26 February, 2013

Furycast 68 - Sad Birthday Boy

In this SUPER FAST AND SHORT episode, VladyGG and HGF discuss the new podcast format; HGF's birthday; Armed Assault 3; HGF's mom's birthday; Star Wars rumors; Metallica and Orion 2; the Oscars, Seth McFucklame, and Cuntgate; and Community without Dan Harmon.

All topics and times noted below.

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00:00 Intro - Metallica "Blackened" (...And Moderus For All version)

00:24 Opening - Explanation of the new podcast format.

02:06 HGF's crappy birthday and total lack of donations.

02:43 Armed Assault 3 Alpha release date announced.

03:36 My mom's birthday!

04:20 Star Wars rumors.

05:40 Metallica Orion Music & More 2 info, James going fuckcrazy, and Death goes stupid.

07:37 Oscars - Seth Mcfucklame, Jennifer Lawrence falling, and Cuntgate.

10:05 COMMUNITY sucks without Dan Harmon.

10:28 Ending - Goodbyes

10:40 Outro - Metallica "That Was Just Your Life" (Moderus III.2 version)


  1. I understand that its the Furycast, and it makes sense that speeding it up makes it, more Furious. And it also cuts the time down for you and who ever might be your co-host at the time. But i gotta be honest. I do prefer the longer way were you guys talked more and went more in depth with topics.

    But, at the end of the day, its your podcast. You're gonna do what you think is right. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna keep on listening, i just thought i would give my two cents.

    And Community does suck without Dan Harmon. :)

    1. I appreciate the input. I will see how people react to this one and what the hits/downloads are like and go from there.

      I like doing longer podcasts but it seems like too many long ones in a row exhaust people.

    2. Jimmy,

      Just come out and say it. You miss hearing my voice.

      I understand.


    3. Vlad, you caught me. That's the exact reason why.

      I'm i really that transparent? ;p

  2. I liked it short like this.

    I regards to the Oscars, as lame as you two thought Seth was, a whole lot of people are pissed at him and he hasn't apologized. No matter how much he may have gotten the younger male demos up, I doubt he'll be back.

  3. Split the difference time wise and go for 1/2 hour - 45 minutes. Keep what is discussed at what times so people who don't want spoilers (STAR WARS) can skip ahead.

    1. I think half hour or longer is too long. Maybe we need to make it 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. My friend David loves that band Death. Anywho Seth "McFucklame" - hahah my husband loves Family Guy, which I've always found to be like 50% funny and 50% annoying. But I'm starting to think my senses have been completely dulled by that + American Dad reruns every single night after work (also courtesy of the husband), because the reaction to Seth's Oscar-hosting has been *shocking* to me hahaha. I mean not totally, because I know people HATE that guy lol. But for whatever reason I was 100% convinced he would bomb BIG time, so then when his opening bits were decent and made me chuckle a few times, I was very pleasantly surprised. So my expectations were low going into it, not only because of that, but also because - haven't the hosts from the last several years ranged from forgettable to AWFUL (Anne H and James Franco)?? Like, who even hosted it last year, was it Billy Crystal? I don't remember it, so it couldn't have been great. So the bar there was LOW too. So based on that bar, I was like, "Oh well Seth was pretty decent and definitely better than the last couple/few hosts."

    And the way both of you reacted to it is totally appropriate, like, "I liked this but not that," the mix of brash humor with the crooner persona didn't work well, etc. Makes complete sense. But the stuff that has completely baffled me is all the internet people talking about how outrageously OFFENSIVE it all was and the boob song was a vicious assault on all women and like he basically RAPED every viewer that night from our TV screens hahah. *That* is the stuff I don't get ... like ... what show did I just watch?? Because it couldn't have possibly been the same one. The show I watched was pretty damn tame. I'm still totally confused by it.

    I'm with you guys 100% on "Cuntgate". The joke was dumb and not even close to clever enough to make it work. But watching ppl get their panties in a twist about it is 100 times more entertaining than the joke was haha. Sidenote: The movie the little Quvenzhané gal is in is pretty good though, I enjoyed it.

    1. The boob song was offensive... but I laughed. Just like I laugh at jokes at the expense of GIRLS and whatsherfaces weird addiction with getting naked.

      Which isn't brave, just contrived/sensational (which may mean the same thing).

    2. Hahah well but it was "offensive" in the way that, like, poop jokes are offensive, which is to say ... mild. I mean I can see where it's a teeny bit worse than poop jokes because it only singles out 50% of the population. But if I have a "scale of offensiveness" that goes from 0 to 100, the boob song to me could not possibly register higher than a 10. Other people seem to think it registered MUCH higher on that scale, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm missing. Plus, it could be so EASILY counteracted by having a female comedian host the Oscars next year and do a "We Saw Your Dong" song hahaha. Problem solved.

      Like, are you a Stern fan? I've listened to him since I was a teenager, which again, I'm sure is a huge part of why my "offensiveness" scale is so different than many other people's, haha. Anyway they have this bit they do on Stern where this one guy (or maybe it's a couple different guys?) always write/sing songs about Robin's boobs and other body parts. And what the guy wants to DO, sexually, to Robin's boobs and other body parts. They are *disgusting* but hilaaaarious, *because* they are so disgusting hahaha. I just keep thinking, if ppl out there would rate Seth's boob song a 90/100 on the offensiveness scale, they would literally DIE on the spot from those Robin songs. Those would rate a 50,000/100 on the scale haha. I do like Stern much better than Seth M though.

      And btw you know I love Girls hahaha. Lena's nakedness to me isn't brave so much as just such a jarring change of cultural norms that I find it to be fun/interesting. ;-)

    3. The problem people have with the boobs song isn't that it is edgy but that it is reductive to the actors.

      Lena's nakedness has nothing to do with cultural norms. The girl is addicted to taking her clothes off. If she was a dude, she'd be making a show about dating teenage girls. It's borderline criminal!

    4. LOL wait, what are you referring to with the "dating teenage girls" thing, is it this past Sunday's ep? She clearly does get some jollies from being naked, I'll give you that hahaha. BUT, it's still so different from the norm that I think it's kinda fun regardless (though the heavy use of it does have a shelf life).

      "... but that it is reductive to the actors." I guess those peeps just care more about the actors' feelings and integrity than I do lol. Several of the actresses participated IN the video so they seemed quite fine with it! (& I would've been too). I mean that's Ricky Gervais's entire schtick hosting the Globes (eviscerating the actors to their faces) ... granted I think he's much more clever/funny than Seth though.

      The cleverness angle (or lack thereof) is why I find Seth's cartoons to be only 50% funny. Also his Meg character on Family Guy is AWFUL. I mean, it is RAGE-inducing to me from the feminist perspective hahah. He definitely does have issues in that area, so I don't want it to come off as if I'm brushing that stuff under the rug. It was just his Oscar performance in particular that I thought was non-offensive. I think there's plenty of ppl out there who were reacting to his *other* stuff much more than his Oscar-hosting. And I was looking at it from the much more simple perspective of, "Oh whew I don't think he said anything too outrageous to make me feel uncomfy while watching the Oscars," but then a very vocal bunch on the internet found LOTS of outrage that I did not. ;-)

      Well, at least the world seems to be able to agree on one thing: That Tina F & Amy P are goddesses.

    5. I'm saying that Lena has a sick naked fetish and that her entire show is nothing more than an avenue for her to deliver that damage upon the masses through the guise of legitimacy!


    6. Hahaha you are cuckoo. I'm gonna come to your house and tape naked posters of Lena up all over your walls.

    7. I don't need posters.

      I am suffering from PTSD after seeing her naked too much.

      And I don't say that as in "Her body is so horrible! I can't take it!"

      I mean in "She is never sexy naked!"

    8. Maybe we should come up with a new psychiatric condition called NLTSD (Naked Lena Traumatic Stress Disorder).

      And yeah hahaha she tends to be naked for the comedy angle 95% of the time. She needs to work on her sexy game.

    9. O.k. sorry I just had another late thought on this topic haha. Something reminded me today - Lena Dunham tweeted disapproval of the We Saw Your Boobs song earlier this week. It annoyed me at the time, but my convo with you here has made me even more annoyed about it. Because, isn't there a ton of obvious irony in that?? That a woman who spends a significant amount of her career showing her boobs and other body parts to the world on a weekly basis, then gets offended when someone points out in song form that ... shock ... we SAW them??

      This would make sense to me if the purpose for her showing her boobs on her show was because the show was about breast cancer or something. But it's not. 95% of the time she has shown her boobs it has been for one of the following purposes: comedy, sex, comedic sex. So in what position is she to act all high and mighty and self-righteous when someone else points out, for comedic effect, that we SAW her boobs?? Arrggh. Rant over.

    10. My problem with SOME of Lena's nudity is that it feels completely unnatural. I have known a lot of girls in my life. I have dated a few. I have even dated girls with a better body type than Lena's who would never in a million years consider taking their clothes off in front of someone WITH THE LIGHT ON like she does on the show.

      She gets naked the way a hot skinny girl does. Her character has no logical body image issues. IT MAKES NO SENSE when you consider her character's behavior. Which is why I also take exception with her defenders who freak out whenever you conflate her character with the actor. Well, she does that too. She projects her own freakish need to undress on camera onto this character who just wouldn't be this comfortable with getting naked in front of EVERYONE.

    11. I certainly agree that 99% of women out there are not that comfortable with their bodies, even the ones who are in much better shape than Lena. I consider myself reasonably comfortable with mine and I'm just like 10 lbs overweight at the moment, but I still don't get naked even 5% of how often Hannah does haha. So I totally get what you mean that it's not representative of the reality of most females.

      BUT I can also say pretty confidently that the reason many women love that aspect of the show, despite how "weird" and outside the norm it is, is because we WISH we could be that way. It kind of gives us confidence that we SHOULD be that way (not to the showy/crazy extent of Hannah but just to the point where we don't feel so self-conscious about it).

      Another thing is, I think a lot of us relate to it because we have known people like that in our lives. I just think most chicks can relate to "that exhibitionist friend we have or had" that is or was like Lena (again maybe not that exaggerated though). I can think of a couple people close to me kinda similar to that, which just makes it feel really familiar when I watch the show. I always feel like the characters are exaggerated versions of my friends in my 20's. So it feels relatable, even if it's in an exaggerated way.

      Anyway, I still think Lena is a total hypocrite for that tweet though hahaha. Lena, you can't have it both ways honey. Life doesn't work that way.

    12. I am glad to finally see a woman admit that GIRLS isn't realistic and that it is nothing more than wish fulfillment in the way CHUCK is for men.

      So it is fantasy. Like Star Wars. Just with more nudity and less lightsabers.

    13. LMAO well it's not ALL fantasy just some aspects of it. ;-) Chuck was fantasy for women too, wishing we could look perfect and kick ass like Sarah lol. I think all TV shows and movies have *some* fantasy aspects to them no matter how "realistic" they are supposed to be though (and I do not count Girls as a show that shoots for a high degree of realism). If TV reflected reality to a T every show would be super boring for 95% of the eps, and then have like 2 eps out of 22 where something kinda semi-interesting happens hahaha.

    14. 99% of GIRLS is fantasy. 1% is totally accurate.