08 October, 2011

FRINGE 4.03 - Bored to Death... returns to HBO this Monday!

There comes a time in every young man's life when he asks himself "Do I give a shit about this shit?"

What does that have to do with the latest episode of FRINGE? Probably something but I forgot where I was going with that. More after the jump.

Whatever that means.

I have always found the case-of-the-week bullshit on FRINGE to be at worst holy-fuckin-shit-stupid, and at best almost interesting. So the fact that this season has delivered three wholly useless COTW's, means I find myself slowly disconnecting with the entirety of the grander arc.

Sure, I was happy to see Peter's imprint on the world was still around in episode 1, and to see him literally affecting someone in that world in episode 2, and I was also excited about the affect it was having on Walt in episode 3. But in all those episodes the thrill of this story arc hunt was kneed in the ballzies by filler COTW junk. And I can only take so much of that before it grates on me. In seasons 1 and at least half of season 2, I found myself fast forwarding through episodes because of this issue, but it mostly stopped in season 3 when they found a nice mix of barely dealing with any more COTW's while diving head-first into actual kick-ass too-cool-for-idiots story shit.

And so episode 4.03 made me fast forward... and I don't like to fast forward because eventually my time shifting catches up to live and then I have to watch fuckin' commercials. And when I have to watch fuckin' commercials, that might mean somewhere in the country a Nielsen viewer is watching a commercial too and then I am indirectly responsible for keeping this show on the air!

Fuck that.

If CHUCK has to die, then FRINGE has to die too. It's just the way it has to be.

So... what did I think of this episode that I can qualify numerically for an overall score? I liked the kid actor in the crappy COTW. Usually child actors suck hardcore. But he didn't and it is unfortunate his talents were wasted on this yawnfest of a story. I enjoyed Noble's performance but found Torv to be tiring me out, mostly due to the sequences in which her character served to forward the COTW. That other dude who plays her partner... this must have been his pro bono week since he put zero effort into it. Finally, I did like a few of the Peter flashes and such but why wouldn't Peter realize he was doing that much damage to his father and stop messing with the nutbag, especially while someone was talking to him? I mean, in mid fuckin sentence Peter is interrupting Walter, making him feel extra bit of craycray? What the fuck kind of erased-from-time son is that? What an ungrateful blinky shit! I miss my Pacey Poof but I am put off by him for being such a crappy douche.

Were I to rank this episode from zero to one hundred, zero being pretty shittin' bad and one hundred being kind of awesome, I would give this one....

78 out of 100

Not good enough to watch again. Not bad enough to pretend it never happened.

At least next week we get what no one told me is the best episode of the season so far.


I wrote this in a great deal of pain. Feel sorry for me, assholes.


  1. There's a pill for that...

    Hope you feel better.

  2. I have taken like 5 of them. I am waiting for my heart to explode or something from all the pain killers I am putting in my body.

    Actually, I am waiting for my heart to explode from all those cheeseburgers I put in my body over the past thirty.... ummm, twenty-something years.

  3. Yeah, their not doing much to disprove the theory that network tv shows cannot do epic dramas or serialisation or anything resembling all time greats like cable shows.

  4. They didn't seem to have as much of an issue with it in season 3, or middle to end of season 2. It kind of feels like the writers had a really good idea and realized it was only going to give them 3 or 4 strong episodes, so they are dragging it out to make it last 13 or more.

    I wouldn't really mind it so much if they punted the COTW's in favor of larger arc investigations.

  5. This one was a particularly "meh" COTW. The kid was a decent actor but the story felt flat, and there didn't seem to be much explanation for why the fungus decided to link itself to the kid's emotions, it just kind of did... It felt like a whole lot of work just to get to that Walter/Olivia scene at the end, which was really the only significant part.

  6. Bingo. Exactly. All that to get to a single scene. At least make it fuckin' awesome getting there.

  7. The guy who wrote the episode, also wrote walkabout...one of my all time favourite episodes of Lost...I mean what does that say about the show? I mean I love everything Ali Adler did on Chuck, but not so on No Ordinary Family, I still think she is awesome...but if a show is not willing to write to its strengths then it does not matter how awesome a writer is ....the episode will be a let down. Like The killing, there is nothing wrong with the writers or actors or crew...it is the showrunners losing sight of what works and does not work.

  8. "Walkabout" is indeed one of the greatest episodes ever written by a human. And since you brought up CHUCK, you can look at great episodes by writers who went on to write terrible episodes for other shows.

    It always comes down to the willingness of the showrunners, or the network/studio, to let a story be told with the necessary weight.

    Remember, my dear peeps, the showrunner may not write most, many, or more than one episode per season, but they are the boss. If the show sucks, it is on them.