08 January, 2015

The Plopper is Forced to Say Goodbye to COVERT AFFAIRS

TVLine: "There was a feeling in [the S5 finale] that the characters are growing up and reaching their natural end point with Annie contemplating marriage and Auggie leaving the CIA.  Would you be happy if this was the ending?"

Chris Ord: "No, we wouldn't be happy.  We want the show to continue."  (Via TVLine)


Well, Covert Crew, we are now living our Darkest Timeline.  And sadly, it's the only timeline we're gonna get.

As an expensive (for USA) & aging show with declining ratings, I don’t think anyone was expecting Covert Affairs to go more than another season.  Two would be an absolute miracle.  But given that White Collar, a show NOT produced by UCP, was granted a short final season by USA, I think we all expected at least that much for Covert Affairs as well - if not a bit more, given that unlike WC, CA is owned in-house.

Given the situation, I was prepared to be bummed by the shitty season 6 renewal scenario we were about to get.  I think most of us were.  But what I was absolutely NOT prepared for was to find out that we would get nothing.  Literally nothing at all.  I was really really really not prepared to find out that the cliffhanger we saw last month would be IT.  Forever and ever.  Eternity.  Never will we find out any of the following:
  • Will Annie go back to the CIA?
  • Will Annie marry McQuaid?
  • Will Auggie get bored and annoyed with Tash after a few months and come begging Joan for his old job back?
  • What in the name of The Holy Puma will Annie do about her heart condition?  Is it fixable through surgery or does she have to live with it forever?  How life-threatening is it?
  • Will Sydney live?
  • Will McQuaid’s dead wife eventually rise like a zombie from the grave?  Is Annie destined to live her life in a nightmarish Groundhog Day sitch of boyfriend after boyfriend's respective dead exes rising from the dead repeatedly on a continuous loop?
  • Will Annie & Auggie ever find their way back to each other romantically?
  • Does Danielle still exist or did she trip and fall off the Golden Gate bridge shortly after arriving in San Francisco in early season 3?
  • What college will Baby Mack attend?
  • Did Barber stick with his kale diet?

Here is the answer to ALL of those questions folks:

Yup.  And the thing is, I really blame no one for my current pain and suffering more than Magnus a.k.a. Head Geek Furious himself.  That's right.  It’s his fault I ever considered watching this damn show to begin with.

When Covert Affairs first premiered, I was angry at it.  Like literally as angry as I am about the existence of Katherine Heigl’s stupid shitty spy show right now.  To me it looked like nothing more than a generic Alias rip-off starring that ditzy blonde from Coyote Ugly.  Piper Puh-RAB-o??  Who the hell does she think she is??  And just to add insult to injury, this show gave its lead character the name WALKER!?  Really??  Do the people at USA not even watch their big sister network’s shows at all??  AGENT SARAH WALKER IS THE ONLY FEMALE AGENT WALKER I WILL EVER CARE ABOUT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

But then Magnus had to go and write this gat-damn review of “Sound and Vision” in season 3.  Chuck had recently finished airing by that point.  It was summertime and I was getting bored with most shows being on hiatus.  So I thought, fine, maybe this dumb Covert show has improved since it first aired.  Let me try it out.  So I caught a replay of 3.02 on USA.  And it was ... pretty aiight!  Nothing mind-blowing, but decent enough.  It didn't hook me in immediately, but it was entertaining enough for me to consider it the next time I was feeling extra bored on a summer night (Note: Obviously I realized later that 3.02 is indeed a great ep once you actually know who the characters are.)

Then a few weeks went by.  I kinda forgot about it.  I caught like 20 minutes of ep 3.06 while on vacay in a hotel room as I was about to go to bed.  Then immediately upon returning from that vacay, I learned that my 33 year-old friend Jaspreet had cancer.  Like, BAD cancer.  Weird, random, aggressive cancer.  We were work buddies but we were close and had just finished a very stressful project together.  We were kinda like foxhole buddies after that.  We hadn’t seen each other in a couple months because we had both just gotten new jobs in other departments within the company.  I went to her house to visit her.  She looked more ill than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life and she was in horrible pain 24/7.  She was already in liver failure.  Her mom and sister had flown in from India.  My other friend Crystal and I chased after her 2 year-old son who had no idea what was going on and was undergoing (quite understandably) not-quite-100% supervision while the family raced against the clock to try to save his mother’s life.

Before Crystal & I left the house, Jaspreet’s mom begged us desperately to pray for her with everything we had.  She pleaded tearfully that she could not bear to lose her 33 year-old daughter in the prime of her life.  I’m no medical expert, but I could see that my friend’s situation was extremely grim, so to say that this moment was heartbreaking-slash-gutwrenching would be the understatement of my life.  I drove home and sat on my couch for hours and stared at the wall in complete shock, feeling traumatized in a different way than I had on any of the rather oddly frequent other occasions that I’ve lost family and close friends to tragedy.  Possibly because it was the first time one of these situations truly gave me the “this could JUST as easily be me" feeling of how cruel life can be, just picking people off at complete and utter random.

That was Friday, August 31st.  September 4th was the following Tuesday (thanks to my email inbox and Wikipedia for these dates), and I was at home after work surfing the web and catching up on emails.  I grabbed the TV remote and flipped through the channels at maybe like 5 minutes after 10pm, and saw that Covert Affairs was on.  So I flipped it on there to provide some background noise while I was on my computer.  But I found that as the hour progressed, my attention was drawn more and more to Covert and less to my computer.  As Auggie pinned the mic on Annie’s blouse in the surveillance van and refused her request for an H2H, I thought, “Huh.  This feels foreboding.”  As Annie and Simon were chased by security through the mall, I was drawn in further.  As Auggie pressed Annie for what the hell had happened when she purposely smashed that mic, and about whether she was in love with Simon, I was drawn in further still.  And by the time “Blowers Daughter” began to play, I was absolutely fucking glued to my TV screen.  As Lena walked into the kitchen, I thought, “Oh shit she’s gonna arrest them for trying to make a run for it; Annie’s gonna be in big trouble now.”

If you watch the series from the beginning, you can see that Covert Affairs’ dark turn began with the one-two punch of Jai’s car blowing up + Annie jumping into that shower with Simon, who was nothing more than a very dangerous mission at the time.  But the darkness didn’t officially throw its own glorious coming out party until Lena Smith walked into that kitchen, black boots first and gun blazing.  The idea that this (as far as I knew at the time) fluffy little spy show would suddenly murder its spunky blonde lead and her boyfriend violently in her own kitchen at the hands of her boss was both shocking and quite impressive in just how much it had thrown me for a loop.

It’s natural to immerse yourself in fiction when real life feels too shitty.  Many people go straight for the happy feel-good stuff to brighten their mood.  I have a friend who had a very rough childhood (and adulthood even) who is physically incapable of watching any movies other than Disney cartoons and very light heartwarming fare.  I, on the other hand, tend to do the exact opposite.  I enjoy darker grittier fare even when I’m in a great mood, but when I’m in a bad mood, I sometimes tend to turn to it even more so.  I mean look, obviously Covert never had any intention of becoming gritty anywhere near a SOA or GoT level.  But what intrigued me was the fact that its showrunners had taken the conscious risk to change their show up very significantly, smack dab in the middle of its run.  THAT is a rare thing in television.  And yes, it also made me oddly giddy to see that this plucky lil’ novice spy gal was about to be corrupted permanently and taken on a much rockier path.  Life experience makes you a more interesting person, right?  "Glass Spider" made me realize that this show was letting Annie progress from milquetoast into someone I’d actually like to watch on my TV screen.

Jaspreet died on October 4th at age 33 after only having first gotten sick on like, Memorial Day weekend.  Barely more than 4 months total.  Her funeral was on Oct 6th.  I felt really, really shitty about it all, to put it mildly.  Once again Covert Affairs came back to provide a welcome life-escape for me with its fall season a week or so later with “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide”.  Prior to that, in the middle of the real-life shitstorm (mid-Sept), “Let’s Dance” had aired, and it was the crack hit that fully cemented my addiction.  It also may still be my favorite ep of this series.

The show took risks in season 4 to try to up the ante, and we know it stumbled through a lot of that.  Unfortunately I think those stumbles lost it the modest amount of critical good will that it had finally started to gain in season 3.  And once you lose it, especially when you didn’t have it to begin with (i.e. in seasons 1 & 2), it’s virtually impossible to get it back.  And critical attention is a huge factor in gaining attention from general audiences.

And then of course we have the fact that Covert Affairs was an entirely different TV show in seasons 4 & 5 than it was in seasons 1 & 2.  How do you convince the world of that?  This is another nearly impossible feat, and the only way to achieve it would be through great promotion and marketing.  Covert Affairs, sadly, got none of that.  USA Network continued to promote it the same lame idiotic way in season 5 as they did in season 1 – “Spunky blond spy in skimpy outfits and heels!!”  Just ... uggh.  No.  WRONG, USA.  FAIL.

So here we are.  And what I’m left with now is that the absolute only thought process that can make me feel better about this is to assume the show would’ve sucked in season 6 anyway, hence we’re not really missing much.  Of course you'd hope that wouldn't be the case, but it’s entirely possible that USA would have forced these guys to slash their budget, stop doing the foreign shoots, maybe even make creative changes, who the hell knows.  Chuck fans watched that show lose its ENTIRE original writing staff (other than the showrunners) between seasons 3 and 4 as NBC dragged its feet on renewing it.  We watched as budget cuts forced characters to be cut and major story elements (like the Buy More scenes) to be reduced.  We saw the impacts the unpredictable episode orders (13 eps!  Oh wait here’s a back 6!  Here’s a couple extra!) took on its quality (coupled with its turnover in writing staff).  Community fans watched as that show’s showrunner was fired in a misguided attempt to make the show more mainstream, and it resulted in the show becoming a creepy bizarro shell of its former self.  It was an utter miracle that NBC/Sony realized the error of their ways and re-hired Dan Harmon for S5, only to finally cancel it at season’s end (still to return on Yahoo! but with half its actors gone).

My point is, many times you have to ask yourself, what kind of zombie version of my favorite TV show am I willing to live with?  Would I want to see it continue in a weird hollow half-ass form?  It’s quite possible that these are the questions Matt Corman and Chris Ord have had to ask themselves in these past couple months for Covert Affairs.  Maybe they made the decision that they didn’t want to continue the show unless they could do it right, and in that hypothetical scenario, I agree with their decision wholeheartedly, even if it means we have to live with eternal cliffhangers.

And as for those cliffhangers, I will add: I have never once, throughout this entire process, felt annoyed with the showrunners for their decision to take the risk and end season 5 this way.  And that is because ending the series on a cliffhanger is still FAR preferable to me than doing some rush job to try to close an entire series out with only 6 or 8 eps’ notice.  While I’m still extremely pissed at USA for cutting us off mid-funk, I actually respect the writers for keeping the story at the pace it needed to be at to remain believable, no matter what.

But I’m immensely fuckin' bummed it had to come to premature cancellation at all.  I’m constantly disappointed that female-driven shows, particularly when they are action-oriented shows, seem to have to fight such an uphill battle to get noticed and respected by wide audiences.  I’m pissed that a lady action show’s audience potential seems to always be cut drastically from a male-driven action show’s audience, because so many dudes write it off as “chick stuff”.  The only way this type of show seems to be able to transcend this barrier is when it gets HUGE critical acclaim, a la Homeland, pre-suckage.  I can’t tell if I just have a complex when I theorize that IMDB and Amazon user/buyer ratings almost cannot physically ascend past a certain level when the movie or TV show is female-driven.  Am I insane?  Because I constantly notice it and am endlessly annoyed by it.  At least I can keep myself warm with the knowledge that Catching Fire was the highest-grossing movie (domestic) of 2013.  Progress?

Uggh.  Maybe in the end it’s somewhat fitting that Covert Affairs, a show that gave us such constant storyline blueballs (what was the pill addiction about, what happened in The Balkans, where did Annie’s PTSD go?), has now ended its entire series run by leaving its audience with – what else? – a MASSIVE case of a blueballs.

C’est la vie.  Au revoir Covert Affairs.  I will miss you hardcore, Annie Walker & team.  And USA Network, go fuck yourselves.  I didn’t watch you before Covert Affairs and I won’t watch you afterward.  I don’t care if Playing House made me laugh that one time I caught it by accident.  I’m sure as hell not gonna invest myself in another one of your shows now that I know how this story ends - prematurely.  No thanks.

p.s. If the question of “Whatever happened to that steamer trunk key??” still keeps you up at night, I have great news - I caught it on an episode of Portlandia during last year’s winter hiatus.  I’m so glad it found a good home.  Or some kind of home, at least.

p.p.s. To Piper PER-abo: I now know how to pronounce your name and I now love you.  Fuck the haters who still make jokes about the Golden Globe thing (I used to be one of them).  You are awesome and I hope you get that one key role you need to get the damn respect you deserve in Hollywood.  (Note: I love Chris too but I was already a bit more familiar with him when I started watching Covert, so it didn’t require any sort of “revelation” for me to realize his charms).

I'll end this with a virtual toast, Covert Crew.  To Jaspreet, whose death set my brain on a strange and unexpected path that may only now be ending ... to us, to what we each loved about Covert Affairs, to heart explosions, to Barber's tattoos, to Joan's pills, to Seth's swampy flash drive, to Henry's goatee, to Eyal's smoldering hotness, and of course, to blueballs.  Adios Neshamas and I’ll see y'alls on Twitter.  Oh and please, by all means, feel free to vent in the comments here, sans-140-character limit.

The Plopper


  1. "At least I can keep myself warm with the knowledge that Catching Fire was the highest-grossing movie (domestic) of 2013."

    And its followup was #2... and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, 2014's domestic box office winner, was originally written by a woman (that script was mostly changed by Gunn, but they paid Perlman the respect of crediting her since it was her development that made it happen). Also, FROZEN is the biggest home video money maker ON THE PLANET.

    And in 2016, or 2017, or 2020, I'm going to make the best female centric thing ever! Or the shittiest. I'm not sure yet.

    1. LOL I can't wait! Gonna get back to reading it tonight. :)

    2. What is funny is that the draft chapters I sent out to people... that some people read right away and others are reading this weekend... have changed... some in small ways, some in HUGE ways. So I'm going to get feedback on shit I've already changed. Which, mind you, will be interesting. Because maybe I shouldn't have changed it. :)

    3. HA feel free to send me the new stuff if you prefer but either way is fine. ;-)

  2. Covert Affairs was often fun times.

    Didn't need Annie and Auggie to be together by the series end but was majorly disappointed how easily Annie & Auggie gave up on their relationship when they fought so hard for everything else.

    Out with a whimper, not a bang.

  3. Yeah I was surprised by that.

    I was surprised that they broke them up like that and had them move on from each other so quickly.

    I thought their relationship was end game for the show but it didn't look that way.

  4. I thought Covert Affairs never really lived up to it's promise.

    Season 3 was good and some occasional episodes here and there but it wasn't as good of a show as it could have been.

    I am personally excited that the USA network is changing their blue skies brand into something different.

    It's not that I didn't like Monk or Psych but all their shows followed the same basic formula.

    It's time for USA to do something different and be more creative.

    To me if they can come up with a couple of shows the quality of AMC that would only strengthen the quality of television even more.

    1. I've never had any issue with USA's decision to change their brand/programming, after all that's the entire reason Covert Affairs' tone and storytelling format changed, and hence the whole reason I finally started watching the show to begin with.

      What I have a problem with is them doing it STUPIDLY. If you're gonna change the tone of your current shows, then you need to change their marketing/promotion accordingly. Instead, USA turned Covert Affairs into a more serious/darker show, while continuing to advertise it the same "Blue Skies" way they always had. That is straight up idiotic.

    2. AnonymousPiperFan

      I couldn't agree with you more about the STUPID marketing. Tell me how the crap artwork, S4 and S5 covers REMOTELY reflects the content of S4 and especially S5? and why the hell would you need to pose and photoshop a beautiful actress into a barbie doll. Stupid, stupid.

      Season 3 will always be my favorite and unlike you, I enjoyed all of it, because I never had a problem seeing the pain and anguish Annie was in through her posture, subtle expressions and body language. There are many ways to communicate other than direct verbal dialogue and explosive drama, and I'm a fan of a more understated performances.

      I'm just sad that the power of Season 3, easily the most compelling of all season's wasn't properly explored. I think the entire season should have been about exploring Lena, Simon and Annie arc ending with ep 8. Everything was great about it. The romance, the Spy stuff, the double agent, the betrayal. I can't believe any writer whose writing this stuff never saw the 'gold' in this and cut it short just for 'shock value' of a mid season stunner. It's not just me. Everyone who saw this season I talked with, thought that was the most fascinating arc in the series.

  5. I'm somewhat split in how I feel about the cancellation of Covert Affairs. I'm sorry it's over, but at the same time I didn't really have high hopes for S6 based on S5. I'd rather nave no S6 than a lame S6.

    My favorite season of CA is S3, with S2 as a close second. I also liked the first few episodes of S4 when Walkerson was still a couple. Then the shit hit the fan in #407 and from there it was a bit of a downhill spiral for me. I was one of the people watching mostly for Auggie in S5. If there was no Auggie/CG in Covert Affairs I doubt I would have bothered to watch at all. I liked it when they decided to do more serialized storytelling and went a little darker, it worked well in S3, but then they took that too far in S4 and it was even worse in S5 IMO.

    I really hoped they would bring back the show I loved in S5. I wanted them to spend time on dealing with the repercussions of Annie going dark, Annie killing Henry...and so on, ya'll know what I'm talking about, right? I also hoped they'd focus on Annie and Auggie's relationship; rebuilding trust between them and possibly a buildup to a Walkerson reunion. Instead they did the completely opposite and widened the gap between Annie and Auggie. And Annie, as usual, just jumped right back into action.

    I wasn't originally a Walkerson shipper, I liked A&A as friends and worried how it would affect the dynamic of the show if they became romantically involved, but when it happened I was onboard. I really felt that A&A worked great as a couple. Something that really pisses me off is how much they time they spent building up to the moment where they finally became a couple only to rip them apart after a short time. They could have redeemed that in S5. Instead they introduced McQuaid and brought back womanizer Auggie. FAIL!

    I also feel that in S4 and 5 they went overboard with introducing new characters and story lines. In the end that resulted in way too many loose ends that were never tied up and a bunch of characters I never really cared for. And all the new characters meant underutilizing established characters such as Rossabi and Eyal, which I felt was a pity. It also really pissed me off that Danielle basically vanished the moment the wrote Anne Dudek out. That was also a change in the show I didn't like; although I was never a huge fan of Danielle she did represent "normality" for Annie and kept her grounded. One of the things I liked in the first couple of seasons was the contrast between Annie's dangerous job and the normalcy of the family life she had when she lived in Danielle's guest house.

    Anyways; looking at where Walkerson was as S5 (and the series) ended I really don't think a short season to wrap things up to be enough to bring them back together. It would just seem forced, rushed and awkward. Even CG doesn't think they'd end up together - see his reply to Brooke in last night's QnA.

    Anyways... These are my ramblings about CA at the moment. There might be more to come. Or not. TTY on Twitter. :-)

    1. In some ways I feel like the biggest travesty of the series being cut short is the fact that we'll never get even one bit of followup on Annie<->Danielle past 3.04 hahah. And the half-ass references to her in 4.10 & 4.11 don't count. While I certainly don't think she was an essential character as a series regular past early S3, we should have gotten at least ONE damn ep or a scene here and there with her making appearances. The managed it with Eyal but never even once with Danielle.

      In an odd way I'm also left annoyed that we have no idea whatever happened to Danielle's house hahaha. Did they sell it?? Did they rent it out? Is it still just sitting there empty?? I wonder if they even kept that set past like 4.02 or whenever its last appearance was lol. Grr.

    2. I totally agree!! Tho Danielle wasn't an essential in the last few seasons it would've been good to see her a time or three since she did have an important role in Annie's life in the first couple of seasons and I thought it was weird that she just disappeared. I kept waiting for her to come to DC to visit Annie (or maybe to settle a sale of the house or something like that). It really annoyed me that we didn't see Danielle's side of the convo when Auggie called her to tell her Annie was dead. As you said; it was so half-assed.

  6. M#@#&*)^$%***$%^*(&^&^*!! -- that's to YOU, USA network.
    I totally blame USA network for the decline in ratings of Covert Affairs, especially as the seasons progressed. There was minimal promotion for the show. How many times did we all have to watch Chrisley or whatever his name is, or Modern Family rerun or other shows' announcements per hour on any other USA program. But Covert Affairs? If there was 1, that was a lot. The extent of the promotion was for Piper to have an interview or 2 at the start of the season, and then maybe one of the other actors being interviewed with that being posted online, AND you had to do a search for anything Covert Affairs to find that interview. Breaking up the season and changing days and all that certainly contributed to people not even being aware that the show was there unless you were waiting for the show's return. M#@#&*)^$%***$%^*(&^&^*!!, USA network. And you have the nerve to cancel a show because of its ratings?!?

    I was sooo looking forward to S6. This was supposed to be Joan's story, right? Part of S4 was Arthur's, S5 was Auggie's, so S6 should have been Joan's. The references to the Balkans were getting louder, it was bound to be told.

    I liked S3 the best, although that last episode of S2, for me, was when it really took off. I did not care too much for S4 until I watched it in toto just after S5 started (well actually I marathon watched S1 to S4). Only then did I have a different perspective on S4 and enjoyed it more than I previously did. It certainly explained a lot of Annie's actions and decisions. S5 was my second best favourite season although I felt that the storytelling was short-cutted (is that a word?) in order to fit into the 42 minute-or-so episode length and 16-episode season.

    I was wondering if Danielle was ever told that Annie was alive. I think not. When McQ first met Annie (5.1) he said that he did some research on her and that she was supposed to be dead. Can you imagine the recriminations that would result if Danielle found out that Annie was in fact alive? It was bad enough when she found out that Annie was with the CIA. Not telling her was the easy way out I guess but Danielle finding out makes for better storytelling.

    What I'm hoping for going forward:
    Messrs Corman & Ord contribute to fanfiction about what happens next.
    Piper Perabo gets the recognition she deserves for her talent. Hopefully she does something on Broadway too (would really love that).
    Nic Bishop back on television (with the beard, please!). Same thing for Kari Matchett (without the beard, though) and Chris Gorham.
    And, of course, more Dylan Taylor!

    -Another Anonymous

    1. Just wanted to correct my statement above regarding wanting to see Piper on Broadway, which I do, but off-Broadway and off- off-Broadway as well, which in my opinion, actually have better theater; also, Shakespeare in the Park would be awesome (with Lynn Collins, perhaps?)

    2. One thing I learned from the internet after I started watching Covert Affairs is that Piper actually already *has* been on Broadway before, in Neil LaBute's "Reasons to be Pretty". http://d3rm69wky8vagu.cloudfront.net/photos/large/82823.jpg But hey that's all the more reason to go back again!

      Also I'm convinced that Todd Chrisley is Satan in human form.

    3. Yeah, it was actually off-Broadway. This is what I mean about off-Broadway (and off- off-Broadway, both of which I think are the equivalent of independent films) being more interesting in that not everyone is a big name, the way Broadway is now, where it is a revival of something or a big name (e.g., Peter Gallagher) actor, producer or composer. It does not happen too often that unknown or relatively unknown actors or playwrights debut on Broadway. It's always about the money.
      I think I'm the second person (after you) to still not have seen Coyote Ugly. I actually never heard of Piper Perabo until Covert Affairs.
      -Another Anonymous

    4. My understanding is that it started off-Broadway, then moved to Broadway. The cast was a bit different in the Broadway version, but Piper remained for both. Yeah, just re-googled it; here you go: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/03/theater/reviews/03reas.html But yes point being, she basically got both experiences out of that.

      I have actually *since* seen a good amount of Coyote Ugly on TV in like 15-30 minute chunks (like in the past year) because it seems to be playing on one channel or another essentially ALL the time hahaha. It's pretty terrible. Terrible in a funny/entertaining way, but still terrible lol. i.e. Exactly what I always expected it to be. ;-)

    5. You are absolutely right. I completely missed that. I really have to crawl out from under my rock a little more often. :)

    6. Ha no prob I had read it fairly recently so it was still kinda fresh in my head. ;)

  7. Dear Mary Ploppins, and others who found P through CA


    I'm strangely not that upset by it, more probably because I'm a Piper fan before a CA fan and can't wait to see her play another character. I really, really miss her inhabiting other characters, because, she is so good portraying roles that are really different from one to another. But I'm sorry for fans of the shows and off course the Cast and Crew. They really deserved better treatment from the freaking network. I mean not even getting the White Collar treatment was shocking.

    I'm so glad that you discovered the awesome Piper, and as for the haters, who cares because if the woman can make someone like Roger Ebert gush about a performance, it's good enough for most of us. And it wasn't just Ebert, just about every critic who saw L & D praised all the girls in that film, but particularly Piper. It was the 3rd act of the script that most critics disliked. For some reason, I just wanted to say that. She's has so much talent to offer, and was actually the only person I was familiar with in Covert Affairs. I'd never heard of anyone else besides Peter Gallagher, since I never watch much television before 2011. Mostly a Film addict before then.

    Also, if you have become a fan, and haven't seen IMAY, you are really missing out on a really good 'feel good' film You don't have to be Gay to love it. I watched it with my boyfriend, and it was freaking awesome and just a good Romance story. All the character's are so much fun, as they usually are in British Films. You don't realize just how fantastically versatile she is until you see her as Rachel, who will always be my favorite Piper character. As a Brit, I'm always bored by an American Actor's 'standard/Queen's English', but Piper's accent was really brilliant because it was regional. It was so delightful that I daresay I like her Rachel speaking voice more than her native American accent, LOL! It's literally the only Rom Com I've watched over and over again, and I don't even like Rom Coms as a rule. I just hate myself for not making it to New York when she was on Broadway.

    Yes, call me crazy, but I felt like Piper doesn't get nearly the recognition she deserves, but for some of us who have rooted for her since her early 20's knows what she's capable off. I really don't know why lighter work, like the early season's are dismissed, just because it's light hearted. I personally think the work in the original Pilot was fully nuanced with charm, comedy, action and drama, which carried the Pilot to Series, and totally deserved a GG nod. People who make fun of it should try getting their own Golden Globes first.

    Anyway, that's my nod to the amazing work in 75 episodes by Piper, who I really hope one day will get that Script she deserves, and maybe she will, now that she's finally lost her baby face. (I totally mean that as a compliment :)

    For myself, I'm so glad to have discovered Kari Matchette, whose work I thoroughly enjoyed throughout Covert Affairs, and a big FU to USA network.

    1. O and I forgot to say,

      or what Rachel might say,

      "You're a Wanker USA network!"

      And I still say to you new Piper fans, watch IMAY. (There's nothing offensive in the Film, unless you find 2 f/f PG kisses offensive.) How can you not love a film where the declaration of love is "You're a wanker no. 9!" And Rachel's Dad is Buffy's Dad who is hilarious. And now can you not want to watch Lena Heady fall in love!

    2. Lol I haven't seen IMAY but Piper and Lena's real life chick-mance is cute and entertaining from what I've seen hahaha. I am also a fan of Lena as Cersei. Maybe Piper should guest star on Game of Thrones as another long lost Targaryen lol ... she and Emilia Clarke look enough alike. ;)

      Since I had seen literally nothing Piper was in before I started watching CA, not even Coyote Ugly, I decided to go back and find something else to check her out in, mainly because I wanted something to convince me she was a decent actress hahhaa. Not that I wasn't enjoying her in CA but this was very early on, when I had only seen a few eps. From her IMDB it seemed like Lost & Delirious was the thing to check out, so I did. I thought Piper was great in it. All I can say is, holy crap it's no wonder the lesbian community adopted her as one of their own after that performance!! Hahah she did an excellent job and you could tell she threw her heart and soul into it, which is very admirable.

  8. Meanwhile Castle is back tonight to put me into a coma once again. It is sure to get renewed for the next 18 seasons, proving that the key to getting steady ratings is to do the same goddamn thing for 7 years straight. Follow the same exact formula for every episode of your entire series. Never take a risk, never change it up, never try anything new. Make the biggest events of the series revolve around the next steps in your main couple's relationship. Film their "coastal" wedding in terrible terrible fuzzy green screen so that it looks like a daytime soap circa 1987. You will still have every yenta from here to the edge of the universe drooling all over themselves. Do I sound bitter?

    (I know there are shows that buck this trend but they are fairly rare so just let me vent this out for a hot minute.)

    Fine I guess I'm done now. FUCK U TV

  9. Well, I just heard CA was cancelled. Thanks a fucking lot usa network! Yeah, why not renew that Royally ridiculous Pain in the ass show for 100 seasons, since it's so crap and devoted to the 18 year olds that's right up your alley. Fuck U!

    And thanks a lot Auggie groupies for helping to sink the show with endless whining for this horrible pairing and the stupid, crappy, useless shirtless, shitty demands that added fuck all the plots except a highly waxed torso that gives me nightmares. Happy now? Damn it, I'm so pissed of that it's cancelled.

    1. Absolutely! At least someone else agrees. What a possessive controlling little hitler dude he is! No chemistry whatsoever, so obviously the teenies thought he was cute so let's put them together. Ugggh. They definitely missed what could have and should have been the serious hotness on the show - Eyal and Annie together! which makes perfect sense. When I first started watching the show, I sort of wanted them to be together, for about the first three episodes! Then it seemed a bit too much like high school romance. Seriously, he wanted to talk to her about something serious just a few episodes after being dumped by his fiance. Please! Meanwhile, she is sitting on the plane still coming to terms with Simon being murdered, almost being murdered herself, murdering Simon's killer in cold blood, being locked up in a Russian Prison, being rescued by the incredible hunk, then the whole Khalid Ansari saga, finally saying goodbye to her incredible hunk and then having to catch a plane home with the control freak! No wonder she was looking lost on the flight home, only to have control freak move in on her as soon as her feet hit the ground more or less! Give me a break!!!!!! Personally, I would have taken off for Athens, but that's me!

  10. In the grand scheme of things, season 3 was the best the show ever was... and it never came close to that in subsequent seasons (outside of a couple of episodes here and there, and even then that's a stretch). For some reason, the writers were like "Yeah, people really like us right now, so let's fuck that up."


    I see comments about marketing... networks don't put money into sinking ships after season 3. They just don't. It's pointless for them. Sure, if they promoted the show more, or did it the way some of you think they should, the ratings would likely have increased... but they put that money into shows that are going to have a higher ROI.

    1. I think the assertion that season 3 was the best season of this series is literally the ONLY thing that almost the entire fandom can agree upon. I've seen a few outliers, but not many.

      Of course I agree with you that it never matched that again and that they fucked it up in season 4, but where I disagree is that I could see them making effort to right the ship in season 5 and I thought they were doing a pretty good job of it, though I will grant you that my expectations were certainly lowered by then, so I was grading them on a lower curve. Their efforts were too late, which is how it goes in TV, although the ratings for this show were so incredibly steady in their decline from season 1->5 that I don't honestly know that anything they did creatively at any point in the series made any difference at all on the numbers. It may have been destined for this no matter what.

      OH that just reminded me though - What's interesting is that I went back and re-read your review of ep 3.02 when I linked to it in this post (and our comments on it). The aspects of the show you liked at that time (which I did as well) - its down-to-earth nature, its logic, its reasonable believability, the fact that it wasn't trying to go overly flashy, lack of melodrama in the relationships - Those were all the EXACT things they abandoned in season 4. They tried to go too flashy and too wild, and it didn't work. This show was never meant to be Alias or anything of that nature. In season 3 they got serious but they hadn't gone off into wild wacky territory yet with exes rising from the dead and people faking their deaths and shit ... and THAT is why season 3 is the best season. It had the best of both "versions" of Covert Affairs. Without too much of the problematic aspects of the show.

      But I swear I saw them realize a good number of their mistakes going into season 5 and I saw them working to right the ship, and THAT is why I am bummed it got cut off when it did. Though I'm still telling myself that they would have fucked up S6. ;)

      And yes we're in agreement on the $$ aspect of the marketing too; it's the pattern nearly every series I've ever watched on every network has followed. But as for the way it was marketed, it still makes no sense to me to put a concerted effort (as a network) into changing the tone and format of a series while making zero effort at that *same point in time* to also change the marketing accordingly. I don't think there's as much of a precedent out there for making changes that significant in a TV series that late in its run (i.e. season 3 as opposed to some time in season 1 when they're still figuring things out). At least not that I'm familiar with. But yes money and effort-wise it followed the same pattern I've seen with almost every other series I've followed live. The only exceptions to that are the types of relatively rare huge hits that actually *grow* over time in ratings like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc.

    2. Significant marketing efforts are put into only the shows that have very steady ratings post season 3. And if the show, shows promise of gaining viewership. Cover Affairs had steady ratings in seasons 1 and 2, and 3-summer. Otherwise, its regarded as a veteran show that doesn't need as much promotion as a new freshman shows needs. CA never really showed a promise of gain post the first couple of seasons.

      Also, they started to promote the show differently after season 3 finale as romance soap. All the promos were about the now, infamous courtship that didn't even go down in flames, but in icicles. In fact, it went down in one of the most tepid, unromantic, bland breakups in TV history. Auggie looked like it was all he could do to stay awake for the breakup. Horrible scene. Up until season 4 premiere, a lot of the promo's were done with Piper Perabo and Matt Bomer in sexy, fun CIA/FBI adventures. For season 4, Gorham did most of the interviews and talked about the impending romance all the time. So, I do believe that marketing the show heavily as a romance did turn off the old faithfuls who were not interested in the soapy, fluff romance. Those who remained for the show were mostly shippers, waiting for whoever their pairing was to become reality, whether A/A or Eyal/A and some were even still denying Simon was really dead in the hopes of Simon/A.

      Several of us used to watch this show together, but I was the only one left watching after 4x07. They thought the show changed from a fun escapist show with drama that didn't take itself too seriously, to a melodramatic show that took itself too seriously. So is that a reflection of the fandom? Maybe, or maybe not.

    3. Yes, THIS,

      "season 3 was the best the show ever was... and it never came close to that in subsequent seasons (outside of a couple of episodes here and there, and even then that's a stretch). For some reason, the writers were like "Yeah, people really like us right now, so let's fuck that up."

      and THIS

      " that season 3 was the best season of this series is literally the ONLY thing that almost the entire fandom can agree upon. I've seen a few outliers, but not many."

      You guys are both right about Season 3. Just everybody I know thought that was easily the best season.That was the season of the best recurring guest stars. Richard Coyle had a remarkable chemistry with PP, and Sara Clarke was refreshingly irreverent. But even then, the romance as part of the spy drama and every scene had conflict and soul, probably due to the fact that both PP and RC are soulful actors who really don't need a lot of dialogue. A mere glance or sad smile between the two, and you're kinda lost in their universe. I do think that that the confluence of actors, script and charisma had A LOT to do with the success of season 3. And Lena was a focused double agent, who right up until the end, was still playing Annie either to kill her, or turn her into a double agent. None of it was personal for Lena. She was the ultimate double agent, and that's why she was the best and most interesting Villain.

      I agree with you too they realized that they screwed up big time and tried to rectify it in S5. I would have said they were doing a good job, until the back end of the season 5. 5A and 5B felt like different arcs entirely. Nothing of the first 11 episodes were needed for 12 - 16, which could have existed on it's own with a 15 mins prequel. The eps 1 - 11 existed in a parallel universe with no satisfying resolution to every plot point that was introduce, Therefore, as a whole, in terms of story structure and plot, season 5 was an abject failure to me. S5 12-16 worked well as individual episodes, but not as the answer to the build up of 1 - 11.

      The only thing that saved it, but only as an element that existed on it's own, was the character development for Annie, which I found very evocative and served as an interesting mystery in the beginning. It's a shame the season arc failed the character.

      Ultimately, I really think CA was a show that had a great Premise with great Potential. But never lived up to the Potential that the Pilot promised

      I, also, agree that unless there had been a full season 6, it's just as well that there wasn't a half assed handful of eps, because, I'm absolutely positive, given their track record, the writers would had thoroughly fucked up the only good thing about season 5. The development of the main character in a rushed attempt to 'wrap things up'. As least that remains intact in our imagination for her future.

      Ultimately, I really think CA was a show that had a great Premise with great Potential. But never lived up to the Potential that the Pilot promised. My writing teacher has said that your Protagonist should be at the center of every major storm, even when they're not even in the room. That's the problem with CA. She hasn't been since season 3, and whether conscious of it or not, we feel something is off.

  11. Season 5 was the worst season of any show ever! Boring as hell, and why bring in a new love interest for Annie, when she still had unresolved relationships with both Auggie and Eyal. and the whole bs about Eyal going back with his wife after all those years. Seriously? When I watched that episode again, Eyal started to say something about having something to look forward to, but must have realised the futility of holding on to any thoughts about such a vacuous and fickle woman. Anyway, I am just going to pretend that season five never happened, will never watch it on repeats or DVD it just sucked big time. McQuaid and Annie together is about as hot as a dead fish. Surely the writers could see that? or maybe not. Obviously too self absorbed in the story they wanted to put out there, rather than what the fans of the show want. C'est la vie! Hopefully they will leave it as such and not even bother trying to answer any of the many questions that people have, because I'm sure the answers will be less satisfying than what the fans can come up with in their own imaginations.

    1. Ahh, the absolute ONLY thing in the history of Covert Affairs that Auggie fans and Eyal fans could agree on: Hatred of McQuaid.

      One thing I always liked about CA is that it's an extremely rare instance where I quite enjoyed nearly all of the main character's love interests. The show was a hell of a lot more fun to watch for people whose enjoyment of the show wasn't entirely dependent upon the storyline of one particular character (well, other than Annie herself I guess).

      I loved Eyal, and after the events of season 4, I loved him a hell of a lot more than I loved Auggie. I would have loved to have seen a little Annie/Eyal romance too, but apparently a) the writers wanted to keep him in the friend zone or b) Oded's availability may not have allowed them to go that direction. I mean who knows, that could have been the entire reason they brought in the McQuaid character in S5 for all we know. The writers have to work with the real-world circumstances that exist while these things are being written/cast/filmed.

      p.s. When I say that I liked nearly all of Annie's love interests, "nearly" means that that list excludes Ben. Because, obviously.