05 April, 2013

CFBWMR Episode 2

Nacho and HGF talk about various topics including the VERONICA MARS movie; a potential CHUCK movie; Kickstarter and its problems; the new Star Wars movies and when Disney will stop pretending the old cast is not already locked in; more Star Wars talk; Canada and New Zealand Vs. ARGO.

All topics and musical tracks noted below.

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Avan Lava - It's Never Over

Why Nacho?

Topic 1
CHUCK movie and Zachary Levi stirring things up with Kickstarter (due to the success of Veronica Mars). Including the problems facing any Kickstarter production.

Break 1
East Cameron FolkcoreSalinger is Dead

Topic 2
Harrison Ford says he expects to be in the new Star Wars. So when will Disney/LFL just stop pretending they haven’t already signed everyone?

Break 2
Jillette Johnson - Torpedo

Topic 3
ARGOfuckyourselves. Canadians and New Zealanders pissed off about inaccuracies.


Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow


  1. The Veronica Mars kickstarter is getting people talking and giving fans hope. Which is good or bad depending on your view. Besides Zac, others have mentioned possibly kickstarting shows. Like the creator of Pushing Daises has talked about it.

    But as far as Chuck goes. Zac has gotten a lot of fans hopes up. And like you said, people like Zac and he has ideas. But there's Fedak, Schwartz, and WB to get through. Plus the cost. With the gadgets, fight scenes, etc, it would cost more than a Veronica Mars movie. But if the movie ends up looking like just another episode from the show, im not gonna be mad. But that's just me.

    The other thing is that i think, that fans think, because of this news, a Chuck movie is gonna happen any day now. And no, we're still gonna have to wait awhile. Maybe we dont have to wait as long as we would've had to before, but we still gotta wait. These things take time.

    Nacho seems like a good co-host. The only thing is that his mic is really low. I could barley hear him at some points. But other than that it was good.

    Lastly, i look forward to reading your article on Kickstarter. Should be an interesting read.

    1. His mic was annoyingly low which is why 70% of the podcast we did was cut.

      And if they make the CHUCK movie into just another episode of the show, I will burn my Zachary Levi signed copy of season 2.

    2. Okay, fair enough.

      By the way, when/where did you get a signed copy? I've never even heard you mention it.

    3. Long time ago. There are a couple of signed things I have from the cast that I don't think I've ever talked about. I have little thing from Yvonne that Bailey sent me that is pretty funny... and some other stuff.

    4. Nice! That's way more stuff then i have thats signed by the cast.

      Which is none. :-/

    5. You don't have a video of Yvonne saying hi to you?

      I kid! I don't even know where any of it is... I should either sell it on eBay or give it away.

    6. I wish i had a video of Yvonne saying hi to me. It could even be a video of her insulting me, i wouldn't care. Haha.

      And if you dont want that Chuck stuff anymore, i could take it off your hands. :p

    7. Done!

      You accept Monopoly money, yes?

    8. I accept real American money only.

    9. I'm gonna have to get back to you on that then.

    10. I've read a lot of fan reactions to the Chuck movie prospect and it appears the driving force for many people is to just get a different ending. Many don't seem to care about anything else or care if the budget is low. One person even tweeted that all they want is a 15-second clip where Sarah says, "I remember".

      But, I'm with you, Magnus. A Chuck movie that has the budget and look of a Season 5 episode would disappoint me.

      The most intriguing thing about the Veronica Mars kickstarter is the average donation--$65.75 as I write this. They actually didn't get a huge number of people to donate (about 73,000 right now), but they donated a lot per person.

  2. Just to let you know most people in Canada don't say the way you said about in your podcast. Only a select area in Canada does talk like that. As for the Agro thing the only people in Canada or New Zealand that real care or people were part of that story or there families and maybe the government. For me I don't care that much really but I have not seen it yet but I hope to see it tonight.

    1. Canadians are always telling me they don't say "aboot" but then when I talk to them... most of them do. Maybe not in the way I said it but there is an "ooh" in there as opposed to "out".

    2. Well where I am from most people I know say it the American way or at least some form of it. So I know there are a little differences in spelling but besides that I don't know.

  3. Love the new format. Just turned me on to a bunch of good music.

  4. Perhaps if the Veronica Mars movie made a decent profit that would make Warner Brothers look at Chuck and think they could make a profit off of a film.

    The problem as I see it is that with these cult shows they don't have a big enough fanbase to make a profit.

    That's the reason Universal never made anymore Firefly movies.

    I'm afraid that the Veronica Mars movie will not be a success and that will sour all the Hollywood studios from wanting to make movies this way rather than start a trend.

    All i say is that all the Veronica Mars fans, Chuck fans, Firefly fans, Party Down fans, Arrested Development fans etc. had better get your asses to the theaters for the Veronica Mars movie.