30 March, 2012

The Big Bang Theory 5.20 -- The Transporter Malfunction

I laughed a few times, I rolled my eyes a few times and I got annoyed a few times. Yup, another new episode of The Big Bang Theory!

Confession: even though I write for Geek Furious, I'm not a normal geek. I don't enjoy movies like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games or Avatar and I've never seen any of the Star Trek's and barely remember anything about any of the Star Wars films. So even though I know nothing whatsoever about Spock, I still got a kick out of Sheldon's dream sequences.

But that's essentially all I liked from "The Transporter Malfunction." I know I keep complaining about this show and harping on the fact that it's getting tired and lazy, but 10 minutes of gay jokes? Can we be more creative, please?

Heck, even if the jokes were funny, I don't want to spend half of the episode on Raj. He's better in small doses as a supplementary character. I can't remember the last good storyline involving his character. Can you?

I swear, 19 of the 22 minutes of the show was dedicated to Raj is gay jokes and Sheldon lying over and over again to Leonard and Penny. There's only so much a person can take.


SHELDON: "Hot darn!"

LEONARD: "Once you open the box, it loses its value."
PENNY: "Yeah, Yeah -- my mom gave me the same lecture about  my virginity. Gotta tell you, it was a lot more fun taking it out and playing with it."


--If someone is ever stupid enough to marry me, I demand there be a make-your-own sundae station at my wedding.

--Nosey O'Donnell. I got to start using that.

--Did Raj's father complain about being interrupted during the cricket semifinals? Those matches take like 10 days to finish. I think he can spare a few minutes.

THE SCORE: 57 out of 100

You can't have my e-mail address, so you can save your hate mail for the comments section. Thanks!


  1. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything but why the fuck are you reviewing this show?

  2. Exactly! Would you say you're more of a nerd than a geek?

  3. I'm not going to say you shouldn't review whatever show you want to review but if you really don't like the show why would you keep reviewing it? I like your Castle reviews but your Big Bang reviews are nasty.

  4. Hey, at least he's getting people to read his articles. :)

  5. I understand why some readers are getting annoyed ... but you do realize it's called a critic, because, you know, they are supposed to be CRITICAL of the work.

    I apologize that the show isn't nearly as good as it used to be. Deep down, I bet you realize this as well.

    As for why I keep writing these, I enjoy watching TV and I enjoy writing. I still like the show and won't miss an episode. I suggest that you either stop reading my reviews, write your own reviews, or tell Chuck Lorre to hire better writers.

    1. Don't tell people to stop reading your reviews! That's hits, man! HITS!

  6. In that case, tune in next week -- when I'll provide the winning Powerball numbers!

  7. That settles it, I will keep NOT watching this show!!

    1. No, I'll just stop reading this fool's reviews and stop coming to this website. I don't mind that s/he doesn't like the show because that, after all, is opinion. But s/he doesn't understand the show, where the writers are taking it or the extremely clever ways they are taking it there.

    2. Wait. So not only are you not going to read Eli's reviews but you are going to stop coming to this website?

      Then go fuck yourself, you pretend-nerd piece of shit!!!!

      I do not approve of your conduct, son!


      We all understand where the writers are taking it. And it sucks.