02 June, 2011

Stars and Stripes vs. Camping Gear: Summer Movie Predictions

Now that I've covered Thor, let's take a look at two other huge superhero movies coming out this summer: Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Green Lantern. I'm going to make some predictions about these movies and we'll see how true they are when the films come out. My predictions are only based on the trailers as I haven't done any research into what the plots will be.

1. Hayley Atwell is going to kick Blake Lively's butt in the “Who's the Awesomer Superhero Girlfriend” category. Why? Because she shoots sh*t up in the trailer, and she's Hayley Atwell. Watch “The Duchess” and/or “The Pillars of the Earth” and you'll understand.

2. The Captain America film will be more interesting to me in terms of the framework of the story, because it takes place in the 40s. I am just DYING for someone to make a Superman movie set in 1938. Fedoras, typewriters, printing presses, telephone booths that are not obsolete...it would just be so awesome. Like a longer more complex Max Fleischer cartoon, but I digress. Green Lantern, on the other hand, is very outer space centric. Which it has to be since the Lantern Corps is basically the police force of the universe. But I'm not a massive fan of superheros dealing in outer space, I'd rather leave that domain to Luke Skywalker, Captain Adama, Prosty and Mal, and of course Ruby Rhod.

3. Ryan Reynolds is hotter than Chris Evans. Captain America has some Benjamin Button's Sh*t going on, and it freaks me out. Also, both men have played superheroes in other films, but Evans was a main character in TWO Fantastic Four movies...so he's a cheater.

4. Green Lantern's powers are way cool, and I can't wait to see them in use. I also can't wait to see Sinestro. Captain America? I don't know who his villains are aside from probably the Nazis.

In conclusion, I think Green Lantern might be a more commercial been-there-done-that superhero movie than Captain America, which has the potential to be really interesting considering the setting, but I'd still rather hang out with Hal Jordan.


  1. No doubt about it green lantern will be the bigger movie. Cool powers and 3D!

  2. I think Capbwill be the better movie. GL still has a real heavy digital quality that is distracting. The aliens and tech and efx look like they came from a poor rendered video game. And it doesnt hold up in the teasers and previews against the real life stuff. No doubt the movie will be balls out fun...but itd heavy on the digital bells and whistles.

    Cap looks really well put together. I like that its set in WWII.

    As to which star is hotter. I have a man crush on both. I cant decide.

  3. People said the same stuff about AVATAR, aris... looks cartoony. Looks like a video game, etc etc. The previews look like bad renders. And then people went to the movie and it made truckloads of cash.

    At the end of the day, effects are just effects.

  4. To be fair based on whats been shown of GL its a far divide from any of the teasers or previews in terms of quality than GL.

    I hope GL dazzles in 3d. but more so that it is consistant tranlating to 2d because I refuse to wear glasses to enjoy a movie or tv. Unless its a quirky nostalgia thing.

    I think its gonna be good. I hope its great. Im a big GL fan, but I think I can get past the comic book geek in me to despits some of my issues with designs, tweaking and production. The latest previews have been really impressive.

  5. GL definitely has a bigger challenge, I mean ALL of the other lanterns are aliens, so they'll all be CGI

  6. The thing is, every year we think some movie isn't going to measure up and then are surprised when we really like it. Like THOR.

  7. Yeah. Im guilty of that big time.