25 July, 2011


Writer: MediaSavant

The first half of what I heard is a 2-hour pilot was screened at Comic-con. This completes my pilot reactions even if it wasn’t the entire thing. I’ve read others say they saw changes compared to an earlier version. Pilots can be always be modified before their real debut. This is why these are “reactions” and shouldn’t be construed as full reviews.

Terra Nova
Chance of watching 2nd half of the episode—100%

It’s a mixed bag. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s about humans being transported back to the dinosaur days to start a new civilization because the environment in the future is collapsing.

The production values and visual design is outstanding. There are some action sequences that are quite good. But, some of the dialogue made me cringe and there is some clunky exposition stuck in to explain the science of it all that they could have done without.

The teenage son will remind many of the unpopular Tyler of V.

Why will I watch? For the same reason I kept with V and Fastforward and The Event—loyalty to the genre and a patience to see if they can work out the kinks. Plus, Jason O’Mara looks pretty good with his shirt off. They could do more of that.


  1. I saw it at SDCC too and loved it. The Tyler comparison is accurate. That kid is annoying.

  2. Thanks for this recap! I had heard mixed reviews but seems like it might be worth checking out at least a few episodes. I too stuck with V for a quite a while to see if it improved. Although, I can already say I'll be disappointed if at some point the Tyler wannabe doesn't get eaten by a dinosaur.