24 February, 2012

Review - ARCHER 3.08 and 3.09: 'Lo Scandalo' and 'Bloody Ferlin'

I seem to be making a habit now out of reviewing two episodes of this show in one article. It's not really by design. I was just really lazy last week. So, forgive me for being brief, or whatever I'm about to do in reviewing both.

3.08 'Lo Scandalo'
Malory calls Archer and Lana to her apartment where they find the Italian prime minister has been murdered, and is tied up to a chair wearing some rubbery sex outfit thing. She tells them intruders killed him and that she needs help. The entire ISIS gang eventually shows up, followed by a cop, and everyone has to pretend they're having a fancy party. In the end, the house party leaves carrying pieces of the murder victim and we discover that Malory killed him over some longstanding personal issue.

After Malory tells Archer and Lana her story about how the prime minister was murdered, Archer isn't buying her version of events.
Archer: Lawyer up. Call the cops.
Malory: What?!
Archer: Oh and hit the throttle on the bourbon because I'm gonna have to, uhh [chuckles to himself] bust you in the face a couple of times.
Malory: What're you talking about?!
Archer: Self-defense, mother. It's your only shot. We've gotta uncuff him and de-dildo him, obviously. We'll smash the furniture like he was chasing you around all rapey. Fortunately, he's Italian, so that shouldn't be too hard to sell.

Malory has a flashback to her interaction with her super that she thinks may make dumping a body problematic.
Super: [speaking with an Irish accent] Well, ma'am. It's just that Christmas, the tenants usually give me a small consideration for the work I do all year keeping up the building. We surely count on it, ma'am, especially this year as we had more than the usual medical bills.
Malory: Your point being?
Super: Well, it's just that for the third year running, you gave me a potato.
Malory: Oh dear. So once again you're faced with the classic Irishman's dilemma. Do I eat the potato now or let it ferment so I can drink it later?! [slams door shut]
Little Boy: [coughing and on a crutch] Will I get the operation now, dad?
Super: No, son. [wipes tear with the potato] You're gonna die.

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

88 out of 100

I thought the payoff of Malory having manipulated the entire situation was great and showed up a countless number of shows that try oh so very hard, every week, to construct something remotely as interesting. However, having this kind of single "set" episode on a show that can just draw up its own location shoots felt a bit underwhelming while still being an entertaining who-done-it.

3.09 'Bloody Ferlin'
Ray turns out to have been faking having useless paralyzed legs and is caught steeling shit from the armory so he can go rescue his drug farming hick brother who is having problems with the local sheriff. Archer decides to help him because this plot is similar to the one from WHITE LIGHTNING, one of those Burt Reynolds movies he loves so much. They bring along Carol to pretend that she's his wife, though she seems to think they're actually married.

When they find the hell hole his brother Randy lives in, they also find he's married to a hottie named Jenell, who Archer naturally wants to bang. And since they have an open relationship, Randy wants to bang Carol. When Ray finds out, he is pissed off that his brother wants to bang his fake wife (and apparently succeeds at doing just that). Eventually Archer tells Randy that Ray is a super secret spy and the two brothers end their brief spat.

When the sheriff surrounds Randy's home, the gang makes war not love. Though, when Ray finds out his brother has been just a tad full of shit, he knocks him out and turns him in to the po-po. Carol pretends they were hostages. Lalalala.

Randy reveals his massive marijuana crop to the gang.
Ray: How did you afford all this?!
Randy: Farm subsidy.
Jenell: He told the government he's growing corn for that high fluctose syrup.
Randy: But damned if I'm gonna contribute to the obesity epidemic!
Archer: Hey, a man's gotta have a code.

Randy seems to think the Bible gives him permission to have an open relationship but Ray tells Archer otherwise. When Archer finds Randy's wife alone, he finds a way to skirt around it.
Archer: What is important is that Randy gave me a Bible lesson.
Jenell: Yeah? And what did the Bible say?
Archer: Well, Jenell, obviously the actual scripture is open to interpretation, but what I took away from it is that we should go in the barn and screw our brains out on a huge pile of marijuana.
Jenell: It didn't say nothing about a rubber, did it?
Archer: [happily chuckling] It did not!

During the big shootout, Archer, having downed tons of moonshine, isn't much help.
Randy: Well, don't just sit there! Shoot!
Archer: Ohhh. I can't. Ohhh. I feel sick. What's happening? Do I have cancer again?
Ray: You drank too much!
Archer: That's a thing?

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

89 out of 100

Not enough sex.


  1. Mallory: Is Krieger hard at work?
    Archer: He literally may be.


    Archer: What is your deal with the Irish?
    Mallory: They were not on a side during the war.
    Archer: Wait, seriously? They were Nazi's?
    Lana: No
    Archer: They were not Japanese.
    Lana: Neutral!

    The whole dinner sequence with Cheryll especially was hillarious. Archer calling Lana a wench and threatening to put her over his knee, hehe.

    Krieger was magnificent..."You may want to wash your lips." Lol.

    So, so, so many awesome quotables and general awesomeness.

    Yesterdays bloody ferlin was great although I have to watch it a couple more times to get all the jokes.

    But this one sticks out:

    Ray: I am coming out!
    Archer: Phrasing!

  2. You left out the one line from last night that made me collapse on the floor in laughter.. when Lana offers to come as Ray's wife and he's like "yeah hi everybody here's my big black wife!"


    1. OW! Wait, how are you calling me a racist!


      Shut up, come on and shut up!

      What is your deal with calling me a racist?

      I love this show, sploosh!

    2. Wait... you are signing your comment as "cynicalJ"?

  3. I think Adam Reed said that it is cheaper to use existing sets like the office or archers apartment or mallory's apartment. Maybe he was joking so I do not know, but if he is serious than that was a freaking awesome "bottle" episode.

    1. It would be cheaper in that it is pre-drawn. But unlike normal television, they don't have to break sets down and build them up again. So, I suspect he was kidding.

    2. Just checked google, Adam said each episode takes a month to make. So I guess he was kidding, it also probably explains why the season order has been cut from 16 to 13. Got to give the simp sons and the rest of the fox animated lineup credit for churning out 22 episodes a season, but I suppose they have a huge budget.

    3. You are comparing totally different monsters.

      SIMPSONS takes MONTHS to do each episode. Whereas a show like SOUTH PARK is done in six days and ARCHER is done in 4 weeks.

      The only show that deserves credit is SOUTH PARK.

    4. Let me be clear... SOUTH PARK is written, voice acted, and animated in one week. Not written months in advance, voice acted over weeks, and then animated in one week.