09 March, 2012

The Big Bang Theory 4.19 -- The Weekend Vortex

In my two reviews (found HERE and HERE) for The Big Bang Theory, I've been pretty critical of the show and the down season I believe it's had.

While many of my frustrations of Season 4 persist, I thought "The Weekend Vortex" did some nice things with Sheldon, while also re-affirming why I've always liked this show.

As the show got more and more popular, it seemed to get less and less nerdy/geeky to draw a more diverse audience to the show. Which is understandable, but at the same time disappointing because it changed the tenor of the show a little bit.

This week's episode was a throwback of sorts with the guys all hanging out, playing games, talking about Star Wars, making stupid jokes and burning on one another. I always found the show more amusing when they were pathetic geeks who were perpetually alone and couldn't even dream about having a girlfriend that wasn't Leslie Winkle (and judging by Raj's freak-out at the end of the episode, it appears that he longs for those days, too).

But now that Leonard, Sheldon and Howard are involved with women on the show (to varying degrees), it's interesting and important to the show to see how those stories are dealt with. At this point, it's just essentially same old, same old regarding Leonard and Penny and Howard and Bernadette, but it's good to see Sheldon's character evolving a bit.

Who knew that it would take a weekend of video games, junk food and sleeping bags to turn Sheldon into a real man?

I enjoyed him trying to wiggle out of the relationship agreement so he could ditch Amy -- it was like watching a normal human being be a douche to his girlfriend. He's still Sheldon, but he's starting to evolve -- be it ever so slowly -- into a typical dude. And as the older Sheldon probably never would have realized that he was acting like an ass or just not care, he seemed genuinely sorry afterwards.

Just an overall entertaining episode that demonstrates the best of what this show has to offer.


LEONARD: "Clear your weekend, starting Saturday morning. Starwars marathon."
SHELDON: "Movies or videogames? Or boardgames? Or trading card games? Or legos? Or dress-up? Or comic books? Or dramatic readings of novelizations? Yes to all!"


--It took me over 100 episodes to fully realize how much taller Sheldon is over everyone else on this show.It's crazy.

--Why did I laugh EVERY TIME that the "whip app" was used? I gotta download that shit.

--I enjoyed Raj's rant at the end, but it reminds me of why I don't like his character: he reminds me of me. This is not a compliment to myself.

SCORE: 84 out of 100


  1. I have been watching COMMUNITY episodes this week and they reveal just how not-that-level-of-genius this show is and how they have no intention of ever getting any better.

    I did like parts of it and I continue to watch this show purely because there are some funny nerd/geek references. But as someone said to me in a YouTube comment, THE BIG BANG THEORY is a show for hipsters who want to believe or proclaim themselves to be nerds/geeks.

    1. I think it is just a Chuck Lorre thing, he beats jokes and storylines to death with the repetition stick until one of his actors snaps and does drugs or alcohol abuse or whatever. I think at some point they realise that all the money in the world cannot make up for the fact that their careers are dying in this sausage factory drival.

      But that all being said....they do keep over 500 people employed (steadily employed) year round and will most likely keep them all employed for years on end...so who is right in this?

      The small masses who want more and take their small group of 4 million and watch Community in that pathetic small number or do they go for maximum viewers at all cost to keep a lot of people employed and does satisfy the larger audience...hmmmm.

    2. The same could be said of show runners...in the season 3 finale of the Mentalist they gave the impression that a series long story arc was going to be resolved. You should have seen just how happy the show runner Bruce Heller was to talk to the press about changing the series and moving forward, for once the press and fans actually gave a fuck about show....low and behold they reset it in the season 4 premier and are in the same holding pattern.

      You got to give it to Chuck Lorre...the man has resilience, to keep churning out these shows and never once questioning the fact that he is a hollywood hack, all be a billionaire hack but still.

      I think I might actually be impressed.

  2. I liked this episode a hell of a lot more than any other since the 100th, but still, this show isn't what it once was. Seasons 1 and 2 are my personal favorites, not because Amy and Bernadette weren't around (I quite like what their characters), but because the writing was sharper.

    Sure, I prefer COMMUNITY, but I really can't compare the two shows. The only similarity is that they're sitcoms airing Thursdays at 8.

    P.S. It's episode 5x19, not 4x19 ;)

    1. "Sure, I prefer COMMUNITY, but I really can't compare the two shows."

      I can.

      One is genius, the other has moments of greatness... but they are few.