24 July, 2013

Review - SUITS 3.02: 'I Want You To Want Me'

As per usual, let's get my rant out of the way first ...

So this was episode 2, did I miss an episode 1.5 or something? This week begins with Mike and Rachel all lovey-dovey, but where the hell did that come from? That is certainly not the way those two left things in the premiere last week. Am I missing something here? I don't mind them being together, but holy shit they missed a step along the way here. Someone please help me out with this.

But luckily one of my fears was alleviated this week. With Harvey and Jessica working together on the case, I was worried the show was going to renege on Harvey's plan to take over as managing partner. But despite them co-existing to claim victory in the Ava Hessington case, Harvey told Donna he still plans a coup d'etat.

And as I've said several times since reviewing the show last season, this show is at its best when the characters are at odds with one another. And this week was the perfect example of that. Whether it was Donna vs. Rachel, Harvey vs. Mike or Harvey vs. Jessica, those battles were really great to watch. Let's face it, no one is watching this show for the cases-of-the-week. So that high-level tension is needed.

If it were up to me, I would have kept Mike with Louis for at least a few more episodes -- the spat between Harvey and Mike would have been better if it lasted longer. (I really don't think Harvey would have relented so easily. He was so adamant to Mike that they were done ... and then Donna comes and says it's time to forgive him and he suddenly does.) There was plenty more material to get out of it, too. Oh well.

And I'm sure Donna and Rachel will be back to being BFFs soon, which is unfortunate considering how epic their argument was. No way would Rachel forgive her so soon, but realistically that's probably what will happen.

I want something in the show's core to change and our only hope for that is a continued attempt from Harvey to take down Jessica. I'm just skeptical that's what will actually happen.


--DONNA: "What high school did you go to?"

--LOUIS: "Can't a man just take out another man in the middle of the day for some steak, for some wine and for some cheesecake that will knock your socks off?"

--LOUIS: "Is this about the fact that I'm in the nude?"
--MIKE: "Please don't harp on that."

--MIKE: "OK, If I get in will you stop saying words?"

--HARVEY: "Maybe you didn't hear me -- I said you and I ... are done."

--RACHEL: "This wasn't about a job for me, it was about having a life -- but I guess you wouldn't understand that."
--DONNA: "Rachel, I'm going to walk away before we can't go back."

--LOUIS: "I think you're half-Harvey and half-me. You've had your time with him, now have your time with me."


--See what happens when people tell the truth? All hell breaks loose.

--My senior prom went amazingly well, unlike Louis'.

--Donna really likes Richard Gere.

 --Oh dear God, Louis. (I'm thinking of the mud bath scene)

--I'm sorry, I just can't feel bad for someone who made a "Welcome to Team Litt' cake.



  1. Mike told Rachel all about his life so Rachel would know more about him and then they had sex. That is why they were all lovey-dovey as you put it in this episode. The part I am talking about is at 31 minutes and 11 seconds into the first episode not including commercials. As for the Mike and Harvey and Louis thing I agree it would have been better to see Mike and Louis together for at least an episode or 2 before Harvey and Mike get back together which was way to easy.

    1. I could be wrong, but didn't they have another fight after that scene, though?
      When Mike got the office and didn't quit, maybe?

  2. That fight was before they had sex and I think that is the reason for the whole Mike talking about his life to Rachel thing. The whole Donna and Rachel thing I think you are right but I think what would be funny but I don't think will happen is Mike and Harvey getting them back together.

  3. I think the reason Mike and Harvey got together so quickly was due to (as you said last week) this being a USA show that is supposed to be breezy and light and fun like 80% of the time. This is the reason cable shows from FX, HBO and Showtime will kick the fucking shit out of shows from TNT, TBS, USA and the Broadcast networks. Cable would spend a whole season examining the break up with Harvey and Mike and the rest. Network shows can only spare 2 episodes at the beginning of a season, the 2 episodes either side of a mid season break, then 2 episodes in the finale. The show has to constantly walk back shit that they have done because their networks demand them to. Fedak and Schwartz said that NBC made them walk back so much shit, the blowing up of the Buymore is the biggest one...that was supposed to be gone at the end of season 3.

    These shows are hard to invest in when everything will always revert to the status quo. Urgh....

  4. I forgot to mention that Louis is Awesome as per usual. I am a little concerned by how much they are kicking him down though, it is not funny that Louis rarely gets anything his own way. Louis may have got his Senior Partnership....but that seemed like something as a plot choice and not a character one. Plus he keeps on trying to partner up with Mike, why?