die.
Lester: Put the shield down.
Morgan pulls down the Samurai bandanna over his eyes as a blindfold.
Chuck: Guys, there’s gonna be a riot on the sales floor if you don’t get back to work.
Morgan proceeds to pull a random container out of “The Great Crisper”. Jeff opens the container.
Lester: He wants his weapon.
Jeff hands Morgan a spoon. Morgan eats a glob of disgusting looking green goo from the container. The employees cheer him on.
Anna: (dreamily) Morgan is sooo awesome! He can eat anything!
Big Mike bursts into the break room and everyone disbands. Big Mike asks Chuck to come to his office. Along the way Harry Tang taunts Chuck about getting the Assistant Manager promotion.

Scene 4
Chuck walks into Big Mike’s office.
Big Mike: Get in here Bartowski!
Chuck: Yes sir.
Big Mike: Tell me; what’s the best part of being Buy More brass?
Chuck: The power... the money... the ladies?
Big Mike: The medical. I couldn’t give a rodent’s behind about this job; but this, my body, is my temple and I must treat it as such.
Chuck: Is that... is that all sir? Cause I really should get back to work...
Chuck: Ok
Big Mike: There’s a guy coming in here from corporate to interview you and Tang for the assistant manager’s spot. Now, Tang has the charm of a prostate exam; for some reason people seem to like you. If the HR guy likes you the job is yours, so is the medical. Don’t screw up.
Chuck: I’ll uh, I’ll do my best.
Big Mike: Make sure Morgan does his best too. That kid is gonna be the anchor around your neck Bartowski.

Scene 5
Chuck enters the apartment and finds Ellie decorating for the annual Halloween party.
Chuck: Huh, well we don’t have enough actual cobwebs already.
Ellie: I’m just getting ready for our annual Halloween party. What time are you uh, getting here?
Chuck: Oh you know what, I might be late. They finally scheduled that promotional interview thing for that afternoon.
Ellie: Well we can just make it an assistant manager party too then.
Chuck: Sure, yeah, if you feel like jinxing it.
Ellie: You’re just finally growing up aren’t you? (Ellie jokingly grabs Chuck’s cheeks like a little kid) Do you think that this year would be a good time for you and Morgan to have separate costumes?
Chuck: Excuse me, but what’s wrong with our costume?
Ellie: Uh I’m sorry, but the whole two-man sea cucumber thing is kind of creepy.
Chuck: First of all, it’s a sandworm ok; Shai-Hulud to be specific. And second of all; Dune fans have been going nuts over our costume since the 8th Grade.
Awesome enters the living room wearing his costume: a pair of nude boxer briefs with a decorative leaf attached to the front.
Awesome: Chuckster, guess what I am?
Chuck: You’re... naked?
Awesome: I’m Adam, you know, like Adam and Eve, Adam. Wait till you see my snake.
Chuck: I don’t wanna...I don’t wanna see your snake.
The three discuss Chuck’s upcoming interview before he gets a call from Big Mike instructing him to go find Morgan, who is supposed to be working a double shift.

Scene 6
Chuck finds Morgan at the Pier playing video games against the younger nerdy guy we saw earlier breaking out of the government bunker. Chuck flashes on the guy and realizes he is a wanted man named Lazslo Mahnovski. Lazslo sees Chuck’s watch, which he built for the CIA, and thinks Chuck is an agent sent to retrieve him and runs away.

Scene 7
Chuck returns to his apartment looking for Sarah. Ellie and Awesome are hanging out on the couch in the living room.
Chuck: (hurriedly) Hey... umm is Sarah here?
Awesome: She’s waiting in your room.
Ellie: Is everything ok?
Awesome: Said she had a surprise for you. Get in there slugger.

Scene 8
Chuck finds Sarah waiting in his bedroom.
Chuck: Hey, who is this Lazslo character? He just id’ed me as an agent.
Sarah: Relax, we’re looking into him, and you did the right thing.
Chuck: I did.. I didn’t DO anything; I just flashed on the guy!
Sarah: You followed protocol and I’m gonna check in with you first thing in the morning.
Sarah goes to walk toward the door, but Chuck stops her.
Chuck: Wait, wait, hold on. Look, if it’s cool with you, could you hang out for a little while?
Sarah looks at Chuck wondering about his request.
Chuck: Look Awesome and Ellie think that I’m kind of.. getting lucky in here, and I wouldn’t wanna disappoint...
Off Sarah’s surprised look.
Sarah: Oh, ummm... a..how long do you..want me to stay?
Chuck: 42 minutes and 15 seconds.
Sarah looks surprised at Chuck’s response
Chuck: Arcade Fire’s first album; it’s like an auditory aphrodisiac; (off Sarah’s look); you’re not really ready for it yet.
Chuck puts on “The Weight of the World” by Editors instead and they sit on the bed awkwardly.
Chuck: Why were you waiting for me in my room anyway?
Sarah: Well...I wanted..to surprise you.
Sarah picks up a picture in a frame that she left on Chuck’s nightstand.
Sarah: Uhh it’s, it’s us at Comic Con, what do you think?
The picture is a doctored photo of Chuck and Sarah at Comic Con dressed as Han and Leia from Star Wars.
Chuck: It’s, it’s great!...but we’ve never actually been to Comic Con.. have we...wow we actually.. look like a real couple...
Sarah: Well we are a real couple; we’re.. just a different sort of couple.
Chuck: That we are.

Scene 9
Chuck is in the break room making himself coffee when Casey enters; clearly angry.
Casey: You! What do I have to do to get timely intel outta you Bartowski.
Chuck: Look, I briefed Sarah last night, alright.
Casey: Ohhh, I’ll bet you did slugger.
Chuck: I thought we were all supposed to be part of the same team here huh; Team Chuck.
Casey: We are, but I’m starting to feel like the guy who always gets picked last, and I don’t like feeling like Team Chuck’s little fat kid.
Chuck: Ok, you know what? The next time I have a flash I’ll come straight to you Casey.
Casey and Chuck discuss what he told Laszlo and Casey yells at Chuck for compromising his own identity and Sarah’s.

Scene 10
Back on the Buy More sales floor Chuck catches Morgan trying to sell a video camera to some young boys by videotaping an attractive woman in the store. Chuck and Morgan fight about Morgan being immature and Morgan walks off. Jeff and Lester however, applaud Chuck for acting like an assistant manager should.

Scene 11
Casey uses the Home Theater Room to have a conference with General Beckman. Beckman reveals that Lazslo is a prodigy, and an NSA weapons engineer who escaped from a secret facility; and that he killed two of his handlers. She orders Casey to bring Lazslo in.

Scene 12
A man in a clown mask jumps out and suprises Chuck in the Buy More parking lot.
Chuck: Oh ha ha, nice try buddy, but a Halloween’s tomorrow ok.
The man pulls out a gun
Chuck: (hurriedly) Or today; or today; it could be today if you want it to be today!
The man pulls off the mask and we see that it’s Lazslo
Lazslo: I didn’t kill anybody!
Chuck: Look, I...I.. I never said you did.
Lazslo: Then why am I on the FBI list?
Chuck: I don’t know, just calm down.
Lazslo: I was framed ok! You have to believe me; I am not a murderer!
Chuck: Ok, ok I believe you, but FYI you’re kind of acting like a murderer.
Lazslo tells Chuck that he knows Chuck told Casey about him because he hacked into the Buy More Home Theater Room feed which he helped design. While Lazslo is temporarily distracted Chuck tries to wrestle the gun away from him, but ends up pinned on the hood of the Nerd Herder.
Chuck: Is that a water gun?
Lazslo: NO!
Chuck: I’m pretty sure it’s dripping on my face.
Lazslo lets Chuck up
Laszlo: I’m sorry. Name’s Lazslo, and I need help.
Chuck: What the hell am I supposed to do?
Lazslo: You’re on the inside. You have access. Unless you help me clear my name, they’re gonna keep chasing me. You’re my only hope. But first....I could really use some pancakes.

Scene 13
Ellie and Awesome enter the courtyard and see Morgan sitting by himself on the fountain. They ask about Chuck and Morgan tells them Chuck is probably off doing something “mature”. Awesome suggests they help Morgan out.

Scene 14
Chuck and Lazslo are having pancakes at the Continental Hut of Hotcakes
Chuck: What else did you make for the CIA?
Lazslo: Whatever the jobs called for actually. I mean if an agent wanted thermal vision Ray Bands or he wanted a parachute disguised as a backpack, I’m the guy they called.
Chuck: You’re like a real life Q!
Lazslo looks confused
Chuck:.. you know
Lazslo still looks confused
Chuck: You know Q? The guy who used to make all the gadgets for Bond? Q?
Lazslo: Bond was that spy guy.. right?
Chuck: What have they been keeping you in a friggin cave?
Lazslo: Underground lab actually. For the last ten years; all I did was work in that lab pretty much... well that and play videogames. But a... no friends; no family...
Chuck: No Bond; no wonder you blew up all of your research and busted out of there; that’s just inhumane.
Lazslo: So what kind of work do you do?
Chuck: You know it’s kinda... it’s kinda...uh complicated.
Lazslo: Right, but you gotta be some kind of a genius? A prodigy? I mean the feds don’t bother recruiting somebody; guarding them with undercover agents; unless you’re super good at... something. What are you super good at?
Chuck: Let’s just say... I’m a... computer guy.

Scene 15
Morgan is pacing in the living room while Ellie is sitting on the couch.
Morgan: Ellie, let me ask you a question. Am I the kind of person you would categorize as immature?
Ellie: Do you really want me to answer that?
Morgan: Yes, be straight with me; fire away, both barrels
Awesome walks in and saves Ellie from having to answer Morgan
Awesome: Would you mind stepping in the kitchen for a moment Morgan.
Awesome actually takes Morgan back to the bedroom
Morgan: Ellie’s room (inhaling deeply and exhaling).. wow
Awesome: There comes a time in every man’s life when he reaches....well a crossroads. A time when he must ask himself: am I a tucker? I’m talking about your shirt Morgan. I wasn’t always a tucker ya know; then one day; it just happened.
Morgan: How do you know it’s time?
Awesome: Just feel it. Go ahead tuck ‘er in; see how she feels.
Morgan: I dunno; nah, I’m..I’m just kinda happy with how my shirts.. hang there..
Awesome: Come on; you’re safe in here.
Morgan: ah....
Awesome: Go ahead.
Morgan: I... if I’m
Awesome: Do it!
Morgan tucks his shirt in
Awesome: mmmhmm
Morgan: I dunno... I kinda feel like...like my junk’s out there for the whole world to see.
Awesome: Maybe that’s the point Morgan, maybe that’s the point.

Scene 16
Back in the living room Morgan and Awesome continue to discuss how to be a man and Awesome tells Morgan that a man always speaks his mind, and also instructs Morgan on how to use hair product. We also see them back in the bedroom where Morgan is looking at himself in the mirror with his now newly tucked in shirt.

Scene 17
At the pancake house Chuck and Lazslo discuss how Lazslo was recruited as a child because an agent saw him playing Tetris in an arcade at the pier when he was younger. Lazslo tells Chuck if he could do things over, he would never have gone to the pier that day. As they get the check Lazslo asks Chuck to pay and gives him a doodle he has been drawing on a napkin as an IOU. Laszlo also tells Chuck he can’t trust his handlers.

Scene 18
Because of what Lazslo told him Chuck returns to his apartment and starts looking for listening devices and surveillance equipment. He finds several throughout the apartment. Chuck looks around his room and sees the Comic Con picture Sarah gave him earlier. He opens up the back of the frame and finds a bug in it.

Scene 19
Chuck, upset over finding the bugs, goes over to Casey’s apartment to confront him.
Chuck: (holding up the bugs) What the hell are these?
Casey: Seems you already know Chuck.
Chuck: I can’t believe you’ve been prying into my most intimate moment...you know what I swear to God if I find out you’ve been spying on my sister; I will kill you Casey!
Casey: Intimate moments...not really an issue thus far, at least not in the sense of traditional, two-person intimacy.
Chuck: (mockingly) eh he he he! Do you have any idea how violated I feel right now?
Casey: You feel violated? No, no, no, my ears feel violated; cause they have to listen to you and that moron Morgan yammering on for four hours about what sandwich you’re gonna take if you’re stranded on a deserted island.
Chuck: What? Are you nuts!?!? Nobody was talking about sandwiches for four hours, come on...
Casey plays a recording of Chuck and Morgan discussing what sandwich they would take on a desert island. Chuck is telling Morgan that mayonnaise won’t fare well in the tropics.
Chuck: Well I’ll have you know I stand by my mayonnaise theory; and you’re still a giant douche for spying on me like that.
Casey: Well if it’s any comfort Chuck, we planted those bugs to protect you. How did you find the surveillance anyway?
Chuck: Oh, a little birdie named Lazslo told me.
Casey: What? You contacted Lazslo and didn’t tell me?
Chuck: (angrily) I’m sorry Casey, did I violate your trust?

Scene 20
Sarah is clearing tables at the Weinerlicious. The agent we saw earlier from the bunker walks in. Sarah is suspicious and goes for a knife that she has tucked away thinking the agent is a threat.
Sarah: Willkommen to Weinerlicious! I’m sorry but we’re geschlossen; and that’s German for closed.
The Agent displays a CIA badge.
Agent: That’s really adorable. Nice cover Agent Walker; you have a sec?

Scene 21
Chuck returns to his room and Lazslo is waiting for him there. Lazslo asks Chuck what he told his handlers and Chuck says he told them Lazslo was innocent. Lazslo is upset with Chuck for telling anyone about him and asks for Chuck’s help to hide out someplace. Chuck tells him he knows of a place he can hide.

Scene 22
Sarah is talking with the Agent at the Weinerlicious and looking at a file on Lazslo
Sarah: So this kid just escaped?
Agent: Look we tried everything we could to prevent this whole thing from happening.
Sarah: And what exactly is ..this?
Agent: A mentally unstable weapons designer, off his meds, and currently running around Los Angeles.
Sarah: Right, and how do you know all of this?
Agent: Lazslo was my asset. I was the one who found him; I was the one who trained him, and I’m definitely the one who’s gonna be bringing him back. Look, I’m just gonna be completely straight with you, Walker; we believe that he’s looking to make a bomb, and God help whoever’s in his way when Lazslo decides to go off.

Scene 23
Chuck has taken Lazslo to the Buy More to hide out for the night

Scene 24
In the Home Theater Room, Chuck is helping Lazslo set up to stay the night
Lazslo: This is great! I’ll be out before you guys open, and if everything works out: you will never see me again! Thank you Chuck, for everything, I..I really appreciate it.
Chuck: Yeah, definitely, good luck...disappearing Lazslo.
Lazslo: Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, I kinda helped myself to the whole a.... “Le Bond Oeuvre”
Chuck: Ahhh, check you out! What, a...“A View to a Kill” ,that.. that’s a bold choice.
Lazslo: Why? Is it a good one?
Chuck: Oh dude, Christopher Walken playing some evil Nazi villain, and Grace Jones as some roid-raged, sex assassin. I think actually, on second thought, I’m gonna stay for the beginning.
As they sit down to watch the movie Chuck gets a call from Sarah on his cell. Lazslo tells him he can’t answer it, otherwise the government will know his location. Chuck declines the call and Lazslo also asks Chuck for his watch, which Lazslo destroys; becasue of the transponder. Lazslo tells Chuck he also broke into Chuck’s Nerd Herder and disabled the GPS tracker, so no one in the world knows where they are right now.

Scene 25
Sarah, knowing Lazslo’s plan, is driving and trying to reach Chuck on his cell. She leaves him a voicemail telling him to go to his car; lock the doors; and wait for her to get there.

Scene 26
Back inside the Home Theater Room; Chuck and Lazslo have finished the movie.
Chuck: What did I tell ya! Max Zorn is one of the greatest bad guys of all time.
Lazslo: You think Walken was the bad guy?
Chuck: (laughing) What are you kidding? I mean; he did try to sink California into the Pacific Ocean; what do you think?
Lazslo: Don’t you get it Chuck! Zorn is like us! The Nazis used him for his superior gifts the way our government uses me and you!
Chuck: I don’t...
Lazslo: Too bad Zorn didn’t have this home theater system. Screw flooding Silicon Valley! Do you know what we can do with this system if we really wanted to Chuck?
Chuck: ...watch more movies?
Lazslo: I haven’t gotten a chance to play with this bad boy since I designed it.
Lazslo pulls up a satellite feed and some other information on the screen using the remote
Chuck: What is that?
Lazslo: Strategic Air Command. They keep a fleet of B2s in Guam, kept on nuclear alert, just in case.
Lazslo activates the fleet of B2s
Chuck: What are you doing?
Lazslo: Putting my tax dollars to work Chuck! Would you like to play a nice game of thermonuclear war! How bout Texas? What did Texas ever do that was so great!
Lazslo puts in the coordinates for Texas
Lazslo: 9 hours, maybe we should pick somewhere closer. In honor of Max Zorn; let’s see how fast they get to San Francisco.
Lazslo modifies the coordinates
Chuck: (hurriedly) Hey, hey, hey..um..uh. what about.. uh.. let’s watch “Goldfinger” huh?
Lazslo: What’s it about?
Chuck: A.. again..it’s..it’s about this bad, misunderstood, guy who..just wants to blow up the world. It’s right up your alley, I think you’ll really like it.
Lazslo: We can always play later.
Lazslo terminates the orders to the B2s
Chuck: We can! We can play bom..bom..bomb..thing later. I’m gonna go get us some more popcorn, so why don’t you..you go ahead and start without me and I’m, I’m gonna be right back.

Scene 27
Outside the Home Theater Room Chuck checks his phone and he has 34 new voicemails. Most of them are from Casey threatening Chuck if he doesn’t call him back. Chuck goes through them until he finally hears the one from Sarah instructing him to go to his car and wait for her.

Scene 28
Chuck runs out the front of the Buy More and gets into his car, locking the doors. Unfortunately, Lazslo is already in the car. Lazslo asks Chuck who called him and Chuck reveals that it was Sarah. Lazslo tells him he shouldn’t have done that. Sarah and Casey also show up with Lazslo’s handler. Lazslo escapes, with Chuck in the car, by activating a secret steering wheel on the passenger side of the Nerd Herder.

Scene 29
Sarah, Casey and Lazslo’s handler chase after the Nerd Herder. Chuck also tries to get control of the Nerd Herder from Lazslo. Eventually, Lazslo activates a button on the steering wheel which ejects Chuck’s seat from the Nerd Herder. Chuck is unharmed and Lazslo takes off in the Nerd Herder.

Scene 30
The next morning at the apartment Sarah enters Chuck’s room. Chuck is putting on a tie; getting ready for the Assistant Manager interview at the Buy More.
Sarah: Hey, you look nice.
Chuck: Thanks, I feel like crap. I screwed up; I severely pooched the Lazslo situation last night.
Sarah: (straightening Chuck’s tie) Yeah,well...today you have a job interview.
Chuck: Do you...do you think I care about making lower management at a Buy More!?!
Chuck sits down on his bed
Chuck: Are you kidding me!?! I aided and abetted the escape of the next Ted Kaczynski Sarah!
Sarah sits down in the chair across from Chuck.
Chuck: I just..I can’t believe that I was so wrong about that guy. No wonder you bugged my room; I’m an absolute idiot.
Sarah sees the Comic Con picture and the frame she gave Chuck in the trashcan, realizing Chuck figured out what she did.
Sarah: You know..just because you trust people; it doesn’t make you an idiot.
Chuck: Yeah well, I should’ve trusted you guys a little more. (looking sincerely at Sarah) I’m sorry.
Sarah: Well..Casey got a signal on your car. Somehow the GPS got turned back on and Lazslo is heading east. (comfortingly) So I’ll call you from the road, and don’t worry, we’re gonna bring him in Chuck. Good luck today.

Scene 31
Morgan walks into the Buy More dressed professionally in a tie and vest. Big Mike, dressed as a pimp, thinks the outfit is a Halloween costume, but Morgan tells him it’s not. Jeff and Lester also ask Morgan if he’s up for a Holiday edition of Mystery Crisper, and he declines. Chuck also asks Morgan about his outfit, but Morgan is still upset with Chuck and tells him that he’s not the only one concerned about looking professional, as he walks away.

Scene 32
Chuck is swiping his ID over by the Nerd Herd desk when Harry Tang, dressed as a cowboy, surprises Chuck causing him to drop his wallet. Tang taunts Chuck about the interview before walking away. When Chuck picks up his wallet he sees the doodle that Lazslo gave him as an IOU. Chuck flashes on the design and realizes it is the layout of the Santa Monica Pier.

Scene 33
Chuck is heading out of the Buy More while talking to Sarah on the phone. He tells her that Lazslo is headed to the pier. Chuck tells her that he thinks Lazslo wants to blow up the pier since that’s where he was recruited and that there is a big Halloween party there every year. As he is heading out Chuck runs into Big Mike.
Big Mike: Where do you think you’re going!?!
Chuck: Um...hey Big Mike, can I, can I borrow another Herder.
Big Mike: All the Herders are out. You’ve got an interview this afternoon or did you forget?
Chuck: No..I..I just..something came up.
Big Mike: Is that something more important than being assistant manager? Is it more important than handing over your promotion to Tang? Please Chuck, is it more important than Big Mike’s relaxation?
Chuck: Look Big Mike, there are just some things in life that are more important than the Buy More.
Chuck runs out the front door
Big Mike: You mean like fishing and danish?

Scene 34
Chuck is looking around the front of the Buy More and he spots Morgan’s bike on the bike rack. He takes it and rides off.

Scene 35
The HR guy from Buy More corporate is looking for Chuck
HR Guy: Bartowski?
He looks around and sees Morgan nearby
HR Guy: Excuse me, you, in the Gordon Gecko costume, have you seen Chuck Bartowski? It’s time for his interview.
Morgan: Nah, I actually don’t know where Chuck’s been keeping himself these days. Sor..Sorry.
Tang: I guess your boyfriend just couldn’t take the heat huh?
Tang is standing behind Morgan
Morgan: I’m sure he’s got a perfectly good excuse.
Tang: Sure he does. First, Chuck bails on you and your stupid space penis costume, and then he doesn’t even have the stones to show up for his interview. What a loser, even by your standards. If I were you, I’d start interviewing for a new best friend...Mm..Mm..Morgan.
Morgan: Let me ask you something? What do you know about Chuck Bartowski?
Morgan flips Tang’s cowboy hat as a joke as he walks away

Scene 36
Morgan walks into the office the HR guy is using for interviews.
HR Guy: You’re not Bartowski.
Morgan: Actually, I.. I’m here to interview on my friend’s behalf.
HR Guy: Look...
Morgan: Please, please just hear me out ok. I know that the virtues that make for a good Buy More manager are the same virtues that make for a best friend. Now, Chuck and I may have our differences, but I can tell ya this about him:
As Morgan is listing Chuck’s virtues we see shots of Chuck racing on the bike to get to the Santa Monica Pier.
Morgan: Chuck is..is brave. Chuck is loyal. You know Chuck can quote “Wrath of Khan” word for word. And Chuck is courageous. Chuck’s got a wicked vinyl collection. And..Chuck has the wisdom to not eat garbage from the break room crisper. If you want my open, and honest, and direct opinion; the best man for this job, is a man by the name of Chuck Bartowski.
Morgan gets up to shake the hand of the interviewer.
HR Guy: Some speech. Chuck Bartowski sounds like a..hell of a guy. When he comes in tomorrow; he’ll be working for one, Harold Tiberius Tang. God help you all.

Scene 37
Chuck arrives at the pier and finds the Nerd Herder parked underneath it, along with Lazslo. Lazslo has set up the self destruct function on the car and he tosses the keys to Chuck, who arms the bomb accidentally when he catches them. Lazslo tells Chuck what he just did and that he wants to punish the government for recruiting him when he was a kid.

Scene 38
Casey and Sarah have arrived on the pier above. Casey calls Chuck and tells him that someone armed the Nerd Herder to self destruct. Chuck says that he armed the bomb.

Scene 39
Chuck and Lazslo are underneath the pier. The bomb on the Nerd Herder is ticking.
Chuck: Disarm the bomb right now!
Lazslo: You disarm the bomb!
Chuck: How?!
Lazslo: It’s easy; (Lazslo pulls out a pair of wire cutters and hands them to Chuck) cut the wire.
Chuck: Which one?
Lazslo: The red one.
Chuck hesitates.
Lazslo: (loudly) You gotta cut a wire Chuck!
Chuck: Would you stop! What if I cut both of them?
Lazslo: Oh, like Sean Connery at the end of “Goldfinger”.
Chuck: What did you just say?
Lazslo: (loudly)Cut the wire Chuck!
Chuck: The other night you said you’d never seen “Goldfinger”, so how would you know what Bond does at the end of the movie?
Lazslo: (yelling) Cut the wire or we’re dead!
Chuck: You lied to me Lazslo! You knew I’d believe you, when you said you just wanted to live a normal..peaceful life. And you knew that I’d believe you about cutting the wire, but you were wrong Lazlso.
Sarah: Chuck!
Sarah and Casey show up and run toward the Nerd Herder, guns drawn.
Chuck: Wait! Wait! Stay back!
Lazslo: (screaming angrily) Cut the red wire Chuck!
Chuck instead cuts the green wire which disarms the bomb. Sarah and Casey arrest Lazslo.

Scene 40
Chuck returns to the Buy More looking disheveled. Tang informs Chuck that he got the job. Anna Wu also tells Chuck that Morgan tried to talk the HR guy into giving the job to Chuck and that someone stole Morgan’s bike. Chuck realizes what he did and runs off.

Scene 41
Ellie and Awesome’s Halloween party is going on. We see Morgan waiting inside with the Sandworm costume and another shot of Chuck riding home on the bike. Chuck rushes through the courtyard looking for Morgan and then finds him inside. They see each other across the room as Chuck comes through the door.
Morgan: I didn’t think you were coming.
Chuck: I’m sorry, I got held up. Morgan, I think you should be the head this year.
Morgan: Really, I...

Scene 42
Chuck and Morgan parade the Sandworm costume around the courtyard at the party. Ellie stops them to ask Chuck if he got the Assistant Manager position.
Chuck: Uh..the short version is that I didn’t get the job.
Ellie: What?!?!
Chuck: I..I kinda skipped out on the interview
Ellie is about to respond when...
Sarah: (off camera) It..was my fault.
Sarah appears wearing the Princess Leia slave girl outfit from the fake Comic Con picture.
Morgan: (seeing Sarah) Heelllooo.
Sarah: (to Ellie) I had a.. I had a personal emergency, and Chuck really came through. (smiling at Chuck) He probably won’t admit it but your brother is kind of a hero.
Chuck: (To Ellie and Sarah) Would you excuse us.
Chuck and Morgan converse inside the Sandworm costume.
Chuck: Hey buddy..you mind if we take a little five minute break?
Morgan: Are you kidding me? Take ten if you need it.

Scene 43
Sarah and Chuck walk into Chuck’s bedroom.
Chuck: So..a.. where’d you get the costume?
Sarah: Well, the CIA can make anything.
Sarah walks around the bed and pulls a camera out of her purse
Chuck: What are you..what are you doing?
Sarah stands next to Chuck and holds the camera out in front of them
Sarah: Uhh..smile. (nudging Chuck)..smile
She takes a picture of her and Chuck together
Sarah: (sincerely) I uh..I wanted to give you a new photo of us, and I figured that it should be something...real.
Morgan: Chuck!
Morgan appears at the window behind Chuck and Sarah. The crowd is chanting.
Morgan: They’re calling for the worm bro.
Sarah: I’ll uh..I’ll see you outside.
Sarah leaves Morgan and Chuck alone. Morgan sits on the window and Chuck pulls up a chair next to him.
Morgan: What are you guys uh..what are you guys talking about?
Chuck: Oh nothing, just uh...you know...Sarah was just telling me, (loudly, because he knows Casey is listening) that if she were stranded on a desert island, she would bring roast beef.
Morgan: She didn’t say roast beef.

Scene 44
We see Casey next door in his apartment listening to Chuck and Morgan’s conversation.
Chuck: Oh she totally..she completely... she completely said roast beef.
Morgan: That is terrible, ah that’s a terrible sandwich, that’s terrible. You know she’s..she’s smart; she’s sexy, and kudos on the costume, looked fantastic, but who brings roast beef to a deserted island? That’s a terrible choice. (jokingly) You know what? You gotta dump her.


This episode sets up two important themes that would come up throughout the series later on: Chuck’s trusting nature; and his friendship with Morgan. Lazslo is the first bad guy Chuck encounters that he can really empathize with, and the episode demonstrates how easily Chuck’s trust can be taken advantage of. But as Sarah hints at; it’s also one of the things that separates Chuck from the traditional spy world. The B story revolving around the Sandworm costume is one of the first times the Chuck/Morgan friendship is tested, and it established the depth of Chuck’s loyalty and devotion to his long-time friend. The episode is also packed with some great nerd references from Dune to Star Wars (and Star Trek).


  1. I appreciate all your work this month and prior efforts relating to CHUCK. It is a great show. I really hope that we'll see some follow up movie/tv show in the not too distant future.
    Upon rewatching the episodes I noticed maybe a small mistake? In S1Ep4 Chuck asks Sarah for her real name. She mumbles her middle name (Lisa) after he appears to be out of earshot. Later in S2Ep16 he flips the Tron poster around and its written next to Sarah "Lisa is her middle name or is it?"

    1. You must not have frequented forums or any other discussion board circa 2.16. :)

      It was discussed to death for months.

      Yes, it makes no sense. There is no way he could have heard that, especially while messing around with a bag.

    2. What can I say, I came late to the party. Maybe you can answer this as well. The ninja (obviously a dude) stealing the computer turned out to be Sarah? Was that initially suppose to be Awesome as a badguy. I heard some commentation about it on the Season 5 disc but it was confusing.

    3. I haven't listened to the commentary but as far as I know, Awesome was supposed to turn out to be a bad guy but not in episode 1. If there is new information on that, then I haven't heard it.

  2. This was a really good episode. It showed Chuck the other side of the spy world. The Chuck and Morgan friendship was great to see, the part when they run across the room to each other was priceless. It showed the continued progress of Chuck and Sarah, with the fake picture and then Sarah wanting to take a real picture. Btw who else loved Sarah in the slave Leia costume, just saying. Also to comment on the whole Captain Awesome as a villain situation, i think Schwartz said that he was supposed to be an enemy spy but he was so well received by the fans that they decided to scrap the idea. Or at least that's what i remember hearing. Great article, i don't know if this is the last thing you are doing for Chuck month but if it is thank you for doing this.

  3. I loved the foreshadowing that Chucks apartment had been bugged especially when casey called him slugger and said he bet Chuck had already informed Sarah. I thought it was really cute how Sarah had basically viewed their relationship as real but different. That turned out to be more true than we would ever know at the time because (while it is disputed by HGF if she loved him then) she had feelings for him that she had not had for another man so that was kind of cute that Sarah never thought their relationship to be fake even though they were not having sex. throughout the first two seasons every time Chuck questioned Sarah about where their relationship was going she never said it is fake but that they were taking it slowly, it is actually very romantic and quite heartbreaking at the same time...poor Sarah...this was just as tough for her.

    1. But then she had sex with shaw and then Chuck and all was good in the world. Fedak...what a moron.

    2. "But then she had sex with shaw and then Chuck and all was good in the world."

      You somehow left out that Chuck banged Lou, Jill, and Hannah... chauvinist pig!

    3. did he bang Lou? Sarah banged Bryce and Shaw and Chuck banged Jill and Hannah so lets call it a draw...but Sarah banged all those marks as an agent so....hmmmm.

      Lets say Chuck and Sarah only made love to each other....

    4. He banged the poo out of Lou.

      Sarah didn't bang Bryce at any point while the show was running. Sorry.

      When did Sarah bang a mark? When did you see it?

      Stop being a chauvinist pig!

      The only thing that counts is what happened once Chuck and Sarah met each other. Chuck banged 3 chicks. Sarah banged 1 dude.

      Chuck's a slut.

    5. I have no problem with Sarah sleeping with a hundred guys or if Chuck slept with a hundred women, my first point was that Fedak was a moron for actually doing a PLI in season 3. As your great friend Jess said it ruined Shaw.

      But did Chuck bang Lou? He woke up alone and was happy but it did not seem like he slept with her. Hannah was so obvious that he banged the fuck out of her (kudos to Chuck because Hannah was so sweet and smart and nice and classy and beautiful) and even Jill (Jill was so hawt..ahhhhh). It was never made clear that Sarah slept with Shaw since you never saw them naked together or whatever but it does not matter since you are right and no matter how it goes Chuck slept with more people than Sarah and Chuck was a slut.

      Chuck sleeping with Hannah was huge, I mean man if a guy can score a hot chick like Hannah then he can be with anyone...since she is hotter than Sarah ;) I think Fedak and Schwartz were going for that at the time....Chuck was finally Bryce or Cole.

    6. I had no problem with the PLI's as a concept. The only problem was that there was no chemistry between Yvonne and Brandon. That's not Fedak's fault. You should be blaming Zac for that one since he was the one who pushed for him.

      Though, the bigger problem with the PLI's was actually how Chuck treated Hannah after he banged her. That was fucked up and so out of character for him.

    7. I think an insider said Routh was not supposed to be a PLI and just a straight up good guy who turned bad added the PLI after he was hired. As a bad guy Routh was great, what he signed on for when he started he was good and a little funny it was only when Fedak decided to add this love interest bullshit that everything went wrong. So Zach may have pushed for him to be on the show as a good guy turned bad and to be fair to Zach he was good, i do not think it is Zachs fault that he failed at something he was not supposed to do that is Fedaks fault. But I guess based on the finale fedak is not really that smart when it comes to the human heart....idiot.

    8. Just spoke to my friend he said they panicked and called a meeting in the writers room because they did not feel the story without PLI's was compelling enough. As for how Chuck treated Hannah? Yeah that was just fucking awful the OC/Gossip Girl/Hart of Dixie shit. That was Josh Schwartz cheese through and through.

    9. "Just spoke to my friend he said they panicked and called a meeting in the writers room because they did not feel the story without PLI's was compelling enough."

      Yep. That's true... more or less. I mean, there is a lot more to that story but I feel like I've told it several times over the years so...

    10. So basically when he signed on there was no need to do the standard chemistry test. So Fedak fucked up, if he was going to go down that route he should have at least checked ....lazy fucking moron. But you are right....who gives a shit...that Fedak is a moron everyone knows that now.I feel sorry for Zach and Brandon, both got a lot of shit for that.

    11. Schwartz!!!!!!!

    12. I'd be surprised if Josh knew where the writers room was.

    13. Running a TV show is very difficult. The fact that it doesn't work perfectly 100% of the time or even 75% of the time doesn't make a showrunner a "moron", let alone a "fucking moron".

    14. Some things are obvious even the most incompetent of show runners can pick up on. Like every fan survey ever taken always saying that the number 1 reason they watch Chuck is Chuck and Sarah or a massive Subway campaign because fans love the show and love Chuvk and Sarah or that Brandon and Yvonne and had no fucking chemistry and fans love Chuck and Sarah or ..........we could go on forever. Fedak is a fucking moron not just a moron.

    15. You, Anonymous, are a moron if you think "fan surveys" are something showrunners--or anyone with intelligence--should pay attention to in order to produce a TV show.

      Maybe they should look to fan fiction for ideas as well. Moron.

    16. I never said that a show runner should base his material on surveys or fan fiction or whatever you moron. I said that it was not exactly rocket science that fans who watched Chuck...l.watched it for Chuck and Sarah and thus due attention and care needed to be taken...but Fedak thought it was great for Sarah to give her name to Shaw and basically a bunch of other shir like Chuck treating Hannah like a one night stand....hence he is a fucking moron.

    17. MediaSavant is definitely not a moron.

      Fedak is definitely not a moron.

  4. to me this is one of the best episode of Chuck from all 5 season

  5. Chuck only went back to Sarah when Lou told him, “Next time your hungry take it the Wienerliscious.”

    1. Chuck's a daug

    2. Chuck had already made up his mind about going back to Sarah when she used he Tongue to lick the back of his neck from the front. Yeah! So Chuck was always gonna go back.

    3. Chuck always went back to Sarah... once he was out of options.

    4. Lol, he always wanted Sarah, always, it was always going to be her choice...and in 3.13 she made it.

    5. So you are saying Sarah is a liar because she told him she was in love with him the moment she met him.

      Wait, if that is true and she was banging Shaw while she was in love with him, then that DOES make her a slut!

    6. What I meant is Chuck did not want to date Lou, Jill or Hannah...he wanted to date Sarah. Every time a new girl came he asked Sarah (truth, ex, mask) of there is a chance and she said no. If just once she said yes he would not have dated any of those girls Meant that Sarah was his first choice. But what you gonna do if the girl you want to date keeps rejecting you.

      That reminds me, why did Chuck (once they were in a relationship) ask about the truth serum revelation that she would never date him?

    7. Yeah Sarah. Talk your way out of that question.

    8. If you love the girl who keeps rejecting you, you keep fighting for her.

      And how do you know Chuck didn't ask her about that? You know this show almost never went back to show us discussions about the past that fans wanted to know about.

    9. Let's just say they both fucked up couple of times... or rather the writers... whatever.

      "If you love the girl who keeps rejecting you, you keep fighting for her."

      Very romantic, but not necessarily true. You try a certain amount of times, then you quit or it will eventually crush you.

    10. Any woman who can be replaced wasn't worth it.

    11. "If you love the girl who keeps rejecting you, you keep fighting for her."

      Heh no that is being creepy. If you love her you should respect her enough to move on if she asks you to. Geez.

      But having said that Sarah was trying to do the right thing in Truth. In fact I was kind of moved by it, I mean really she should have told him what he wanted to hear and seduced him and used his feelings to manipulate him like a good spy. But she didn't and that was sweet.

    12. The difference between creepy and romantic is how she feels about you.

      If you are being creepy, then she doesn't love you.

  6. "Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home."

    Hey Dr Beckett is it too much to ask for you to leap into Fedak's body sometime in 2009 and put right what once went wrong? Lol.

  7. Holy Shit that is fucking funny and since Sam Beckett never returned home we can assume that it is possible for him to Leap into Fedak. I can picture it now! Al telling Sam that he has leaped into the year 2009 into a mediocre Hollywood poseur called Chris Fedak who is about to make the biggest mistake and a career killer in that year and 2012! So Sam has to be Fedak for 3 years and sadly for him in the body and face of Fedak (ughh) and he has to right what went wrong or millions of people are going to be scarred for life. This could be Sam's toughest leap yet!