03 April, 2012

Castle 4.20 -- The Limey

Monday's 'Castle' was entitled "The Limey", but it should have been called "The Cliche".

Let me count the reasons:

1. Multiple interrupted conversations between Beckett and Castle
2. Beckett jealous of Castle with a new girl
3. Castle jealous of Beckett with the new guy
4. The good-looking foreign guy to create drama between the two leads (Cole Barker, anyone?)
5. One friend giving another a pep-talk about the will-they, won't-they romance, encouraging them to go for it. They of course realize their friend is right, but still never go through with it.
6. A cop/inspector/detective using a fake badge to infiltrate a situation. Seriously, every show does this like five times per season.
7. An episode involving the contents of a diplomatic pouch. 'White Collar' had a much better version of this type of episode.

But that last one is irrelevant, because this episode wasn't about the crime of the week. And thank goodness, because I've never been less invested or less interested in any case they've ever had on this show. No, "The Limey' was about Castle and Beckett.

A shock, I know.

And as noted above, this show just continues to be one cliche after another -- and just as predictable as always.

We're 78 installments into the show now, and just episodes away from the Season 4 finale.  So while it may be frustrating to some that this show has been stalling and stalling when it comes to Castle and Beckett -- it appears something is actually going to happen between the two before this season concludes.

When a show is based on the will-they, won't-they crap, which admittedly I kind of enjoy, it puts itself in a tough position. They can't put them together too soon because it could hurt ratings, but by doing so it often frustrates a portion of their viewers by dragging it out forever.

In general, I think they've done a good job of keeping them apart this long. They've had some good reasons to keep them apart, given us some good two-parter episodes and have also distracted us with cases involving the murder of Beckett's mother. Plus, seeing those two work cases together and flirt while doing so has its charms.

But much like in 'Chuck' Season 3, it appears now is the time to get a move on this. Something needs to give, and it better give come the finale.


CASTLE: "Sometimes it's the people we think we know best that we don't know at all."

CASTLE: "Esposito, you'll be here -- dressed as a hobo."
ESPOSITO: "Question. Why does a brown man have to be a hobo?"
CASTLE: "You want the flowers?"
ESPOSITO: "Hobo it is."

CASTLE: She's fun and uncomplicated -- I think that's what my life needs right now."


--Loved the music in the opening. Next time I'm doing something bad and racing against the clock, I want that playing.

-Fun little moment when Castle covered his face, then Beckett's face and then his face again -- only to have Beckett get a look-see at the naked dude anyway.

THE SCORE: 58 out of 100

Don't give me crap about the score. You know and I know, that case was brutal and uninteresting. The Castle-Beckett stuff was contrived as always, and obviously any relationship Beckett has with that dude and Castle has with that stewardess will last one more week at the most. It was just a stupid plot device. And the conversation was interrupted AGAIN this week.

This episode was flat-out pointless.

I'm not wrong.


  1. There was a point while watching last night's episode where I thought "Oh cool, this is going to be a lot of fun!"

    And then they made Castle a super fuckin' douche and it sucked all the fun out of it for me. I get what they are going for here, but it's not working for me at all. You shouldn't need to make your star a massive cunt to elevate the inevitable finale moment when these two borefests finally fuck.

  2. It was just bad fucking writing. Contrived to the end.

    First making Castle a douchecanoe and then making Beckett seem like the dumbest capable woman this side of Sarah Walker. It's infuriating not just because I'm a fan but because that cast deserves better.

    And I don't think I have ever cared less for a single case in the 78 episodes of Castle.

    And British boy? So fucking boring! At least Cole Barker had a personality and took a liking to Chuck!

    Did Marlowe and "He Who Must Not Be Named" go to the same writing program? I mean holy shit!!!

    No wonder Fillion has gained weight! I'd be stuffing my face to cope with the depression of working with these writers, too!

  3. Shows like this are not meant to be watched in their entirety. By that, I mean "all episodes". I think I'm down to 1 out of 4 and that works fine for this kind of show.

    Think about it. Instead of it being the 78th repetitive episode you watched, it would be 19th or 20th.

  4. Make the male lead a jerk and the female lead incredibly thick? That does sound sort of like Chuck Season 3.

  5. to me the whole british cop reminds me of Chuck and the certain scenes they did in the show which to me made reference to Chuck.

  6. HAHA damn, I saw a good amount of hate on Twitter for this one last night too, but I wasn't sure how you guys were gonna react. Now I have my answer. ;-)

    Anyway ... yeah. I mostly agree with you. This is EXACTLY like Chuck season 3 with the relationship stuff, and I was just as frustrated with that Chuck season as I am right now with Castle. It just makes me angry that they are SOO blatantly dragging this stuff out JUST so that it doesn't happen until the season finale. And that pisses me off because given that most of us have been watching this show for 4 seasons at least partially (for me it's "entirely") because we're waiting to SEE the Castle/Beckett sitch once it DOES happen ... having it happen during the season finale will wind up totally gypping us (and how much you wanna be it'll be in the last FIVE SECONDS of the episode??). I mean we'll see ... it's possible that they could pick up season 5 right where season 4 ends ... but that's technically what they did with seasons 3/4, and then they STILL jumped forward 3 months by the time we were 10 minutes into the season 4 premiere. UGGH. Anyway as you said, this all just results in contrivance after contrivance after weird/stupid character behavior, and it's ridiculous as hell.

    One thing I WILL give this episode though - the thing I've always liked LEAST about Castle is the fact that they follow the EXACT SAME formula EVERY episode for how things play out - This one, however, seemed to have a slightly different feel to it, even if the case itself still followed the general formula. I think it felt different to me mainly because we got more focus on the characters and maybe also because Castle and Beckett were split up doing different things with different people. I always want more focus on the characters, but when they have all the characters acting like complete IDIOTS (well the two leads anyway), then it's a problem.

    So ... yeah. I dunno what my grade is of this ep. I'm conflicted. For some reason I actually found this one to be a lot LESS frustrating than last week's ep, but maybe that's just because I knew what to expect this time (more stupid behavior on Castle and Beckett's parts with zero resolution). And despite all the contrivances going on, this one still kept me entertained more than some of the "typical" Castle eps do, simply because it ever so SLIGHTLY broke away from its usual mold. Maybe I'd give this one a 65 just for that reason.

  7. Chuck wasn't fucking some bimbo with no personality and acting like a douche to Sarah at every turn. Plus, neither was having one-night-stands with random characters. They were both DATING other people. And neither had to behave like a douche to the other just to make us feel either was justified in their choices.

    Castle is a massive cuntface the whole episode. And then the chick cop, whatever her name is, is like... you know, I need some strange penis in my vagina now.

    1. Agree on that front, but I'm comparing it to Chuck S3 just from the "contrivance to keep characters apart" angle. In terms of the degree of asshole behavior going on, yes Castle definitely has Chuck beat by far hahaha. I guess we're supposed to think it's o.k. because that's the guy Castle was when the show started, so maybe it's not a "big deal" if they put him there again. But the problem with that logic is that the entire reason Beckett is into him now is that he is supposed to have CHANGED over the past 4 seasons. But this behavior shows that he hasn't changed much after all; he is in fact still quite immature.

      So yeah I guess Beckett wants some revenge penis now, and then in the end maybe Castle and Beckett can both pass herpes and the clap back and forth to each other once they finally do get it on. It definitely seems like a better way to write this would have been for Castle to be hurt, BUT to deal with it in a more MATURE manner, to show his growth and to once again remind us WHY Beckett is in love with him in the first place. And on Beckett's part, they should avoid turning her into a complete idiot for the sole purpose of keeping the two characters apart.

    2. I agree with HGF. The execution is not the same at all.

      Chuck did not invent the "contrivance to keep the characters apart" plotting of romances, either. It goes back as far as there have been romance fiction.

      But, I guess it's fresh in everyone's mind.

      Many people forget that before Dave and Maddie (of Moonlighting) did the deed, Maddie got into a relationship with a character named "Sam" played by Mark Harmon. I don't remember if Dave had some relationship thingy. There was a subsequent plot where Maddie was pregnant and didn't know who the father was.

      If you judge Chuck against a lot of the delaying tactics and plots of other TV romances, it was comparatively benign, but some Chuck fans will still act otherwise.

    3. Chuck is the standard by which I currently measure everything else, as it was my most recent t.v. obsession. ;-) 5 or 10 years from now it'll be something else.

    4. I'm half joking on my last comment, but I just remembered that I've been using Breaking Bad a lot lately too, as a measuring stick for a show doing practically everything RIGHT. We just recently got caught up on that one.

      Oh and I use Dexter as the measuring stick for the show that has done everything WRONG (in the past few seasons). ;-)

      Neither of those shows are at all similar to Castle though, so I don't use them here. Chuck is very similar to Castle in tone (dramedy, kinda silly, romance between the lead characters, similar fan base), so it's pretty much always my Castle measuring stick.

  8. This episode was insufferably boring. I was willing to accept that Castle/Beckett were going to be super angsty if the case was at all interesting. It wasn't and I had no idea what was going on.
    - The actual limey's limey accent was horrible. If a dumb American (me) can peg a British character as an Australian actor, it needs some adjusting.
    - The episode was pretty much entirely Beckett's POV, which could have been great (Killshot) but was also incredibly boring seeing as she was all woe-is-me.
    - As I'm writing this, I don't even remember who the actual killer was. Soooo dull.

    I enjoyed Castle's plan to sneak into the consolate and Stana looked freakin' amazing in that dress. After that it was all meh. I also think there is an inverse correlation between Beckett's sassy-ness and the length of her hair. You *know* if her hair wasn't halfway to her ass by now she would have dragged him by his ear across the precinct for being a douche.

    1. Best part of the episode was Castle's plan... so obviously they didn't use it.

  9. is Castle really that bad?

    I don't watch every week but i've seen a few episodes here and there and thought it's a decent show.

    I haven't seen any episode from season 4 so maybe it's just been a bad season.

    Eli hasn't had much good to say about it.

    I don't want to see Castle and Beckett get together because when they do they'll be a boring couple.

    It changes the dynamic of the show and i predict the ratings will start dropping at that point.

    of course i agree that they shouldn't be assholes to each other.

    I think they should always keep it where Castle flirts with Beckett a little bit and she's kinda annoyed with him but she likes him.

    or they should work together on cases and just be friends and be friendly towards one another.

    oh well I think Adam Baldwin will be guest starring in the next new episode so maybe that will be a good episode.

    1. I find CASTLE to be very hit and miss.

      At least we get the FIREFLY reunion next week.