12 November, 2011

SUPERNATURAL - Sam Gets Married

This is my first ever episode review/recap/whatever about this show and perhaps it will be my last. That depends on the amount of hits I get. Yep, I won't bullshit you. I'm in this for the hits!

And the ego boost. Because at the core of me, and all humans if you are honest, is being heard, seen, and recognized. But let me do more writing about the show and less about me... for now.

I have been watching this show since season 4 when a fellow LOST and CHUCK fan turned me onto it. I have had the chance to go back and catch up on the episodes I missed, and there has always been one very specific reason why I have continued to watch:

Dean Winchester.

Not Sam and Dean. Just Dean. Not that I dislike Sam, but I don't give two shits about him in the grand scheme of things. I care that Dean cares about him, and I care how Sam affects Dean, but otherwise this is the Dean Winchester show for me and that is all it will ever be... and if they ever kill him off, I will quit this show the way I quit MISFITS once Nathan left. No goodbye, no see you later, just gone like Will Hunting. But of course they will never actually kill Dean off so I guess I am stuck watching until season 20.

Having said all that, this is an episode with a focus on Sam and that's fine with me. This episode tosses Dean right into a mission of being the best man at his brother's wedding. And who is Sam marrying? Becky! Their biggest fan (from one of my favorite meta episodes ever, on any show, even COMMUNITY). Yeah, this can't possibly go wrong, can it?

It seems that Becky has a need and that need is to show off that she isn't Yucky Becky anymore, as she drags Sam to her high school reunion sign-up to impress her former classmates, Tweets about it to the planet, and uses her friend-the-witch to make it all happen. The skank!

I admit, it is a bit creepy fun watching Becky try to hang onto Sam's illusion of their love. But I don't buy for a second that Dean wouldn't have figured out the problem in 12-seconds. Dean is not just a gorgeous hunk who is superior in every way but height, hair, and sideburns to his brother, but he is also pretty smart for a walking, talking slab of mega-balls. He should have immediately grunted his displeasure, downed a keg, inhaled a dozen donuts, ravaged some burgers, and then shot Becky in the face! Thankfully, Dean isn't made to look like a total idjit as he turns up his attitude to 11 when Becky starts working a case with Sam.

Dean: Alright, listen cookie. I don't know what kind of mojo you're working, but believe me, I will find out!

Sam behaves like the little bitch-baby that he is by going all emo on his bro, but this just makes Dean more determined to put an end to the hellfest that is the Becky/Sam marriage. Dean is sure there is some kind of witchery about and that people are receiving their big dreams that result in death, and that this must somehow be tied to his sister-in-law.

After some story stuff happens, Dean and that skinny dude from those movies you saw when you were totally wasted discover that people are selling their souls to a demon but the contract is being collected on at an accelerated rate. Meanwhile, Sam is in and out of love, so he gets knocked out by his bride. Excitement!

When Sam wakes up, he is tied up in Becky's bed, missing his pants, and a horny Becky frantic about running out of love potion. Becky's insane delusions are pretty funny, especially when she substitutes Sam's muffled "Fuck you!"

Becky: (waving) I love you too!

But of course her witch buddy is a demon who wants her soul in exchange for more love potion. But she is so dense that even when he tells her there is a price, she still thinks he is her friend.

Demon Guy: Ohhohohoho, honey! That is so depressingly... Becky. I mean, it's.. you're so pathetic it actually loops back around again to cute.

But Becky isn't totally dumb for long as she realizes she is dealing with a crossroads demon who is preying on the weakness of reunionites. However, she appears to dumb it up when offered a sweetheart deal by the demon: eternal love from Sam.

When Becky returns to her bed-bound-beloved, we get a fun meta line about the show.

Becky: Well, this is not how I imagined spending my reunion. I was gonna show you off. Not that anyone actually knows who you are. SUPERNATURAL is not exactly.. popular...

Well said, Becky. Truer words... truer words.

Oh wait, here come more meta truer words from the Beckster!

Becky: Honestly, the only place people understood me was the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal but at least we shared a common passion.

Message board reject slap-down, baby!

So Becky pretends to sell her soul to the demon but it's a setup and Dean and his brother, along with the skinny dude, ambush him. But guess what, kiddies? The demon isn't stupid and double ambushes the ambushers right into an ambush... or whatever. Obviously Dean is the first to fight back while Sam relaxes on the floor playing with his freakboy sideburns. Come on, Sam. Get in the game you lazy shit! Lucky for him, his wife saves the day since we all know Sam would have just chilled there until death returned him to the hell-rape-cell he so dearly longs for every dreaming second of the day.

But just when the Winchesters are about to win the day, Romo Lampkin shows up out of nowhere. And he doesn't disappoint, delivering one of the best lines of the night.

Romo Crowley: This isn't Wallstreet! This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity.

Apparently he isn't happy at all with the expedited soul-contracts. He also reveals that he has been keeping the demons off the Winchesters' backs to help them (or, not hinder them) in their hunt for the Leviathan thingies.

As the episode closes out, Becky and Sam annul their marriage... of course. Too bad, I think this is the best Sam should be able to get: an average looking crazy fangirl who needs love potion to get her freak on with his hippy sideburns.

If I had to rate this episode, I would give it:

82 out of 100.

It was lighthearted, meta, and fun but nothing of much substance happened other than finding out that Crowley has a horse in this race. Still, Dean was in it and that always makes for a good episode.


  1. I'd give it 75 out of 100. It was mostly filler. Best thing about the ep was reading your review. You made me laugh with your Sam bashing. Dean all the way. lol

  2. 1) I know the character of Becky is supposed to be annoying but I find myself annoyed with the poor acting skills of the actor playing her instead.

    2) On the other hand, DJ Qualls (skinny dude in the movies you watch wasted) is a stellar actor (we went to the same college together and I saw him in a few plays while there) and I was SURE he was going to get a chance to play against type for a change when I heard he was going to be on. Alas, I was REALLY disappointed that he didn't get a chance to kick ass. That's what I expect out of this show but they didn't deliver.

    3) I love Dean and I too will watch the show for as long as he's on it...but this season isn't impressing me so far.

  3. I think she did what she was asked to do. I didn't see any bad acting, just an actor delivering the character as written.

  4. Crowley always gets the best lines, doesn't he? The one you quoted was my laugh out loud moment of the episode.
    I can't lie though, I miss Misha as Castiel. Dean fishing his trenchcoat out of the lake was the saddest scene of the series.