04 June, 2012

Furycast Episode 28 - Game of Thrones 2.10 and Tyrion Has a Cool Scar

@GeekFurious, @JessicaSisk, and @PunkaTess discuss the season 2 finale of GAME OF THRONES, sometimes called episode 20 of GAME OF THRONES by weird people.

OUTTAKES AT THE END! Also, things I forgot to include in the edit:

1. The opening is from a season 1 DVD/BD commentary.

2. The Sword songs played in the podcast are:

Maiden, Mother & Crone from the album Gods of the Earth (2008)
To Take the Black from the album Gods of the Earth (2008)

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  1. The only thing i didn't love about the episode was the stuff in the House of the undying.

    I thought the guy being defeated was a little too quick and easy.

    I thought he should have tormented Daenary for a little longer before the dragons killed him.

    Other than that it was great episode that kept me wanting to see more.

    The best show on television.

  2. I have now read up on The Others (White Walkers) and Wights, and better understand what it was that I saw at the end of the episode. These are things I should have known about before... and this is motivating me to catch up on the books before the next season so I can be better prepared!

    1. This last podcast was hilarious for just how much you guys misinterpreted/got wrong. I think that's inevitable given how much they crammed into the finale and how much detail was just plain missing. On the whole, I think they're doing a great job with this adaptation, but you simply can't squeeze a thousand pages of plot and detail heavy writing into 10 hours of TV without leaving gaps.

      Two things that stood out for me from the podcast:

      First, I actually really liked the way they changed up the House of the Undying visions for Dany. In the show, we see a set of obvious temptations (the Iron Throne, Drogo) the viewer can identify with quickly. The book version is like looking through the eyes of somebody on an LSD trip. Makes great reading but probably incomprehensible viewing.

      Second, the sacking of Winterfell makes complete sense in the books and will in the show I'm certain. No suspension of disbelief will be required. I don't know why the show runners set it up as a cliffhangerish sort of thing to cover next season; it's explained in totally straightforward manner in the book.


    2. P.S. Do they even use the term "Others" in the show? If so, I don't recall. It's what the Night's Watch and Old Nan (Bran's nurse/nanny who loved to tell him creepy stories; seems missing on the show) usually call them in the books. I think it's a much cooler and more ominous name than "White Walker".


    3. Apparently they used "The Others" in the initial screenplays but changed it before they started shooting.

      As for your points:

      1. Obviously you and I agree on that. I don't think viewers who have never read the books care two shits about seeing her brother. Though, based on what my brother tells me, the reason for that vision is very interesting but would only confuse the general viewer.

      2. I've heard a bit about this too and it really seems strange they left this bit out since I actually think it would have improved the weight of that sequence.

  3. I'm gonna miss this podcast for the next 10 months! Agreed, as usual, with a lot of what you guys said. Although, I'm with PunkaTess on this one, I love Dany's dragons- even though that scene wasn't the best. I'm curious though, as someone who hasn't read the books, based on Jim's comments above and some of Jess's do you guys think the show might have benefited from having an episode between the "Blackwater" episode and the finale? I had trouble with some of the story arcs in this episode simply because the "Blackwater" episode was very focused on a select group, so it felt like I hadn't seen/visited some of these stories in a while, and it felt like it might have needed an episode in between to set things up.

  4. I could see how Blackwater would have been a better cliffhanger episode... but it couldn't have been since it has the aftermath of the previous episode.

    And no one said they didn't like Dany and her dragons. Jess and I had issue with the lameness of the fire and how it killed a guy who can poof from one side of the room to another.

    1. It was cooler in the book -- the little black dragon goes apeshit for mama, no orders from Dany or anything.