13 January, 2013

Furycast 62 - That Horrible Noise

Jess and Magnus discuss a whole heap of things including the CHUCK anniversary, NEW GIRL, HAPPY ENDINGS, PARKS AND RECREATION, GAME OF THRONES, FRINGE, movies, and why the Golden Globes are dumb. Plus more. Adult language used.

WARNING!!!! Jess' microphone is apparently so bad that I had to put a noise filter on the entire podcast just to help drown out the buzz emanating from it. At times it isn't as bad as other times. It may bother some more than others. I apologize for this and have all the confidence in the world that Jess won't give two shits about it and make no effort to improve her microphone issues in the future.

Autoplaying for my convenience.

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  1. I'm actually typing this while the Golden Globes are playing funny enough. lol.

    I can't wait until the Chuck re-watch. The 4 episodes that are slated are some of my favorites.

    I have yet to check out Spy. Sounds really interesting though. Happy Endings was good. The episode with the parrot was funny.

    P.S. Jess' mic sounds fine. So what you did seems to have worked. So, uh, good job i guess. :)

    1. It's the hummmmmmmmm sounds coming from her mic that is the problem. If you have good headphones on, you can't help but hear it.

      Anyway, the 4 episodes may be different by 1. But we shall see what the poll dictates.

    2. I guess my headphones suck then. lol. I didn't really hear anything. Either way, still looking forward to the re-watch. No matter what the Episodes are.

      By the way, do you think we'll be getting a podcast with you and Vlad this week?

    3. Vlad and I were supposed to podcast last week but he was busy so it got pushed off. I think we are doing it this week.

    4. Okay. I just got done watching the first 3 episodes of SPY. And i completely agree with you guys that if you liked CHUCK, then you will like this. There are a lot of similarities between the two. From the episode tittles. SPY uses "Codename: Something" and on CHUCK it was "vs Something". Both have electronic Stores. Even the openings are similar. The Examiner is the best. And his son is a total dick. I'll be watching the rest of series one later on and will probably end u finishing it. Finally, i read somewhere that they are gonna try to adapt an American version. So lets see how that goes.

    5. I could definitely see them trying to adapt it to an American version.

      Anyway, glad to hear you watched it.

    6. Glad you two recommended it. Just finished series one. And you're right about Portis, his accent is terrible. Its like a weird British-American hybrid accent. Its just really bad. But anyway, happy to have watched the show and i should be starting series two soon. :)

    7. Cool!

      I wonder why these silly Brits always think they can do an American accent. So few of them ever get it right. Please rape the Australian accent guys. Leave the American alone!

    8. Leave America alone! AMERICA! :p

      There's a few Brits that can do a decent American accent. Idris Elba does a pretty good one. And im sure there's more. But none come to mind right now. lol.

      And there's also a few Brits who can do a descent Aussie accent. Like Ray Stevenson.

  2. Magnus you make me happy! I really look forward to the re-watch

  3. I don't think any of the Hollywood award shows matter they give awards to certain people that makes me shake my head.

    These award shows are too political with too much inside politics factoring into who ends up winning.
    Rather than the person who you genuinely thought did the best job.

    If you do win or are even nominated does it really matter in the end because a lot of talented actors never win or aren't even nominated for anything.

    It's not like professional or college sports the films and television shows and who is best is subjective.

    One thing that annoys me about all these award shows is these actors and actresses that aren't nominated for anything or presenting but they show up anyway.

    You have the Emmy's for television and the Academy awards that are for movies so to me they should get rid of the Golden Globes as it doesn't really serve a purpose.

    It's like having the grammy's, The Canadian grammy's and The Latin Grammy's all you need is one.

    One good thing about award shows is that they sometimes do is turn you on to seeing a good film or television show you might have ovelooked but that's it.

    End of award show rant.

    P.S. I didn't appreciate the spoilers for Game of Thrones.

    1. 1) There were no spoilers for GAME OF THRONES. As I said, I was kidding.

      2) The only reason ANYONE shows up to these award shows is to be seen. So that's why people not nominated are there. To be seen.

    2. To paraphrase something I read earlier, the Golden Globes are a cocktail party masquerading as an awards show. I watched it with that in mind and found it to be quite entertaining this year. Amy and Tina were hilarious.

      "they should get rid of the Golden Globes as it doesn't really serve a purpose."

      It has a purpose. It got a 6.4 A18-49 rating over three hours which NBC sold to advertisers at premium rates because they tend to be upscale viewers. It also provided NBC with a platform to run promos for their midseason schedule. (Surprised to see Community get promo time)

      Its purpose is entertainment and earning money. Taking the results seriously is an entirely different matter.

      And as HGF indicated, there's no shortage in Hollywood of the desire for events to be seen at.

      "One thing that annoys me about all these award shows is these actors and actresses that aren't nominated for anything or presenting but they show up anyway."

      All the tables that are seen onscreen at the Golden Globes are reserved seats by invitation only. Other than when "seat fillers" occupy them when the celebrities get up, no one can just sneak in.

    3. To clarify I didn't say that they snuck in.

      I said they go when they aren't needed and i'm annoyed by that.

      If i wasn't nominated or presenting anything i wouldn't go.

      I know the Globes is on television to get ratings but is it
      really needed.

      I know they put on all these award shows to get ratings but i feel there's too many of them that do the same thing.

      I share the opinion of many who feel there is too many award shows.

  4. 1. oh thank god.

    2. Yes, and i'm annoyed by that and it's not like it's helps their careers.

    I don't go where i'm not invited or wanted.

  5. Good podcast- looking forward to Chuck-aversary(?)and Parks and Rec returning! Despite last weeks episode I can't seem to muster the hatred for Fringe I probably should.I'm getting a little nostalgic toward the end and have been selectively watching my favorite episodes so that could be the reason I'm giving it a break.Re: Olivia Munn- not sure overall if she's improved or is just getting more roles that suit her style. She is the ONLY part of Newsroom I tolerated and probably the only reason I watched the last 2 episodes of S1, and compared to the other two female characters on that show her performance looks Emmy-worthy. I enjoyed her on New Girl too, and would like to see her back but doesn't seem like that's happening any time soon.

    1. You like when FRINGE rapes a good story?

      I guess that's just how you roll.......

    2. Masochist I guess? Whatever it is I just can't seem to hate it right now.

  6. question, is this rewatch of Chuck on some site? If so, where's it at?

    1. What do you mean on some site? Do you mean can you watch it on some site? Then no. You will have to actually have the episodes.