25 July, 2013

CFBWMR Episode 7 - SDCC 2013 Vs. NerdHQ 13

Nacho Libre and GeekFurious talk about SDCC 2013 and NerdHQ 13. This was supposed to be short. Then it went long. Lots of rambling. Some GAME OF THRONES spoilers for season 3 so careful!


Also, I apologize for an audio problem where the entire audio cuts out. Yet again, I did something that caused full audio cut offs in spots (for a second). I will be sure to fix that next time. Sigh. SIGH!


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  1. Hey guys! I agree, NerdHQ DEFINITELY won this year. Its the biggest it has ever been and Petco Park was a great venue to have it in. I do agree that its just keeps getting bigger. This year proved that with tickets selling out in literally seconds. Zac my have to re-think his 250 seating arrangement if it continues to grow like this.

    I loved all the panels this year that i saw. The guy who was on the mystery panel is called Rob Kazinsky by the way. Super nerd! He won me over. Guy kind of stole the show. And when you're up there with Zac, Tudyk, and Fillion, that's saying something.

    Hopefully Zac can pull off what he has planned. If it is a web exclusive, I hope its of quality. Im glad that he, as Nacho said, put his foot down. Petty much saying, this is what's happening so stop asking. Which fans wont. And in the movie, please don't explain the mind wipe. Just have Sarah as herself. At the most, mention it in passing. But that's it.

    Interesting to hear all the fan troubles you guys had during Chuck fest. The stories I'm sure you have. lol. And to add to what you were saying about fans being mad at Zac for keeping them out of his party. From what i hear, they were more mad at being told they could come in the first place. At least that's from what i hear. It was after the Serenity viewing and they were told, to come and dance at NerdHQ. So when they got there, and denied admission, they were kinda pissed. Again, this is just from what i got.

    Cool podcast and Long Live NerdHQ!!!

    1. Jimmy! Why haven't you cloned yourself a thousand times already?!

      I just listened to it, having not done so before posting (outside of a quick scan for problems). I rambled on more than I thought I did. Sheesh.


      Anyway, thanks for listening, as always. But more importantly, for commenting.

      As for the party issue, sounds like someone made a mistake. People should be less inclined to attack Zac, or bitch at him, for shit. I could understand if he was a dick. IF HE WAS ME!

    2. Anytime Magnus! If i don't comment, who will? lol. I'm kidding. But, then again.........

      Believe it or not, cloning is much more complicated than people might think. And the fact that i suck at science certainly doesn't help either. ;p

      And if Zac were a dick, i could totally understand peoples reactions more. But he's not. So chill out, man! Zac's awesome.

  2. As someone who went to both events, I agree that Nerd HQ does panels far better. Partly, it's the intimacy of the 250 person limit. But, that limit also provides a cap on how many tickets/panels any one person can attend unless you only pick the "low demand" panels. So, it's a blessing and a curse for an attendee. As more people learn about this, it will get harder.

    I do not think, however, they should increase capacity.

    The seating this year was the best ever because it was stadium-style.

    Otherwise, I wasn't crazy about the Petco location for just hanging out at NerdHQ. The food stunk and the bars weren't "hang out" bars like last year. People were kinda just slumped into these couches with their noses in their smartphones and tablets. Last year, I would stop in frequently for a drink at the bar and get into conversations with people. I missed that this year.

    But, if you are into dancing, a LOT more people were dancing at the fan party on Thursday than last year.

    I heard about the party controversy and it seems that someone(maybe even Zac) did invite people to the party. I wasn't there, but I've heard from other people that you could get into the Nerd HQ space, but the VIP's had a seperate area that was closest to the DJ. And the fans had a different area. According to some fans who were there, a few "fans" were getting pissed off about that. They just wanted to get close to the stars

    One mistake NerdMachine made was that whoever was in charge of their website never put info about the parties--and their access--on the website. They did last year. I went to the Saturday party last year that caused the problems this year. The way the venue was laid out, it was easy to accomodate both a fan-access party and Zac's VIP party easily without the fans feeling they had the "bad area". I stayed for hours last year and had a great time. I don't remember anyone complaining, but I got pretty drunk.

    Only stayed for half of the Serenity screening. We were in the back and the sound wasn't good. You had to sit in the outfield on towels. My knees aren't up to that shit. I'm sure the younger people in front had a blast.

    I also went to SDCC panels, but mostly ones that weren't at NerdHQ. The Defiance one was pretty good. Mo Ryan moderated that one and there was no line to get in. I also loved the Community panel and their swag was the only swag I brought back--a red drink cup with Community on it. Brilliant.

    Fortunately for me, I also got invited to some private SDCC events.

    I don't think I would ever give up my SDCC badge and only go to NerdHQ because Nerd HQ tickets just can't be counted on. I got some good panels this year, but not all the ones I wanted to. I could be even harder next year.

    You can get into any SDCC panel if you are willing to get in line for them. I purposely avoided "long line" panels this year and had a great time.

    1. "According to some fans who were there, a few 'fans' were getting pissed off about that. They just wanted to get close to the stars"

      As I suspected. Asshatery.

    2. Zac was very present at the Thursday party that was for fans. He and his sister were dancing all night with the fans. Other stars made an appearance if people stayed long enough.

      But, that's not good enough for some people. It doesn't matter how much you give, people want more.

    3. Oh yeah. You should have seen some of the things a couple of people bitched about after one of the Chuckfests. Some people are so deeply self absorbed it's stunning.

    4. I've seen it many times. In some people's heads they go to these things expecting a 15 minute conversation with their idol. It's totally absurd.

    5. I remember once talking to a person who wanted to volunteer for Chuckfest (2 I think it was) and she was telling me how she was looking forward to getting some private time with Zac. And I was like "You know there are a bunch of volunteers there, right? Everyone wants personal time. That's why it can't happen."

      I think Zac did eventually give everyone some time (volunteers wise) but she wasn't one of them because she didn't make the cut.

  3. I knew a few people who worked on CHUCK too, lol, the stories I could tell. But never would because that would be just not cool at all.

    The CHUCK movie needs some serious Dollar for the action and location shooting and other stuff.....so whatever Zac does I hope he can get some serious investors. But the movie could get away with a lot if the just concentrated more on the characters than the plot. Spend most of the time with Chuck and Sarah. Spend it with Chuck and the rest of the gang and his family and Sarah....just please make it a character piece and not a plot one...

    If there is a billionaire out there that loves CHUCK than now is the time to speak up!

    1. Heh. The stories we could tell, indeed.

      I maintain the illusion for the public because it is none of their business. ;)

  4. My friend said she saw Zach with Kate Upton at NerdHQ, awesome!

    1. I hit publish by accident, I meant to add that it is awesome just how everyone is a geek in this world...it take all shapes and sizes....NERD POWER!

    2. Kate Upton was at NerdHQ? Really? I thought she was shooting a movie or so my girlfriend told me. Anyhoo, for anyone who has google....Huminah, Huminah, Huminah! Lol, just kidding. But she is kinda perfect, way to go Zac if you got her to do one of the PSA that Kaley Cocou did...awesome!

  5. Caught the Zac panel and a few others online. I think your fears about the quality of a potential "Chuck" movie are well founded, but I think any talk of that will get drowned out when the time comes by simple fan demand for a product. The Farscape movie is really the highest quality continuation of a show that I've seen produced but that came out of totally different circumstances, namely it was made shortly after the show ended so a lot of the sets etc were still standing. Also, I hope it's an actual movie or single epilogue and not a series of webisodes type deal. The "Orphan Black" panel was great too, weird hearing Jordan Gavaris without the accent; it made me think of your discussion from the last podcast.

  6. I listened to the podcast and thought you said one panel was not good, but I didn't catch which one you thought was bad? Or maybe you don't want to specifically say? Just curious.