30 May, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Ted Levine! Hey, are you about a size fourteen?

Earlier today, it dawned on me that "Silence of the Lambs" turned 20 this year. [Geek Note: It was released February 14, 1991].

I loved me some "Lambs" back in '91. Not in the biblical sense! Get your simian brains out of the gutter. I real enjoyed the film but, I had a bad habit of regularly mixing it's title up with "Sleeping with the Enemy" the Julia Roberts suckspense crapfest that came out a week before. I remember thinking to myself "Why would anyone want to see a movie about sleeping with lambs?" in retrospect the filmmakers could have been pushing for a romcom aimed at the lonely Greek shepherd market, but I digress.

Lambs turning 20 means that serial killer Jamie "Buffalo Bill" Gumb's infamous pee pee dance* also celebrated it's platinum anniversary. This got me thinking about Ted Levine the fine character actor who portrayed Gumb in the movie who coincidentally celebrated his 54th birthday over the the Memorial Day weekend.

Ted is the unsung hero of the movie. I mean this dude bravely tucked it for Oscar gold (well not exactly, he didn't win, nor was he actually nominated in any category but the film DID win all 4 major awards).

Yet what recognition did Ted get for inducing hellish nightmares for the last twenty years?

Sure, there were celluloid tributes like Jay and Silent Bob homage in Clerks II.

I mean there's a freaking Lego musical tribute to Buffalo Bill!

But what about industry recognition? And there in lies the irony of it, all…Ted has portrayed many roles in his 30 year career, generals, policemen (Monk for eight years, Heat with Pacino and De Niro etc), hell he was a NASA astronaut but all that pales in comparison to "put the f**king lotion in the basket". Damn shame.

Regardless have a precious birthday Ted.

*If you have to ask, then just step away from this post now. You'll be doing us all a favor. Between that imagery and the backing soundtrack of Q Lazzarus' Goodbye Horses (listen here if you dare), I'm scarred for life.


  1. That movie gave me the creepies back in the day.

  2. Ted played Alan Sheapard in From the Earth to the Moon. I keep thinking that the first american in space did the pee pee dance.

  3. He's truly a fine character actor and I wish he was recognized for his excellent performance in this film.