08 February, 2012

NEW GIRL 1.12: 'The Landlord'

And so we return to the adorkable one and her happy gang of freaks, geeks, and creeps.

Speaking of, this latest episode could have been called "Nick and Jess' Ménage à Trois with the Creepy Landlord."

There are two basic setups for this episode. The first being that Nick and Jess are in an argument over his negativity versus her positiveness. She thinks she can fix any situation with a smile and kindness. He thinks people are just bad and that they will harm you the first chance they get. Jess wins point one when they are confronted with a gun wielding psychopath in a parking lot as they fight over a spot. When Jess talks the man down with kindness, she thinks her methods are foolproof.

The second setup is that Schmidt's boss may or may not be coming onto him via suggestive language. Schmidt thinks she wants to sex him up but every time he starts to react, she seems to send him mixed signals. So, will Schmidt have the sexy time with the boss girl or will he get hurt? Tune in!

When utilities in the apartment continue to be problematic, Jess suggests the boys get the landlord to fix things. The boys are horrified at the suggestion, warning Jess not to talk to him, telling her that he is a bad man. But she is convinced she can calm any savage beast with her sweetness, so she goes to see him.

The landlord doesn't seem very receptive to Jess' adorkable ways at first but when she mentions there are four people living in the apartment, he is surprised since there are only supposed to be four occupants. Jess goes back to the apartment to tell the boys, who are horrified! When the landlord knocks on the door, they go into emergency mode and toss Schmidt's bed out the window, then pretend he is a foreign friend who has been staying over. This fails but the landlord seems most upset by a painting on a closet wall. As he tries to leave, Jess finally uses her charms to get him to agree to fix some things for her.

It quickly becomes evident to Nick that the only reason the landlord is helping Jess is because he wants to do the sexy sex with her. He tells Jess but she dismisses it, still wanting to believe that the landlord is being nice because of her sweet disposition. But when the landlord reveals he is ready for their three-way, Nick gloats and demands she admit to being wrong. When she refuses, the threesome is on! Eventually Nick calls Jess' bluff, by going in for a kiss, and she admits to being wrong. When the landlord still doesn't seem phased, the gang is saved a raping by Winston (who finally has a purpose!) whose arrival turns the landlord off (apparently he doesn't do foursomes).

In Schmidt's world, he finally goes for it with his boss while in the parking garage. She is receptive but security guards see the sexual assault on surveillance cameras and think she is being raped. Schmidt gets beat up and arrested.

As Nick and Jess sit in their car, confronted by a gun wielding man in another car, Jess tries to reason with him while Nick freaks out.
Jess: Don't use guns [gestures and smiles].
Nick: Stop it! Just stop it! Just get down! [to the gun wielding man] We're sorry! Take the spot. [to Jess] Just be submissive!
Jess: Sorry. [pointing to Nick] Sorry about this guy.
Nick: What you.. don't apologize!
Jess: He's overreacting.
Nick: I'm overreacting?! He has a gun and you're dressed like a bulls-eye.

At dinner, the landlord offers Nick some of his home brew alcohol but Nick, who suspects the landlord is just trying to lube them up with drink, counters.
Remy: Think you can handle some, Nick?
Nick: Oh, I'm okay. Somebody needs to stay sober to fight you later.

When Jess tells the landlord that Nick had a painful breakup, the two bond.
Remy: Did you smell your girl on your sheets for months until they were too soaked through with your own sweat and tears?
Nick: No.
Remy: Did you punch out all the windows until you hit the wall and broke your hand? Did you go out looking for companionship, a little human warmth, only to come through in the woods covered in animal blood?
Nick: In my own way.
Remy: Come here man. [they embrace]

When Remy tells Nick and Jess to start the threesome while he watches, Nick seems excited at the prospect of finally winning the argument.
Jess: Nick, I will do this!
Nick: Say that you're wrong and it's over.
Jess: I'm not wrong.
Nick: Jess, you can't do this but I can.
Jess: Okay. Let's do this, Nick!
Nick: [happily] Then let's do it, Jess.
Jess: I can do it.. [as Nick goes in for the kiss] Nooooo, okay fine, I admit it! I'm wrong!
Nick: [hands raised in the air] Yes! Yes!

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

88 out of 100

It was a creepily fun episode. The best part was watching Jess and Nick deal with the awkwardness of Remy's threesome and Jess' uncomfortable attempt at not having to admit to being wrong. Schmidt's side story was kind of fun too and the payoff in the parking garage was briefly great. Though, the ending with him semi-naked on the table, posing for the Japanese business men on the other side left me kind of meh.

ONE LAST THING: When did Nick break up with his girlfriend? I ask because he seemed very willing to kiss Jess (even if it was just to prove a point). Isn't he in a committed relationship? Nick doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would cheat on his girl even if it is with the girl he'd rather be with, or to just win an argument. So, party foul on the writers... even if it was the best moment of the episode.


  1. Forgot to mention the "Coach" shout-out.

    Sigh, I miss Coach.

  2. This one wasn't my favorite ... but it wasn't bad either. I would rate it as pretty o.k., but the end was great with the creepy/hilarious game of "three-way chicken" that Jess and Nick played with each other. That kind of made up for some of the scenes/jokes that I thought fell a little flat in the episode up until that point. The stuff that fell flat for me was:

    - The weird space sex (or whatever it was) painting in Schmidt's old bedroom wasn't as funny as it should have been, partly because a few of the actors kinda mumbled their lines in that scene.

    - The little sidestory with Winston finding Schmidt's New Year's resolutions from 2007 was not as funny as I wanted it to be either. There were some mildly amusing ones in there but nothing great.

    - Some of the dialogue in this episode seemed slightly off somehow ... like the way a few of the lines were worded was awkward. I'm currently forgetting any examples though haha oops. Oh I just remembered one: When Schmidt tells Winston he'll have to paint over the closet walls ... I don't remember exactly how the line was worded but it seemed like it was supposed to be a funny line ... but it ended up not being funny.

    - The landlord stuff got really funny in the last few minutes with the "menage" and stuff, but everything leading up that point was not quite awesome enough to distract me from how creeped out I was by the landlord hahaha. So I wound up feeling slightly more creeped out than amused.

    In terms of Quotables, I also loved this line from Jess when that crazy truck guy first pulled out his gun - "OH MY GOD THIS IS JUST LIKE THE WIRE!!"

    "Schmidt's side story was kind of fun too and the payoff in the parking garage was briefly great."

    Yep agreed ...

    "Though, the ending with him semi-naked on the table, posing for the Japanese business men on the other side left me kind of meh."

    Totally. I mean it was kinda funny but went on a little too long. And of course you could see it coming from a mile away which was part of the problem. Also I just kept thinking that if the Telepresence thingy was turned on then he should have been able to see the guys in Japan too, lol. I guess technology is never bug free or fool proof though. ;-)

    1. Sounds like someone is reading too many reviews.

    2. AGGHH SORRY I hate myself I forgot to hit "reply" again!! Here is my comment:

      LOL too many of yours? Or Alan's? I saw his tweet with a link to his review, and the tweet said that he didn't like it. But I swear to all that is good and holy that I didn't click on it!! I am starting to realize that his judgement of single episodes of comedy shows is pretty terrible (though he does seem to like good series as a whole). So that's why I didn't bother clicking.

      Or does your comment simply refer to all of YOUR reviews that I have been commenting on so much in the past couple days? ;-)

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