30 November, 2011

The GeekFurious TOP 10 Episodes of CHUCK

As this lovely little show comes to an end, one must celebrate its greatness in many ways. This is just one of those ways... by defining the best of the best (so far, since, as of this writing, we are only on episode 4 of season 5)!

So while we have this time, let's punch up the list of the TEN BEST EPISODES OF CHUCK EVER! At least according to the Geek and the Furious:

10. Chuck Versus the Intersect - Season 1, episode 1: The pilot episode comes in at #10 essentially for being one of the best pilot episodes ever made! It does a great job of setting up the characters, the story, and the arcs that will play out for the next few seasons. Plus, Bryce Larkin is a super kung fu monkey in it. He will never be that nimble again.

Chuck: Working on my five-year plan, just need to choose a font.

9. Chuck Versus the Dream Job - Season 2, episode 19: This one could be anywhere on the list, really. It introduces us to Papa B. It has one of Zachary Levi's best performances in anything ever. It also features some of Sarah Lancaster's best work, not to mention Scott Bakula is AWESOME in it! So much to say, and yet I have to move on to the next one.

Chuck: Ellie was really hoping that you might be there to walk her down the aisle.
Papa B: Oh I don't think she would want me there.
Chuck: I, I mean, of course, of course she does. We both do.
Papa B: It's not a good idea. But tell her that I'm happy for her.
Chuck: Are you, are you joking? You have to do this, she's your daughter. Don't you wanna be there?
Papa B: Charles, I can't.
Chuck: I, I don't wanna hear what you can't do! I've seen what you can't do!

8. Chuck Versus the Truth - Season 1, episode 8: Written by fan-favorite Ali Adler. It has drama, comedy, family, romance, and is very memorable to boot. Plus, it was probably the episode that set the Chuck and Sarah will-they-won't-they steamroller into overdrive (though, an episode not on this list, Hard Salami, would mash the nuclear button on that little thingy).

Chuck: What?! You give me crap about lighting some candles and you come in wearing that?
Sarah: What, this? This, this is part of my cover.
Chuck: Well, it doesn't cover a thing.

7. Chuck Versus the Last Details - Season 4, episode 23: Season 4 may be the shipper favorite but it only appears once on this list. However, this is one of the funniest episodes in the series, while also featuring some pretty dramatic stuff. It's also more quotable than most of the season.

Sarah: (addressing Mama B) We're not leaving you here to get tortured, we have a wedding to get you to.
Casey: (opening the cell door) Hey! We gotta move! Let's go!
Mama B: (addressing Sarah) Sweetheart, I know the wedding is important but so is the nation's safety. If I leave now, they will move the weapon and we'll never get it!
Sarah: Mary, don't be stubborn, we're just here to extract you not finish a failed mission!
Mama B: Failed? Stubborn?
Chuck: Okay, okay, okay. Look, here's the plan. I'm gonna go with Casey to get the Norseman. Sarah, you're going to stay with mom, make sure she doesn't get tortured. Everybody good?
Mama B: I don't need backup.
Sarah: Why can't Casey stay with your mom?
Casey: Hell no! I'm going with Chuck!

6. Chuck Versus the Beard - Season 3, episode 9: Most of it happens inside the Buy More. Most of it is about Morgan finding out about the spy world. It is also the first episode directed by Zachary Levi. And it is... awesome! Morgan's reaction to finding out his buddy has been a spy all this time made my geek heart melt.

Chuck: Morgan, the truth is.. the truth is, I am a member of a joint NSA/CIA black-ops team that is stationed here in Burbank. I have a level six clearance and my code-name is Charles Carmichael. I'm a spy buddy.

Casey: What the hell's going on in here?
Big Mike: The store's being bought. They're canning everybody except Bartowski and Grimes.
Jeff: We're staging a revolution, to take down the man!
Casey: I want in!
Lester: How do we know that we can trust you, son? That you're not some kind of spy for the man?
Casey: Because the only thing I hate more than hippy neo-liberal fascists and anarchists, are the hypocrite fatcat suits they eventually grow up to become.
Lester: Yep, that works for me.

5. Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon - Season 2, episode 16: Not only does this one feature the best challenge to the Chuck and Sarah will-they-won't-they romance, but it also pushed Chuck into standing up for himself and his love. In the end, as Cole Barker loses to Bartowski, and Chuck then defines his intentions to the woman he loves, we end on the knowledge that our hero has had his own agenda the whole time. Essentially, from the second Block Party's "Signs" kicks in, until the end of the episode, is the best five minutes the show has ever done. Riveting stuff.

Chuck: Sarah, I'm not gonna move in with you. Because I can't. And you know why I can't. I'm crazy about you and, and I've always been. But you know having a fake relationship, that's one thing. But living together is.. I mean every day being around each other, and, and.. and that's why I can't do it. And I hope you understand.
Sarah: I do.
Chuck: Thank you. Oh and just so you know, I am gonna get this thing out of my head, one day. I will. And when I do, I'm gonna live the life that I want, with the girl that I love. Because I'm not gonna let this thing rob me of that, I won't.

4. Chuck Versus the Tic Tac - Season 3, episode 10: Casey goes bad? Chuck and Sarah go to save him. And we discover lots about the colonel we didn't know. Features some of the best scenes and sequences in the series. One could even argue this is the best Chuck and Sarah on a mission episode of the series.

General Beckman: We think this might have been an inside job. Only a handful of our people knew the Laudonal was being kept in box 092407.
Chuck: (laughing) Oh yes. I get it now. You're good. You are good, General. You guys, you are good. Very good. This is a test, right?
Casey: Bartowski.
Chuck: First it was the solo mission on the plane. Then turning an assett. Now this time it's (dramatically) 'Chuck will you betray your country or will you turn in your friend and partner, John Casey, for stealing the pill?' I'll play ball. Okay. (pointing at Casey) Guilty. He did it.
General Beckman: (very serious) Are you positive you saw Colonel Casey take the pill, Mr. Bartowski?
Chuck: (happily) Yeah! (realizing something is up) No? No, no I would, I would, I would actually not use the word positive. It was very poorly lit in that, ummm. I'm, I'm wrong half the time, so.
General Beckman: Colonel Casey, would you care to respond?
Casey says nothing. Sarah reaches for her gun.
Chuck: Whoa, whoa, woah, woah, woah. Hang on a second. Let's just all take a breath here, okay? John Casey is one of the most loyal spies out there. He would never do anything to jeopardize the CIA. Casey, tell 'em!
Casey: With all due respect, General. I will excercise my right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.
Chuck: What're you doing?
General Beckman: Agent Walker, please relieve the Colonel of his weapon.
Sarah: (pointing her weapon at Casey, looking determined but confused) John, you wanna tell me what's going on?

3. Chuck Versus the Break-Up - Season 2, episode 3: If season 1 had the Chuck and Sarah steamroller and the nuclear button, this was the episode that blew up the brains of shippers everywhere. It also brought back Bryce Larkin who was either Chuck's best friend or worst enemy. It's still up for debate. Lots of crazy fun stuff happens and it all culminates with a classic speech from Chuck to a Sarah who is getting too close to her asset.

Chuck: Look, we both know how I feel about you so I'm just gonna shoot straight. Sarah, you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. You're beautiful, you're smart, you laugh at all of my stupid jokes and you have this horrible habit of constantly saving my life. The truth is, you're everything that I thought I ever wanted and more. And for the last few days all I can think about is our future together. About what, what it's going to be like once I finally get the Intersect out of my head. How we'll finally be together for real. No fake relationships, no covers, no lies. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking that we could but the truth is we can't. Because even if we had a real relationship it would never really be real. I'd still never know anything about you. Your real name, your home town, your first love, anything. And I want more than that. I wanna be able to call you at the end of a bad day and tell you about some funny thing that Morgan did and not find out that I can't because you're off somewhere in Paraguay quelling a revolution with a fork. I'm a normal guy who wants a normal life. And as amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will never be normal.
Sarah: You know, some day, when the Intersect is out of your head and you have the life that you always wanted, you'll forget all about me.
Chuck: I seriously doubt that.

2. Chuck Versus the Honeymooners - Season 3, episode 14: The episode that wasn't supposed to happen. The show was a lock to be cancelled after 13 but NBC had so many other problems that they ordered more and what followed is easily one of the best. Sarah being cute and funny? Check! Chuck speaking French and Texan? Check! Casey and Morgan having to work together to find the two love birds? Yup. And everything coming together with our two leads having to fight a room full of bad guys handcuffed together? You know it! And if that wasn't enough, how about we end it on the most perfect note? Done. Sure, this may not be as well written as some of the episodes, and the spy story isn't all that interesting, but it is one of those episodes that ranks high for being so emotionally satisfying from beginning to end. A blast to watch over and over and over.

Chuck and Sarah have both been secretly spying after telling each other they wouldn't.
Sarah: You know, Chuck, I can't fake this. Not with you.
Chuck: (jumping up in bed) What?! You've been faking it the whole time?!
Sarah: No, no, no, not that. I spotted a Basque terrorist on board, Juan...
Chuck: (finishing her sentence) Diego Arnaldo, I know, I flashed on him. He has a whole list of names in his room.
Sarah: Yeah. All of his contacts from the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna!
Chuck: Oh my god. You even make terrorist groups sound sexy.
Sarah: So you were the one I was hiding from.
Chuck: You were the one in the bathroom? You know, Juan Diego Arnaldo is a terrorist, after all, it would be irresponsible..
Sarah: (finishing his sentence) Even criminal to turn our backs on him.
Chuck: One last mission before we quit?
Sarah: One last mission.

1. Chuck Versus the Colonel - Season 2, episode 21: If nirvana was ever achieved on CHUCK its name is Colonel. Chuck and Sarah are on the run and have to shack up in a no-tell-motel and have to share a bed. When they wake up, they are snuggling. Do they stop? Nope. They attack each other like crazed ANIMALS! Oh and Papa B being held by Fulcrum; Casey seemingly working against Chuck and Sarah but really just moody about not being included in their plan; Captain Awesome and John Casey fighting; Awesome discovering the truth about Chuck, then having a terrible time keeping it a secret; Chuck's first de-Intersecting; the near annihilation of Fulcrum, and so on and so on and so on. This is the best episode ever made!

Chuck: (speaking very quickly) Devon, I am a high level CIA asset and these are my handlers. For the past two-years they've had to watch and protect my every move.
Sarah: Chuck! No!
Chuck: He can handle it! You can handle this right? Tell me you can handle this.
Awesome: You're being serious? He's being serious?!
Chuck: Devon, I need you to help me. I need you to be cool about this. I need you to cover for me with Ellie. I need you to be awesome. Can you be awesome?
Awesome: You're a spy, Chuck?
Chuck: Yeah, more or less, yeah.
Awesome: (taking it all in) Woah. Wow! This is.. awesome! Yeah! (they high-five) I knew you weren't a loser who worked at the Buy More!
Chuck: Loser's a little, that's a little harsh. Okay, here, here's the thing, the Buy More actually is real. But here's the most important thing and I need you to do this for me right now. I need you to go home and handle Ellie. That is your mission. Can you do that?
Awesome: I got your back, bro. (salutes)
Chuck: Right. Right. (salutes back)
Awesome: Spy!
Chuck: Keep that on the DL.

Honorable Mentions: Wookiee, Salami, Seduction, Cougars, DeLorean, Santa Claus, Suburbs, Operation Awesome, Living Dead, Subway, Phase Three, Seduction Impossible, and Frosted Tips.

So what do you think are the top 10 episodes of the series. Obviously this list isn't the end-all, be-all, final word on the matter. Surely some crazy shipper list would include nothing but terrible episodes where Chuck and Sarah kissed or held hands while the writing, acting, and story sucked hardcore. Also, once season 5 ends, this list may change. But it is what it is, for now.

Anonymous commenting, as always, is available if you can't be bothered to identify yourself.


  1. Love that you included Chuck vs. The Truth. My personal favorite episode.

  2. I'm shocked that Chuck vs The Subway wasn't included... Nice list though!

    And you say "up to 5.04, of course"... Based on what you know (or don't know), do you really think that one of the remaining 9 episodes will be able to make it onto the list?

  3. Subway is on the honorable mentions. Most likely, 11th.

  4. And do I think one of the final 9 can make the list? If my sources are right, perhaps. There are some contenders.

  5. The Beard was easily my favorite episode. Last Details in 4 was really good too, and I actually loved The Ring Part 2, but that was my first Chuck season finale that I saw live, so that might have had something to do with it.

  6. Got to say, I can't disagree with any of this list at all...except, it could've easily been 20 :D

  7. Nathan, I debated about putting Ring Part 2 on the honorable mentions but left it off since I had a few big problems with it. I have big problems with all of the season finales. This show does great penultimate episodes.

  8. I can tell you love the show by how much effort you put into this list. You didn't just jot down the names of the episodes, you didn't just write a little summary. You took direct quotes out and it looks like you painstakingly got every word right! One of my beefs with the IMDB quote is the Breakup speech is all wrong but you got it 100% right. Excellent work!

  9. Few things:

    Even in the weird shipper episodes (I'm looking at you Cubic Z) the acting by at least the main cast was never terrible! :)

    Your list made me realize that my favorite, American Hero, wouldn't have made it on my Top 10.

    Why does everyone love First Kill?

    Tom Sawyer.

  10. I shouldn't have said the acting was terrible. That has never been the case. Let me strike that out.

  11. Vader's My Little Pony PillowNovember 30, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    Great list. You selected some of my favorite quotes. Though, let me toss in Predator into the mix. One of Fedak's best.

  12. "I have big problems with all of the season finales."

    Except for season two. I can't believe the season two finale isn't on this list. It's easily my favorite episode of the series, debatable timeline and all.

  13. Great list really. And mine since you so nicely asked. Sometimes it is hard for me to judge the episode as a whole - there is usually always scene or two I love, but stuff I don't like. I decided to go with what would I re-watch now if I was going to.

    10. Chuck vs. Other Guy - Loved the whole Paris sequence and The Antlers song fit perfect, also Sarah admits her love! Good elevator sequence with the bad guy.

    9. Chuck vs. Cougars - Great story for Sarah who then became my favorite character, awesome fight, love the restaurant sequence too

    8. Chuck vs. Subway - Papa B actually got killed off, seemed something was actually at stake, the Bartowskis and their family and friends pull together, Ellie finds out. General Beckman telling Awesome and Morgan they are the last hope.

    7. Chuck vs. Seduction Impossible - Just funny all the way around. Chuck calling Sarah "woman" and saying No to her.

    6. Chuck vs. Wookie - This episode made me love the show when I was on the fence and stick with it thru the next couple of sub-par episodes until Truth. Sarah admits her Bryce past and her middle name. Sarah agreeing to the Morgan/Carina date with glee in her face! Carina talking in code to Sarah on the date.

    5. Chuck vs. First Fight - Timothy Dalton! Sheep! Morgan and Chuck in the pub (Chuck actually wearing a great suit for once and looking awesome as a result)! Fun Chuck/Sarah argument while moving around the bank! Great Ellie, Mom, Sarah scene (Best Ellie scene ever)

    4.Chuck vs. Suitcase - No one seems to like this, and I admit it is stupid she won't unpack, but great sequence in the model's hotel room, great Morgan and Casey getting Jeff and Lester back, great Sarah fight and funny Chuck fight with the gloves. Just a great Chuck/Sarah dynamic

    3. Chuck vs. Best Friend - Awesome car fight for Sarah intercut with funny Casey/Chuck car chase scene. Sarah and Casey are devastated when Chuck seemingly dies. Jeffster has a nice moment and Chuck and Sarah let there guard down and hold hands. Sarah actually has a cut or two after being in a horrible brutal fight (first and only time injuries shown?) Morgan admits his love to Anna. Chuck calls out Sarah for not understanding about Morgan but she gives it right back to him that sometimes you make tough personal decisions for the greater good.

    2. Chuck vs. Honeymooners - agree with you totally here. Spy story stupid, but rest is just great. Accents funny, fight with handcuffs - awesome. etc. etc.

    1. Chuck vs. Colonel - ditto

  14. Ring part 2 was never on the list but, as I said, it was almost on the honorable mentions. Still, it would probably be in the top 20 area for me. I do think it is the best finale.

  15. You got the episode, but you left out my favorite quote of the entire series. In "Honeymooners" when Chuck and Sarah tell the General that they are now a couple, I just love her response.

    "On the record, I have to remind you what a bad idea it is. But off the record, it's about damn time."

  16. Mark, I don't think that quote is better than the one included. HGF picked the perfect scene. I also love every scene with Sarah being the drunk souther bell. Anyway, I could pick other episodes but I can't disagree with your list or your honorable mentions.

  17. You just made me start rewatching all these episodes!

  18. WOW is this the second time your blog has gotten a shout-out from Josh Schwartz in recent weeks!? This is very exciting - Josh clearly loves you.

    Chuck vs. the Colonel is most definitely the best ep of the series. I haven't tried to come up with my exact top 10, but most of the eps you listed are at least ones that I enjoyed. The ones on your list that are definitely in my faves list are Chuck Versus the Truth, the Last Details, the Beard, the Break-Up (first episode of Chuck that I ever watched!), and of course Colonel.

    The only ep in your list that I wasn't a huge fan of is Dream Job. I don't have a great explanation as to why that ep fell flat for me, but everyone else in the world seemed to love it, so I think it's just me being weird.

    Other eps off the top of my head that would make my favorites list (which is probably longer than 10 lol) are Wookie, Tango, Seduction, Cougars (definitely top 5), Santa Claus, Phase Three, the Ring, Tom Sawyer, and I'm sure there are some other season 4 eps that I'm forgetting. And I think I have to see the rest of season 5 before I can have the perspective to name any of those eps.

    The only one I totally disagree with you on, Magnus, is Chuck vs. the Suburbs. That is maybe the worst ep of season 2 for me. As much as I love Andy Richter, he couldn't save that ep for me. I just found it to be cheesy, especially the way the spy mission part of the story ends. Then on top of that, Chuck and Sarah end on a bad note with each other and it just bums me out further hahhaa.

  19. Suburbs rules!

    And Josh and I have a secret love that no one can ever break. ;)

  20. Reading this article was almost as much fun as watching the episodes. Hooah!

  21. Thanks for posting! I'm still composing my list but as always, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on an episode. First, I loved all of your quotes lol, some of the best ones from all those episodes! I can't disagree with anything on this list or the honorable mentions, mine might be different but there would definitely be some overlap. Also, you included possibly the best scene of television EVER!- the ending of Vs. The Breakup and the Paraguay speech. I would include a few more S.3 episodes and I know I'm in the minority on that, but I really got into Chuck towards the end of S.2 so. A couple I could think of off the top of my head are definitely Three Words or Angel De la Muerte and American Hero, but we shall see when my list is complete. At very least I'll have a ton of episodes to watch leading up to the finale yay!

  22. 1. Other Guy. It simply rules! Loved all the twists!
    2. Subway. Lots of suspense, and features the best bad guy in the series, IMO!
    3. Dream Job. Lots of genuine emotion.
    4. Operation Awesome. I just love the spy story in this one. Very compelling.
    5. Living Dead. This ep is so exciting. Great cliffhanger.
    6. Ring Part 2. So entertaning and exciting.
    7. American Hero. Hilarious.
    8. Beard. Morgan so funny!
    9. Ring. Very exciting too. Another great cliffhanger.
    10. Chuck vs the Intersect. Great first episode. Got me hooked on Chuck.

    Yep, big season 3 fan here!


  23. I thought Marlin was the best episode of season 1.

    I also liked Final Exam, Santa Claus, Wedding planner and predator.

  24. The only issue i have with any of these choices is that you didn't mention 'the other guy' - that entire episode could have turned into a film. From the action and music to going to Paris and the final pay off of Chuck and Sarah finally being together so much was put into that hour ep it was brilliant.
    I would probably have mentioned the 'business trip' over 'frosted tips' though i did enjoy the 'morgansect'.
    And the 'giant blond she-male'
    'push mix' - a great example of why Chuck no longer needed the intersect plus a Jeffster classic moment.
    The Leftovers- 'come with me if you want to live' timothy dalton playing charades, morgans yippee ki yay moment..
    Its tough to narrow them down there isn't a single episode that i didn't love.
    Cheers for 5 seasons Chuck!

  25. I would have taken out 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Tic Tac,' and 'Break-Up' and added 'Other Guy,' 'Operation Awesome,' and 'Santa Claus'. Close to my top ten, but not quite there would be 'Ring,' 'Push Mix,' and 'Wedding Planner'.

  26. "Chuck: Working on my five-year plan, just need to choose a font."

    the one who wrote this line must be a clairvoyant : ) Magnus find out who wrote it and ask him to "guess" the lottery numbers : )

    As for the list.. pretty much sums it up fine although i would add some Jill-arc episodes to the honorable mentions like Fat Lady or Gravitron
    it was nice to find out more about Chuck's past and Jordana Brewster was a pleasure to watch

  27. "I would have taken out 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Tic Tac,' and 'Break-Up' "

    Then you, sir, HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!

    AdriaN'S, I do love the Jill arc... I think all three are top 30 episodes.

  28. My top ten would be, in no apparent order:
    1. Phase Three because Sarah was so kick-ass!!
    2. Imported Hard Salami because, well, I was 14 when the episode aired and loved that Chuck and Sarah kissed, so it's just always been one of my favorites!
    3. Cliffhangar or Cliffhanger whichever one it is, because Chuck got to be hardcore and kick-ass, plus as a hardcore shipper I loved the fact they got married.
    4. Other Guy because I was so glad my suspicions about Shaw being evil were right, and Chuck shot Shaw, and of course there was Sarah professing her love. (Can you see a theme to mine? Though I like Other Guy more for my suspicions being affirmed!)
    5. Balcony because Chuck trying to propose to Sarah was just kinda hilarious.
    6. Colonel because well, you mentioned ALL the reasons I liked Colonel!
    7. Push Mix because A. Chuck proposed to Sarah. B. Ellie finally had the baby. C. They FINALLY got Volkoff. And D. Jeffster!!!
    8. Delorean because one of my favorite lines in the entire series is in this episode. That would be the one where Chuck calls the police about the stolen Delorean. And because it's a look into Sarah's personal life.
    9. Tic-Tac because Casey gave up his job to save his daughter.
    10. Nemesis because, even though I hated Bryce at the time, it was really neat to see Bryce and Sarah work together. Plus, Chuck got to use Klingon.

    No season 5 episodes on my list yet, I haven't liked Morgan with the Intersect, and since he only JUST got it out, I'll have to wait and see what the rest of the season is like. I can't wait to see the episode where we see Sarah's mom and old handler!!

  29. I agree with your #1, while I think that Honeymooners is still good, but overrated (but we all know that you are a shipper deep inside...).
    In my personal list the pilot is a little higher, and I think that episodes like Broken heart, Gobbler and Push mix deserved at least an honorable mention.
    But it is definitely difficult to have a top ten list: IMO American Hero, Other guy and others have some great moments, but some other moments when I just feel like FFing to the next point...

  30. Henry, I think I have proven time and time again that I am not a shipper. I am a romantic, and I love the Chuck and Sarah partnership dynamic, but I don't pine for romantic moments between them. If anything, at this point, I'd rather see them just working together.

    I can't start giving honorable mentions to every episode I ever liked. Then the list would be 80 episodes long. ;)

  31. MadjeKnotts, with respect to Phase Three, I know a lot of people would put it on their top 10. I know Fedak and Schwartz did in their TV Guide interview. I am pretty sure Yvonne would put that at #1. But I have several problems with the episode that caused it to be pushed off the list. I think Yvonne is great in it but I don't think they went far enough with it. I thought she should have been far more determined and killed a shit load of people.

    Instead, we got some she male joke that for whatever reason fans think is hilarious. It was kind of funny but... took away from the awesomeness of what could have been an episode where Sarah just kills people left and right, instead of just threatening to kill people left and right.

  32. HGF, you know that I was teasing you about the shipper thing! :) Anyway, in my list Honeymooners would be in the "good" episodes, but not necessarily in the "great" ones: but I know that I am in the minority, and I'm fine with it.
    On the other hand, I agree with you about Phase three: even if I am a Saraholic, it misses something to be the best episode ever (that might have been, if just...)

  33. Statistics geeking:

    At this point, 82 episodes have run. 48(59%) occurred before Chuck & Sara got together. 34 (41%) after. 80% of your list is from that "before" period and 20% is from after.

    Personally, it would be hard for me to do a top ten list, but I guess most of these would make and how could anyone not put Colonel at the top?

    In my memory, there are some moments in other episodes that I've liked and played multiple times even though I may not watch the entire episode. The Jeffster Mr. Roboto sequence because it just makes me chuckle. Chuck getting the 2.0 intersect because it was an awesome surprise. Chuck shooting Shaw because it was an important turning point for Chuck.

    My appreciation for certain scenes often bleeds over into my appreciation for the entire episode. Also, I saw "Other Guy" with a bunch of fans at the Chicago con and the pleasurable shared experience haloes my appreciation for that episode.

  34. I would probably throw Chuck vs. The Ring in there somewhere. Jeffster's performance at Ellie's wedding is great every single time I watch it.

  35. gr8 work u put on my friend

    thank u for including "honeymooners"

  36. "The Ring" does contain the best line Bruce Boxleitner has ever been given in his career:

    "Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?"

  37. Ring has my least favorite sequence in the entire series, and that is why it doesn't make it. So... Bryce Larkin, super spy, decides to go help Chuck and keep his sister's wedding from not only being ruined but perhaps everyone being murdered... and he brings a pistol... and one clip?

    Then, one of the songs I hate more than life itself, Mr Roboto, is played over the whole thing? Ugh. Hate it.

  38. I agree with most of these. However, I am shocked that Chuck vs Phase Three isn't on this list. It has the greatest performance by Yvonne, and the directing and the story is just amazing.

  39. First, Phase Three is on the honorable mentions. Second, as I commented not too far above this one, while Yvonne is great in the episode, the story never reached the point, for me, that I thought it should have.

  40. Josh Schwartz must really like the song Mr.Roboto.

    I usually like a lot of the songs they use in the episodes but have to agree on that one.

    This show has introduced me to many songs of the indie rock genre that i've enjoyed and otherwise wouldn't have known about.

    Your suggestion about Sarah killing people in phase three to save Chuck rather than just beating them up is intriguing.

    I would say in response to have Sarah killing a lot of people would perhaps be a little too dark for a show like this.

  41. The show changed my life, from a musical perspective. In fact, I have been thinking about doing a feature on how this show brought me back to a more varied musical pallet.

  42. "I would say in response to have Sarah killing a lot of people would perhaps be a little too dark for a show like this."

    Because this show has never killed a shitload of people in an episode before? It has randomly, and happily, killed lots of people, sometimes in dark ways. So, no... I think the writers just missed the boat on coolness. Mind you, it is the second time they have avoided giving Sarah a mass-killing scene. They took something like that out of season 2 also. Maybe they feel if they show Sarah killing lots of people for love, that it isn't romantic.

    I think it is, though. :)

  43. I recommend a top ten Chuck Music Moments list! I'm working on that one too, but it's harder for me to narrow down- I have too many :(

  44. "I think Yvonne is great in it but I don't think they went far enough with it. I thought she should have been far more determined and killed a shit load of people."

    BWAHAHA that would have been awesome. The entire ep should have just been devoted to that.

    Oh btw I just remembered another season 4 ep that I would put into my faves list: Chuck vs. the First Fight. For all the same reasons Lev mentioned above, especially the Ellie/Mama B. scene. I think that is my favorite dramatic Ellie scene of the whole series.

  45. I don't like the Mr. Roboto sequence because I like the song. It's an awful, awful song. But, that's why I find it funny.

    It's one of the sequences, I think, where they purposely sought out an awful song.

    My thought on having Sarah "mass kill" to save Chuck is that I wonder what Chuck would think about that.

  46. I don't find it funny or good because of the reasons I mentioned. Simple. And Chuck has seen her kill for him before. No reason to get all emo about it now. And while that, or other reasons, may be why they didn't have her do it, what they delivered felt like the diet version of what I needed to see.

  47. FYI, in only 24-hours or so since it was posted, this has become the 5th most read article ever on this site.

    Man, if only ratings for CHUCK were represented by online enthusiasm.

  48. "I would say in response to have Sarah killing a lot of people would perhaps be a little too dark for a show like this."

    Right. 'Cause it wasn't too dark to have Casey shoot 6 people in, like, 3 seconds last episode? In season 3, having Milbarge just casually shot by an assassin in the middle of his making ridiculous threats wasn't too dark?

    If someone bothered to do a body count on "Chuck" I have the feeling it would be pretty high.

    And Sarah? She's had a couple high-profile kills that I can think of immediately. At the very end of the pilot in a Chuck-flash we see her, well....KILLING PEOPLE. At the end of Santa Claus, she shoots an unarmed prisoner down rather than risk his exposing Chuck as the Intersect. Not buying the "Sarah killing people is too dark" bullshit.


  49. "Phase Three" makes me grumpy. ;) It had the potential to be a lot more awesome than it was, pretty much for the reasons you stated.

    There was no issue taken with Casey killing people left and right on numerous occasions. There was no argument made against Milbarge's execution or against Shaw killing Papa B merely to mindfuck Chuck. We readily accept a man in this series racking up a body count.

    But Sarah potentially killing people in "Phase Three" to rescue Chuck is somehow "too dark"? As I said, it goes against established incidents where she's deliberately killed people before. It also smacks of thinly veiled sexism. If she's going to be portrayed as a top-notch badass spy, she gets to kill people on equal footing with the male badasses.

    I think the unfunny "Oh no, the blond she-male!" jokes subtly get at the discomfort out there with the idea of (heroic) women portrayed as killers. Because apparently a *real* woman wouldn't be doing that, so it must be a she-male.


  50. Great list!! But my personal favorite is chuck vs Phase Three! Yvonne is absoultely AMAZING in that episode!!

  51. Well, Sarah has killed one person per episode here and there.

    If say she had to kill 20 people in Phase three by fighting them and stabbing them it might get to be too dark.

    Then before you know it the show turns into a violent action movie.

  52. oh and by the way now that Cor has mentioned it the shooting Casey did at the end of the last episode was very dark.

    I'm surprised the parental/censorship groups haven't gotten on to Chris Fedak for that.

  53. Well, no one watches the show so... how would they know?

  54. I think the "most read" status is related to why many websites, magazines, and newspapers do such lists.

    People love reading and debating "best of" lists.

    Next step "worst of"?

  55. So you are saying it has nothing to do with my brilliant writing skills? In other words, if I just put together Top 10 Quotes from CHUCK and then put it one quote, it would get 10,000 hits?

  56. Pretty much. You see, the Internet is full of simple, selfish creatures, who like easily itemized lists. That being said a few of us at least still appreciate your brilliant writing skills :)

  57. Just realized you threw in the completely wrong quote from The Truth. Proper quote would be:

    CHUCK- [looking at Sarah] "Gosh, you're so pretty!
    SARAH- "Um...thank you..."
    CHUCK- [turns to Casey] "Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself."
    CASEY- "...thanks..."

  58. You always say Zac is such a nice guy. So explain this then. When Yvonne first joined twitter she followed Zac but he refused to follow her. Why? There is no good reason for his action. Even his buddy Gomez follows her.

  59. Anonymous, regarding the twitter follow thing. It is ridiculous to judge someone's niceness based on such a stupid trivial thing. They obviously get along fine and work together well. You can speculate all you want, he could have done it because of why he says - she is not a comedian and is not going to be tweeting jokes etc. My guess is he did it to avoid shipper's focus/speculation (those who cannot separate reality from acting), which has kind of back-fired on him since so many people like to talk about it, but he can't change it now because that would just result in more speculation. Almost everything you hear, and I mean everything, is that he is a terrific guy, a guy who is specially noted by practically everyone who meets him briefly or knows him well as incredibly nice and giving. And not just typically nice, but exceptionally so. So I guess what I am saying is, just let it go.

  60. This will be the last we discuss why Zac doesn't follow Yvonne. Zac is a super nice guy. He doesn't follow Yvonne for a reason that you don't deserve to know. And that is that. They get along fine on set.

  61. I have noticed that personal stuff starts to leak out after a show is done. So if Zac and Yvonne don't get along off set it will get revealed sooner or later. And why try to hide it anyway? It was well known that Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd had a problem in Moonlighting.

  62. It won't get revealed ever since it isn't true.

  63. Well i've never known you to lie so thanks for that.

  64. From everything I have ever been told by those who work on the show, Zac and Yvonne have a lot of fun working together. Sure, they may not be bestest buds or anything like that, the way Zac and Josh are, or even Josh and Yvonne, or Josh and Sarah, or Josh and... everyone, but anyone who suggests they have anything but a good working relationship is full of shit.

  65. This is ridiculous. I just looked for myself, and Zac doesn't follow anyone else but Josh either from the cast. Does that mean he hates everyone else? Of course not! I have actors/actresses I love but refuse to follow because I find their tweets to be boring, but it doesn't mean I have some kind of bone to pick with them! Just because you don't follow someone or "friend" them on facebook doesn't mean you aren't friends with that person in the real world. The fact that this whole not following Yvonne thing bothers people is rather pathetic!

  66. I don't follow Zac either AND I LOVE HIM.

  67. Though, I do follow Yvonne but that's because she loves me back. ;)

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  69. What is it any of your business? That's not a question mind you.

  70. Very good list. I would put "Chuck Vs. Santa Claus" on my own top ten, if only because of the added impossibility of writing original Christmas episodes that all TV shows encounter, and very few have pulled it off successfully (Buffy season 3, "Amends," did it beautifully).

    I also loved "Chuck vs. Nacho Sampler," because it forced Chuck (the character) to go to a darker place. I always thought Manoosh should've been brought back as a villain.

  71. Greg, I should have put Nacho Sampler on the honorable mentions list. I love that episode.

  72. Phase three is deffinately my favorite because of Sarah. Followed closely by the cliffhanger. And I also really enjoyed the first bank of evil and the nacho sampler. And I agree with all of the before mentioned episodes.

  73. Just on the Twitter thing...Zac said himself he only follows people who are funny on Twitter. Yvonne isn't exactly someone whose tweets leave me in stitches, Baldwin is a bit of a political nutjob, and everyone else just posts things about stuff that is happening.

  74. Nacho Sampler deserves an honorable mention, if only for Sarah in the "frak me" t-shirt...

  75. For people who complain about the twitter thing you seem to forget Zachary and Yvonne are actors
    they don't have any obligation to follow each other on twitter,to be close friends or to even like each other for that matter
    Their only obligation is to give good performances as Chuck and Sarah(and they did that over the years)whatever type of relationship they have beyond that is their business

    On a non related note if you have the time are you also going to make a Top guest stars list Magnus? the Top lists seem to be popular and Chuck had some awesome guest stars over the years

  76. Just wanted to shout out to my favorite episode: Chuck vs the DeLorean. Loved it! What a great show this has been.

  77. Obviously you haven't been very fond of the finales, but do you feel different about some of the episodes that were written to be finales? (Other Guy, Push Mix)
    And would they rank higher than Ring for your top finale?

  78. Push Mix I liked a lot, outside of the Morgan laser scene. It just went on for too long and was a time waster... didn't add anything to the episode. Other Guy has its moments but as a finale, which it was supposed to be, I think it would have made for one of the least satisfying conclusions. Thankfully, it wasn't the series finale.

  79. REALLY great Top 10! Love that Tic-Tac is up there as it usually gets forgotten, and The Truth - personal faves!

    Season Four is probably my least fave season, so I totally get one ep making the list. Currently working mine out, but it's so hard!

  80. First Date (Season 2, ep 1) was my first viewing of a Chuck episode. I fell in love with the show because of that. It had such a great introduction to all the characters, and the WONDERFUL scene with Sarah and Chuck in the restaurant. Can't believe NOBODY has mentioned that ep.

  81. Fun read, DR. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this. Will have to go back and rewatch some of those again, I think. And I like how you mention the list may change once Season 5/the series ends.. maybe that leaves some hope that the finales will be worth of a Top 10 list :D

    That or maybe I'm too hopeful.

  82. Nailed the #1 and #3 spots. #2 not close to my Top 10. I need Chuck vs the Alma Mater for it to be a great list. Love finding out why it all happened.

  83. I already commented at the time, but now, after the finale, I can say that the two-hours finale (also if technically are two episodes, I consider them as one) could easily be in it, and very high on the list. Or, if I had to pick one of the two, Chuck vs. Sarah would be in it.
    And because I know in advance that we will disagree, in your list there might be Santa Suit, but not in mine... ;)

    1. The only episode I would add to the list would be Chuck Versus the Santa Suit (from season 5). I'd toss Chuck Versus Sarah on the honorable mentions list.

      However, I will be doing a new list in a few weeks but this time it will be a top 20.

  84. I definitely agree with Chuck vs. The Colonel, but Chuck vs. Santa Claus wasn't on there? These two along with Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer are my 3 favourite episodes ever. But, how can you make a list of only 10 episodes I guess?

  85. #1. Chuck vs. the baby. Wasn't even his.

  86. For me Suburbs isn´t worth an honorable mention, but vs the Ring I is one of the best if not the best Chuck episode ever.

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