16 June, 2011

Lions Like Human Baby Meat?

The following is a copy and paste job from a Skype chat with staff writer Multipass and myself:

Multipass: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13791468
Multipass: his head would fit in the lions mouth
Head Geek Furious: I saw that video this morning on the news... I was like... what the f**ksticks
Multipass: are we sure the lion just didnt find teh baby adorable?
Multipass: are we just jumping to the conclusion that it would eat him?
Head Geek Furious: I often want to eat babies
Head Geek Furious: maybe the lion was just yawning
Multipass: thats what i think
Head Geek Furious: he was so f**kin bored
Multipass: though....it looks like a dumbass

I is amazeballs! (copyrighted, 2011)