06 July, 2012

Furycast 31 - Exploring Erin McGathy

HGF discusses the future Queen of All Podcasts, Erin McGathy.

Check out her podcast "This Feels Terrible" and follow her on Twitter at @ErinMcGathy and if you don't THEN FUCKIN' UNFOLLOW ME YOU FUCKS!

Otherwise, I love you all.

I obviously have a line-in-the-sand mental issue.

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  1. She's funny as hell. Ive listened to her podcast before. The Dan Harmon one. But only about half of it. Now i might go and check out the rest of her stuff. Glad you've found a muse Magnus. Doesn't matter if its creepy. Thats the best way to admire someone. Lol

    1. Thanks, Jimmy. I can always count on you. :)