14 October, 2011

FRINGE 4.04 - Pacey Poof part 4

If you haven't seen the latest episode of FRINGE, stop reading NOW!

OK, so... Pacey Poof, aka Peter Bishop, is still missing and baddaboombaddabing... an episode happens!

Let me just start off by saying that I am a fan of this type of episode. There is no case-of-the-week and instead we happen onto a case based on something related to the characters. This is of course something that half of season 2 and most of season 3 was full of and why I am still watching the show. Therefor, I am predisposed to digging this one right out of the gate.

Walter and Olivia are both invested in discovering who this man is they are either seeing or dreaming about, especially when Olivia is visited by a blue orb or energy that arm rapes her. Meanwhile, there is a bullshit side story about whether or not Olivia will fuck Walter over and toss his limey arse back in the nut house. She won't. Spoiler?

Anyway, so the main story takes Olivia and Walter onto some ridiculously convenient path that results in some dude with the EXACT FUCKIN' POWERS NECESSARY TO BRING PETER BACK to be mistakenly thought to be the cause of the blue orb arm-raper phenomenon. He reveals he is not the dude causing the blue shit but that he is happy to wax emo about what Walter did to all the super duper special kids way back in the olden days of 1998 or some shit, when cell phones, the Internet, and handheld computing devices hasn't been invented... (or had they?! tune in next week!).

But I digress. So, Walter brings them to some power station blahblahblah proper-amount-of-suck and PETER IS BACK!

This is actually where the episode gets really fuckface interesting and I realize just how much this show blows poo-bubbles when Pacey Poof isn't around. The second we have even a hint of him, the show is awesome again. And then it fuckin' ends!

Next week, why doesn't anyone remember Peter and how will they finally remember him? I promise you one thing, we won't find out next week (since there is a two week break). Oops, that's like a fuckin' paradox, yo.

COMMUNITY rocked Thursday with SEVEN timelines! FRINGE had a bit of trouble with one this week, but in the end, it was mostly satisfying to see my hetero-life-mate return.

Were I to rank this episode, I would give it:

84 out of 100

It could have been better if not for the terribly contrived plotting that brought Peter back.


  1. Exposition, exposition, exposition...a poor show runners friend. Is William Bell the new Langston Grahaem? do not want to explain something them blame everything on him and not the characters we see? Walter and Sarah did evil things yet the shows use two characters that are not around to defend themselves and put all the blame onto them just so that they can move the show forward...this is so unrewarding...there has to be some continuity...if a a character does something show the consequences or it does not mean anything. When Olivia goes on about her cortexaphan trials it was a huge snore, what is the fucking point? They should have just started the season with Peter back and shown his perspective...it would have been more meaningful and effective to see the changes from his POV...but I guess you cannot give a guest star like Joshua Jackson that much material to work with in the end.

  2. I think the showrunners simply realized they had a limited amount of story to tell with him gone and decided to milk it for ten times longer than necessary as a way to make his return have more weight to it.

    Unfortunately, I think they missed out on the opportunity to show things from Peter's perspective throughout those episodes.

  3. Oops... I realized I gave the episode a 94 when I meant to give it an 84.

  4. I liked the episode but agree completely that the setup was too convenient and the exposition was flat. I didn't see your score of 94 but glad you changed it. 84 is about what I would score it.

  5. 44 is an utter failure... and I am not melodramatic enough to toss out such a hyperbolic rating.

  6. " utter failure... "

    and that ladies and gentleman perfectly and succinctly sums up the first 4 episodes of season 4 Fringe.

  7. Sepinwall said in one of his Lost reviews of The End that we may never get a series on Network tv quite like it...ambitious and brilliant and awesome..even if he concedes that some of it did not stick...I tend to agree with that sentiment. Every series since gets fucked on because they cannot compete...even Fringe, maybe there should be an asterix against serialised dramas...ones on cable should be judged differently to ones on network tv.

  8. I was happier with this episode than last weeks and I'm definitely excited to have Pacey Poof back and to see him go all nutso trying to convince people they should remember him. Also, I laughed at the scene at the beginning, because I kept thinking in my head: "You know Peter, I know you are using whatever means available to you and I have no idea of the perils of being caught in an inter-dimensional time rift, so I can't criticize. But I don't think embodying yourself as a blue orb, stalking your girlfriend in her sleep and then throwing metal objects across her room is the best way to get her attention."

  9. LOL! That shit was funny right there, OPD.

    You should probably write for this site now that Greek Geek, Babydoll, and Multipass have gotten super fuckin lazy.

  10. I'd be honored! Although, I'm not sure I could live up to the quality of writing, there are times when I have to restrain myself from cracking up at some these blog posts.

  11. What would you be interested in writing about?

  12. Pacey Poof forgot the passive part of passive-aggressive, didn't he? Serves her right for forgetting him. Seriously though, he made up for it, when he saved her from getting hit by the car.

    The writers missed a huge opportunity to tell this story from Peter's point of view and instead made it all about Lincoln. Exposition is sometimes necessary, but imagine the impact of seeing how those changes affected Peter. The episodes would have been so much more dynamic. Lazy writing.

    Their intention was clear, to establish that these people were missing something in their lives, but they failed, in my opinion. Olivia was so sad and said there was a whole in her life in the first episode... and then she was completely the opposite in the next 3. The same happened to Walter, he was a broken man in the first episode, but then he was back to his lovely self, except when Pacey Poof tormented him. I wonder if the producers know, what they want to say, because I don't think they are succeeding.

  13. Well, the next episode should be awesome. After all, Pacey Poof is back!

  14. Anything TV related is right up my alley (I watch a fair amount of it lol), though not sure if there are any shows you/other readers would be interested in seeing covered/discussed. Also, a big video game addict (X-Box 360). Some techno stuff, although I'm a Mac head; and music. If you have some thoughts feel free to DM me on Twitter and I'll get you my email. Twitter name is the same as my posting ID.

  15. Just email me at geekfurious at gmail dot com.