28 February, 2012

How I Met Your Mother 7.18 -- Karma

Am I the only person who braced themselves for Robin to move back in and/or kiss Ted during their scene together back at the apartment?

Sometimes, it's good to be wrong. (This show has just conditioned me to expect a terrible decision by the writers regarding Ted's love life. Now THAT, I'm right about.)

Instead of that nightmare scenario playing out at the end of Monday night's "Karma", we got the nice moment of Ted bequeathing the apartment to Marshall and Lily -- who desperately wanted to move out of the suburbs and raise their family in the city. And now the show will have the entire gang back together, with no logistical problems.

Well done.

And it was an enjoyable trip to get there. Ted's various plans for Robin's old room were amusing, as was the ghost of Robin and all the bad results that came from Ted's misguided attempts at a hobby. The trio of Marshall, Lily and Robin living together also produced a few entertaining moments.

As for poor Barney, he's just trying to find love at the strip club like the rest of us. His scenes with Karma (played by Becki Newton) might have been a little over-the-top, but they play well off each other and have a fun little chemistry going on. I don't think their relationship will last much longer -- you just know that Barney and Robin will come up again soon -- but we'll just have to enjoy Barney and the stripper for as long as they allow us to.

It will be nice to see Marshall and Lily back at the apartment and I'm interested to see what they do with Ted moving forward. Get this man an apartment and a girlfriend, please.


TED: "Why do I have to be so sensitive."
BARNEY: "When did I become such a gooey romantic."
(They say while stuffing bills in the bra's of strippers)

BARNEY: "Ted, don't you ever root for love?" (No ... probably because this show is never going to let him have it.)


--There's no sex in the champagne room, Barney. Sorry buddy.

SCORE: 73 out of 100


  1. I really liked this episode and I am now hoping we will see more of the 'mother' storyline progress, now that Ted's moved out.

  2. I loved it... at least compared to last week's piece of shit.

  3. Good episode, we will not meet the mother until the series finale. At this point it does not matter since she will be some random girl.