21 January, 2012

FRINGE 4.09: 'Enemy of My Enemy'

This week's FRINGE brings us the conclusion of sorts of the arc started by the mid-season finale (which wasn't supposed to be one). Pacey Poof is now working for Walternate, and Fauxlivia and Flee are working to discover who is responsible for the shape-shifters while hiding Lee from their superiors.

Speaking of which, we start the episode with now evil Broyles, errr Froyles, discovering their scheme and finding where Lee has been stashed but before he can get to the prisoner, he is intercepted by Walternate.

Fauxlivia and Flee discover the dastardly baddie, David Robert Jones, or is it Favid Fobert Fones, and his breeding tank of shape-shifters. He gives some speech about something and then kills one of them to demonstrate his willingness to do far worse. Then asks to be taken to their leader.

Back in the regular timeline, Olivia and Walter discuss pastrami. Then Astrid and Olivia talk about blood. It's all super interesting.

Flip back to the alternate universe, and Froyles meets with Fauxlivia and Flee who have brought in Fones. Inside the compound, Lee and Peter meet to discuss the situation. There's a bit of some happy dialogue here as the two disagree on how to proceed with their respective missions.

Lee: I lost a partner.
Peter: I lost a universe!

Super. But before they can kill each other with more dramatic words, Pacey Poof sees Fones and gets constipated. This is followed by Froyles interrogating his new buddy as he makes his evil demands. This is when Peter comes in and ruins this blog by pointing out Fones is actually Jones, who has crossed over from the other side. What a dick!

Anyway, so this is suddenly when the episode starts getting good. Why? Because Peter starts the interrogation and Jackson rules when he's playing off a capable actor! Plus, we discover that there are evil plans afoot as a gaseous device is set off in a hospital, killing everyone within its breathing space.

The group of agents, from both universes, discuss the problem and Walternate indicates he is ready to give in to Jones' demands. Jones is set free, to be tracked via a device Flee put into his tea.

The agents join on a surveillance of the target, who gets away by putting the same frequency of his swallowed tracker on money that he then gives away to a crowd. At this point the agents figure out only a high level source could have told him that information.

There is a nice scene that follows between Walternate and his wife, where he discusses the problem Peter is having with trying to get back to his own world. Walternate is frustrated by his inability to help a son he once couldn't save. However, Mama Poof thinks she can help him.

Back at FD HQ, the agents try to track down the leak. But before they can figure it out, Peter comes up with a theory for how to find Jones. Some fans have been bitching about how Peter has been utilized this season, but these scenes where he holds court as the smartest man in the room don't get old for me. I love this aspect of the season, as Peter has this god-like knowledge and an amused smile while detailing it. Anyway, so the agents think they've figured out Jones' next step based on Peter's information and head to a quarry to intercept their target. But as the FD agents set up, Peter realizes they are in the wrong universe. Oops.

Jones poofs himself over to the other side where the air smells sweeter.

And what happens next I didn't expect at all. Mama Poof has come over from the other side to meet with Walter and he's naturally a bit floored by the moment, even though he knows she is not his wife. This is a very good episode for both actors as they play off each other brilliantly. Anyway, she asks Walter to help Peter.

Walter: I'm sorry you've traveled so far. I can't. I have made my position quite clear.
Mama Poof: The last time I saw you, you had come to save a boy's life. Now I've come to do the same.

The two talk about the past. Walter blames himself deeply for the loss of their sons and for breaking their universes. She gives him her forgiveness and her feelings that even though this Peter isn't their son, that parts of him are, and that Walter must do whatever he can to help Peter find his way back to the people he loves. Again, beautiful scene between the two.

Back in our universe, the FBI rushes to the right quarry where Jones is collecting his samples of dirt. Peter asks for and is given a gun right before the shooting begins. Great timing! And we get action! Yeah! KILL! KILL! KILL! Jones escapes and Olivia chases him with Peter yelling at her to stop which she does, almost getting cut in half just short of a closing portal.

Man, that was close!

The two sides meet to discuss the problem at hand and decide to work closer together. They worry that Jones has the upper hand but Peter reminds them that he is their ace-in-the-hole.

To close out the episode, Walter shows up late at night to talk to Peter about helping him. Truly bringing this show back to where it has been suffering the most this season. Back to beautiful moments between this father and son.

Well, actually, we close out the episode with Jones communicating with Nina about a phase of their operation that most likely uses Olivia to some nefarious means. Evil!

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

92 out of 100

Sure, there are flaws but it felt like the FRINGE I enjoy watching and it gives me a good feeling about future episodes this season. Granted, we will likely just go back to missions of the week shit that I can do without. But I can suffer through it as long as Walter and Peter are going to interact. Awww yeah!

What did you think?


  1. Two good episodes in a row, am I dreaming? They are spoiling me! It looks like next week's episode will be another MOTW though. I think that initially unwelcome interference from baseball wasn't so bad after all. It leaves a better taste having 2 kickass episodes back to back.

    1. It is a lot of fun when we get some good episodes like this. Though, it just shows how much the show needs that Peter/Walter relationship. The writers may be trying to force-feed us Olivia's story, but the heart of the show is those two guys.

    2. ZAYAFOAMCST (Gina)January 21, 2012 at 9:42 AM

      2 good episodes with some good narrative momentum. The sad part is that we are done with this momentum and back to lazy MOTW. I think Lost got stuck in this formula where they had to have part episodes on island and part episodes off and even when they knew the end was coming they could not break the formula. I think fringe suffers the same, they must know they are near the end but cannot stop themselves from returning to the formula....I.e. MOTW.

      Anyhow...if this season is the last they at least gave us sort of 2 episodes that reminded us just what this show could do when they were not being pussy's.

    3. Fringe has done some compelling MOTW episodes, so I'm not against them by principle. I don't think it's that bad to take a breather from 2 mythology-heavy episodes, as long as there aren't too many in a row.

      However, from the previews, it looks like it's not just a case of the week and that September's message to Olivia is explored too.

  2. 1.1 in the key demo, ouch.

    1. CHUCK beat it at the 8pm hour... that's bad.

      But anyone who thinks FRINGE is coming back via ratings is kidding themselves anyway.

  3. Well....a guy named peter something at the WB keeps saying that there is a chance and such bullshit like that. Wyman and Pinkner also say that they think they have a chance. The only guy honest enough to say that fringe uis fucked is kevin really. Not good. I can see why show runners do that, it remove pressure off of them but still unfair to delusional fans.

    1. Kevin Reilly is the only one who matters.

      Show runners don't renew shows. Insiders don't renew shows. Only executives renew shows. Well, and sometimes lawyers/negotiators when the numbers are tight and you are truly a bubble show.

      FRINGE is not a bubble show anymore. The bubble has burst.

    2. I think anyone with half a brain knew the bubble burst before this season started. I mean you have been telling fans for 3 years how the industry works. What I do not get is why the show runners who definitely know the end is coming spend so much time wasting their final season. Chuck proves (sort of) that creating good series finale's does not mean more cannot be conjured up. I have enjoyed all of them and I will enjoy this one coming too.

      Why not just throw everything in and roll the dice.

  4. I enjoyed this episode but I wonder:

    have you noticed a shift in Anna TORV and John NOBLE's acting? It's awfully exaggerated this season.
    I barely recognize Altlivia, she's like a bouncy, jazz hands cartoon character than a real person.
    And, if they give John Noble another soliloquy where he gives unnecessary pregnant pauses and draws out his scenes ad nauseum, I may hurl.
    The sheer brillance of Orla Brad's acting only highlights the flaws in Noble's work this season.
    It's a shame, I was bowing at the alter of Torv and Noble last season, singing their praises.
    What went wrong?

  5. Fox is in talks with the WB over renewal prospects....I was wrong, maybe it is coming back.

    1. Of course they are in talks. FOX wants the show for nothing. Then it's free money for them. Doesn't mean WB will deal.

  6. I really have nothing to say. I just wanted to tell you that this blog is awesome!!

    1. Thanks, Wood!

      Is that your name or what you got while reading this site?