24 February, 2012

The Big Bang Theory 5.18 -- The Werewolf Transformation

It's almost getting to the point where I don't even remember why I ever liked this show in the first place.

But on the plus side, Kaley Cuoco is still very pretty!

Turning to "Chuck" for a second, some people were saying that after five seasons it was just time to end things. It was a natural time to stop and there were no more stories left to tell. Now I don't agree with that, but I understand what they were saying.

They simply meant to say "The Big Bang Theory" instead of "Chuck".

Because judging by the last season or two, there are simply no good stories out there in the land of Sheldon, or Penny, or Leonard, or Raj, or Howard.

Heck, I'm more interested in Howard's mother's disembodied voice than what any of these people are doing.

It's the same thing every week. Leonard pines for Penny. Maybe they're together, maybe there aren't. Maybe they are fighting, maybe they are getting along. Whatever. Raj has been the most useless character on TV for some time now and Howard isn't nearly as creepy, pathetic and hopeless as he used to be -- and that's just a sad revelation.

There's been over 100 episodes now and we're past the point of diminishing returns with the ridiculousness of Sheldon Cooper.

I'm annoyed. And I'm guessing you are too. But we'll still watch, because we are suckers and TV addicts.


SHELDON: "Fine. But if I come out of this looking like a dork, it's on you."

PENNY: "If I move my horsie there, isn't that checkmate and I win?"

AMY: "There's not a hair on my body I wouldn't let this woman trim."


--Sadly, the best part of this episode was the fact that the nurse from the pilot episode returned and that Jill's father from Chuck was the barber.

SCORE: 28 out of 100

Yeah. Not a typo.


  1. I thought it was very funny. Broad, but funny.

    Is the show what it used to be? No, but this diminished quality only recently became noticeable, at least to me. There were a few terrible episodes last year, but overall, I liked last season a lot more than the third. Things started truly going downhill here after episode 100, but I can see what the writers might be trying to accomplish.

    At this point, is anyone doubting the show is gonna run for 8-10 seasons? It's a monster in syndication, and it's beating American Idol weekly! The writers have made the humor more broad so they'd have more to write about. Is it necessarily working? No, not yet. But who knows? Maybe they'll look back at this season and see where things went wrong? I hope so!

    I'm not saying the overall plot last night was good, but there were quite a few lines that made me laugh... a lot. Same thing last week, which was a worse episode (in my opinion) than last night's. Sheldon and Barry playing basketball? Funny! My biggest problem this season though is with Amy. Mayim Bialik is doing a great job with the material she's been given, but her strange attraction to Penny needs to be toned down a bit... although, that line last night after letting Penny trim any part of her body was pure gold!

    1. I wouldn't be making a comment about my typo, but "after letting Penny trim any part of her body" sounds very, very wrong haha!

      Although, that line last night ABOUT letting Penny trim any part of her body was pure gold!

  2. It took me a few seconds to even remember the episode. I actually thought some of it was funny. Howard progressively looking worse and worse made me laugh.

    Definitely better than last week.

    1. "I ate a butterfly"

      That made me laugh! I don't know why, but it did.

      And I brought this up in my own review, but did you notice that Howard's hotel room (that he was clearly sharing with his mother) only had one king-sized bed? Guess Bernadette would be sleeping on the floor!!

  3. TV shows like this are not for people who want story-telling or for anything to actually happen to the characters.

    It's "TV as furniture". Something to turn on every week and get the familiar. They don't want the furniture to suddenly change color or for it to suddenly have a big rip in it.

    There's millions of people for whom that's exactly what they want from a TV show. And CBS knows how to put shows on for them.

    I'm not really that kind of TV viewer.

    I didn't start watching this show until last year. I don't even feel a need to to go back to the beginning because I doubt there is anything different there that's not in these episodes.

    So, I probably haven't reached the saturation point others have. But, if my DVR gets full and I haven't watched this episode yet, I won't feel any grief by pressing the "delete" button to make space for something like "Fringe" or "Archer".

    1. Word... I didn't start watching until season 3.

      I actually don't even record this show anymore. I just acquire it.

  4. You know what's getting tired and repetitive? Your reviews of the show. You have the same complaints every week. We get it. You don't like the show anymore. So stop reviewing it or come up with something new to say about what you think are the show's problems.

    Since you mention Chuck, I could point out that the writers of The Big Bang Theory are smart enough NOT to make the WT/WT relationship the center of every episode. Which makes it less annoying and more interesting when it does bubble to center stage.

    As for nothing new, well, obviously, you missed the elephant in the room. Suddenly, you have Sheldon questioning his obsessive behavior because he has tangible evidence that his obsessions don't matter to anyone else. I think that is pretty interesting movement on the writers' part. Just as the writers having the Leonard character simply ignoring the "roommate agreement" several weeks ago.

    The characters ARE changing. But you're too busy whining to notice, I guess.

    1. Every week? This is his second week reviewing the show.

  5. I admire CBS' long standing ratings successes with their shows.

    I've heard many people complain about the lack of quality on CBS with their programs like Big Bang Theory but their are a lot of people that still like it.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    NBC wishes they had CBS' success but their more highbrow shows get their asses routinuely kicked by Big Bang theory and others.

    Long live The Big Bang Theory

    oh by the way this episode was epic the best episode they have done.

    1. You have to love nutty fans. They utilize hyperbole like some religious wacko proclaiming their fluffy lord the absolute truth.

      The episode was okay. It wasn't anywhere near epic. And not even on the same planet as the best they've ever done.

  6. Penny beating Leonard in chess on her first attempt? A guy who's supposed to be a genius? Oh well, maybe he's a better chance on three-dimensional chess...