09 October, 2013

GeekFurious the Podcast - Episode 201: Coming Clear

Vlad and Magnus talk about many topics (this is a very chatty podcast, more like how we talk privately) including Star Wars, fake outrage, writing your own stories, fan fiction, Agents of Shield, Metallica, writing "strong female characters", Chuck, Breaking Bad, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and much more.

This is an extremely long podcast with no edits. Even the things that cause us problems are left in. Only listen if you love listening to us talk or if you have nothing better to do. Or if you are really into hearing two guys talk for hours about how self absorbed people are or how hyper romantics can't let go.

About an hour and forty seven minutes in, we think the podcast isn't being recorded. Fun times. Also, at some point I say that I'm glad I broke the heart of a girl who loved me. I definitely should have cut that part out of the episode. Even though I tried to explain what I meant, it sounded much better in my brain. Wow. I'm an awful human being. -- Magnus

Click play below.

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  1. I only got about five minutes in before tuning out. Two hours is WAY too long even for me. But im sure it was a great show anyway guys!

    You know im kidding. I listened to the whole thing, ;)

    1. I almost disowned you, Jimmy.

      So close.

      Thankfully that didn't happen... UNLESS YOU ARE LYING!

    2. Magnus. You know i would never lie.

      Or would I? ;)

    3. Damn! I've been found out! ;p

  2. I was able to listen in 1 hour and 50 minutes by fast forwarding through the commercials.