05 September, 2011

Anthrax - Worship Music: A review?

Anthrax has finally released a new album and it is kind of awesome, mixed in with some OK stuff.

Here are my very quick takes on each song. I will grade them on a 5 point system. 0 being fuckin' bullshit that should have been deleted like the song St. Anger by Metallica, and 5 being the best shit I have heard in a while.

1. Worship - It's an intro thingy. No grade
2. Earth On Hell - Badass shit. Kicks my fuckin' ass. 5
3. The Devil You Know - Sounds like it could have been on Sound of White Noise. 3
4. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't - I dig this one a lot. Very NYC thrashy. 4
5. I'm Alive - It is a bit too... poppy for me but I like it. 3
6. Hymn 1 - Intro thingy. No grade
7. In the End - Same issue was with I'm Alive. 3
8. The Giant - Now this is good fuckin' NYC thrash but with a really commercial chorus that I could see some people raging against but I actually love. 5
9. Hymn 2 - Intro. No grade
10. Judas Priest - Killer song. I can see why they named it this. I will be returning to this one a lot. 5
11. Crawl - This one kind of feels like it is meant for pop radio or VH1. I am bored. 2
12. The Constant - I like it but it is another one of those songs that could have been on Sound of White Noise. Doesn't feel like a Joey song at all. 3
13. Revolutions Scream - A good way to close out the album. Not the best song but definitely one of the better ones. Has enough thrash and vocal melody to earn many future listens. 5

Overall grade 4 out of 5

Favorite song after initial listen: Earth On Hell with Judas Priest a close second.

Final Words: Worship Music is the best Anthrax album since the 80s. It could have been an epic thrash album if not for some of these non-Joey hold-hovers that bring the album down a level or two throughout. Still, this fucker is awesome overall and you should buy one for every thrash head in your universe.


  1. I agree with most of your review but In the End and Constant would be rated higher. Cool riffs.

  2. Other than crawl the album is 5 ot of 5! FUUUUUUUUCK aesome!

  3. hell on earth makes me hard.

  4. wtf i cant find this bitch anywhere. link!

  5. It's a solid return to form. It incorporates the best of the Joey/Bush eras into it's own hybrid entity. I would have preferred more thrashier songs than some of the newer sounding songs but overall dripping in awesome sauce.

    Joey B just slays it. His vocals are simply gargantuan on this album. Welcome back to where you damn belong Joey.

    I agree with HGFs ratings. Earth on Hell and Judas Priest are fucking sick and DEMAND constant replay. I really like I'm Alive and In the End as well. Who cares if they are too poppy. Revolution Screams is killer as well.

    Crawl is definitely the weakest track on the album.

    Will be listening to this over and over for quite some time.

    BTW, let the album play out. There's a hidden track 5 minutes after the end of Revolution Screams called New Noise. It's a cover of a Refused song.

    Happy that I will be seeing them next week at Yankee Stadium (The BIg 4) but now would kill to see their Best Buy Theater "secret" show the day before.