30 November, 2011

Skyrim PC Patch 1.2 and why you should NOT download it.

Sure, this game is awesome, even if buggy, but thankfully Bethesda is patching it so it will all be good. Right?


Well, in this instance, wrong. Because this latest patch causes more problems than it solves. Here is one of them:

Or this:

And apparently this latest patch has totally screwed up damage and magic resistance (this is from the PS3 but apparently applies to the PC too):

So, instead of patching, wait for them to fix the things they screwed up while trying to fix the game.


  1. I'll stick with what I got till they get it right.

  2. People on Steam are SoL. Can't play offline, nor can't play until patching. Eff this.

  3. Sucks. Bethesda... they make awesome games... full of bugs.

  4. That's not a flame atronach in the last video ! Atronachs are MASSIVE that thing is super tiny like a taproot .

  5. Yup... pretty awful!!! Will have to live with the crashes on autosave, the multiple random crashes to desktop, jerky frameratesand texture drawing and still not totally smooth or responsive mouse actions...

    This looks beyond ridiculous to what I currently have with 1.1

  6. I haven't had any of these problems with 1.2. =|

  7. Don't forget to mention that a lot of people cannot even drop items or store them in chests and stuff like that. Happening to me and it REALLY sucks.